Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Carnival #69

I don't have a catchy intro let's just get to the week in posts:

Scott at Pho's Akron Pages was not a fan of the petition drive regarding the new strip club laws, and it finally got him to the point where he could no longer stay silent on the subject. He also wrote about the slow progress of GIRFOF (Getting It Right For Ohio's Future) in getting a constitutional amendment on the ballot regarding school funding in our state. Scott also covered some testimony in Columbus relating to school vouchers.

Triangulation, Strickland Style!! The Pullins Report says Ohio Republicans need to wake up before it is too late. One of the topics on Scott's mind is gaming, and the recent reversal of elected officials here in our state. Scott also discusses Ohio's outdated highway system - and says in some aspects we are worse off than West Virginia.

Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle also touches on the on again, off again gaming issue. Lisa notes that the earlier games AG Marc Dann was set to permit now are not going to be allowed. She also wonders who makes the determination if a game is a "game of skill." Good question.

The Virtuous Republic is not happy with our senior senator and his stance on an amendment to the recent immigration bill (or his stance on the whole bill). Bryan wants to know how Voinovich can possibly come to some of his conclusions.

Good news for the Lima area, reports Conservative Culture. General Dynamics Corp. landed a new $54 million deal and the work will be done in Lima, at the Joint Manufacturing Plant. CC also has a post wondering when the media will blame border security on global warming.

Jason over at Psychobilly Democrat weighed in on Ohio HB 151 (a favorite topic of our own Jill of Writes Like She Talks). PBD discusses the almost vote on the Iran and Sudan divestiture bill and offers up some advice for the lawmakers.

Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog writes about an adverse court ruling in Dayton that the mayor wants to appeal and is cautioning city employees about the "risk" of leaving for the suburbs, leaving their Dayton residency in their rearview mirror. Bizzy Blog wants to know how Governor Strickland claims Ohio's budget is in the midst of tight times when the state is really $600 million ahead of where it thought it would be. Also, Tom wants you to recall the Cincy area high school team that beat LeBron's team in the state basketball championship.

Nasty, Brutish & Short is fed up with what resulted from years of one party rule of the Republican Party in Butler County. Like many other right leaning bloggers in Ohio, NBS made mention of Senator Voinovich's immigration vote. Finally, NBS throws in a Jerry Springer flashback.

And last but not least, I (at the Keeler Report) covered Ted Strickland's sudden interest in LeBron James and directed a post to State Treasurer Richard Cordray, only to later learn my post was directed at the wrong state official.

Thanks to all who participated this week. Much harder to write this thing than I ever thought it would be.


redhorse said...

I suspect it is difficult to write this thing, but you've pulled it off.

Lisa Renee said...

You did an excellent job Ben, and it will get easier.

Nice carnival posts everybody as always!


The Pullins Report said...

Great job Ben, thank you for your hard work!

Max said...

Thanks, Ben. Great job.

Brian said...

I am glad this is being continued. I post it every week to the Miami Valley Conservative Alliance Discussion Board. Our distribution goes from Miami County to Cincinnati and from Preble, Darke and Butler Counties to Greene. keep up the great work.

Ben said...

thanks everyone

Jill said...

Fantastic job, Ben. Thank you!