Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Carnival Number Seventy...

It's not quite summer yet but more than the weather has been heating up. Global Warming? No, but it could be said some of Ohio's bloggers have been generating some heat with their keyboards.

Our first submission this week is from NixGuy who shares his belief that he doesn't think that the Governor of Ohio is responsible for IT screwups in state government. Yet he thinks that a front page press conference might not have been the appropriate response and feels that manner of handling this could have made it worse.

On Pho's Akron Pages, Scott has been on the road yet still blogging, finding it interesting that a recent poll showed that Over Two-Thirds of Republicans Reject Evolution as well as not being impressed with the quality of a Christian Post article. Scott then turns his attention to an attempt in Arkansas to get a failed legislative effort to ban gay adoption on the ballot as a constitutional amendment. Then, overhearing something when at a Pennsylvania Tollway rest stop, all fans of Starbucks should be relieved to learn that the company has not been taken over by crypto-Stalinists thanks to some googling and Snopes.

Ben writes a recommended post over on the Keeler Political Report on the news today that Rob Portman was resigning from his position in the Whitehouse, suggesting a hypothetical scenario of a Lee Fisher v. Rob Portman match up in 2010.

At Conservative Culture, Mark first shares that while he thinks there is a way for DC to get representation, he doesn't agree with the way Senator Voinovich is joining with those in Congress supporting this. While acknowledging SB 117, the cable TV bill, is not loved by all, Mark points out that Senator Faber believes its a good bill. Then in the entertainment world, it's pointed out that the EU is marketing the latest episode in the Die Hard series, under a different name than is being promoted here in the United States.

Matt Dole from Lincoln Logs follows through on his pledge to participate in this week's carnival with some noteworthy posts, starting with a recent ruling that made him question, What is an independent? Matt then continues with his series of posts raising questions on the IG report related to Frankie Coleman and then turns his attention to a case where two half sister do not want to see the man who murdered their mother released from prison. This broaches the topic of does a life sentence mean life...

From Divided We Stand United We Fall, Mike Wallach shares his thoughts on the President's determination to honor his campaign promise and unite the country . Mike states that while some might think that 65 -71% of those polled joined shoulder to shoulder, arms locked in solidarity disapproving of how the president is doing his job qualifies as uniting the country, it is not enough for this President.

Basic Issues is new to the carnival and wading into politics but Roman is optimistic about the new Sports Arena in Toledo, now that the politics have taken a back seat. He also blames his wife for him becoming more political. (I'll leave you to wonder who the wife is, but I will say it's not Jill.)

Speaking of Jill, from Writes Like She Talks a suggestion is made that perhaps there is some evidence a "rising star" moniker can be kiss of death. Jill then provides evidence on the topic of the Psychology of Ted Strickland and how an earlier post of hers was spot on.

Then me, Lisa Renee, from Glass City Jungle where some late news on the early release of Timothy LaPointe started me thinking about early releases in general, Noe and Mark D. Lay. On my other blog, Liberal Common Sense, I'm obviously on the same wave length as Ben when it comes to the Portman resignation since I also think the hints suggest Governor rather than a return to the Senate.

A huge thank you to everyone one who participated this week, and next week's Carnival of Ohio Politics will be aptly handled by Jill as our administrator of the week.


Roman said...

An excellent ensemble of posts you have there. I am glad to be part of this weekly event. I am looking forward to presenting more entries in the weeks to come.

Jill said...

What a fantastic variety and great narrative, Ms. Lisa Renee!! Thank you. I really have some standards to meet or dare I dream, exceed? Nah - not likely. ;) Thanks to all the contributors.

Lisa Renee said...

I have every confidence in you Jill. I'm looking forward to what you come up with in the future as well, "Roman". You know it's hard for me to call you that.


Ben said...

good times. well done.