Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Carnival Number 68

We are going to pick up where Paul left off. So first here in the new digs, but sixty-eighth overall.

Conservative Culture
upbraids Marc Dann for bringing in a consultant to tell him the difference between games of chance and skill -- and for making the determination after taking money from gambling interests. CC sees a Dayton same-sex union ceremony as a portent of things to come and the naming of a dead monster pig as parallel to how the left talks about jihadists.

Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog questions whether ProgressOhio hijacked Ted Strickland's "Turnaround Ohio" campaign slogan for an email in support of the Getting It Right education amendment or whether they had consent from the Governor. He also argues that the imminent installation of "skill" games betrays the clear wishes of the voters in last year's election.

LisaRenee at Glass City Jungle covers the ongoing story about Toledo Public School students unable to graduate because they failed the OGT. The students have filed a lawsuit; LisaRenee sees both sides, but argues that recognizing achievement is important. In another post she covers the annual Point Place Days parade as a first-timer and a "South Ender."

Ben Keeler covers the reanimation of a thought-to-be-dead plan to build a soccer stadium in northern Summit County with taxpayers' money. By the way, Ben spent a good deal of time revamping the Politcal Report. Surf by and see what he's done with the place.

Jeff Coryell is back up an running with Ohio Daily Blog. During his time off, he interviewed Connie Schultz, the Pulitzer-winning columnist and wife of newly elected Senator Sherrod Brown during his break, and has post it in two parts. Also Jeff reports on Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones taking up the Congressional Black Caucus's cause in favor of a Fox News co-sponsored Democratic Primary debate.

Redhorse at PsychoBilly Democrat speaks out against Scene Magazine's coincidental interest in a story covered by a local blogger. And yes, that local blogger was yours truly.

For my part, I noted that Ken Blackwell's take on evolution may have legs in the Republican primary, the good news that Ohio has permission to consider student growth when evaluating schools for No Child Left Behind and the potentially bad news that Akron may have its own Kelo problem.

Thanks to all who participated and to all who have sent good wishes to the new team. And again, and probably not for the last time, thanks and best wishes to Paul.


bryan said...

Thanks for taking over.

Lisa Renee said...

Great job Pho and a great job to everyone who participated this week.


Jill said...

Thank you Scott!

BizzyBlog said...

Very nice work.

Ben said...

The Jeff Coryell piece brings back to mind the fact I think it is ludicrious the PD 1) still employs Shultz as a columnist and 2) lets her write about political happenings.

Say Ken Blackwell had won the Gov race...yes I know it was a wipeout. Just saying. If Rosa Blackwell had quit her school job in Cincy and began writing for the Dispatch I dont think the liberals would be very cool with that.

Thanks to Scott for a good first effort and for everyone who submitted.

Roland Hansen said...

Let the games begin! Drivers, re-start your engines.
Good jump off for the new structure. Thanks.