Monday, June 4, 2007

Open for Business

If you've made it here, you probably know the story. But for you few who don't here's the reset.

Some five years ago a Northwest Ohio blogger named Paul Miller founded the Carnival of Ohio Politics. The idea was simple -- bloggers from around the state submitted links to their best posts of the week and Paul assembled those links into a narrative.

Paul announced today that he is leaving the blogging world, but before he left, he tapped four bloggers to take over the carnival. Ben, Jill, LisaRenee and I have corresponded steadily over the past couple of weeks, agreeing to set up this site and reaching consensus on some basic rules for the carnival.

Here's what we have so far:
  • We will take turns administering the carnival, each of us having a week. Each week the Administrator on duty will receive submissions and write up summaries with embedded links. Each of us agrees to be objective in describing the argument or report of each blog post.
  • We set up a gmail account to handle submissions and to receive comments forwarded from Blogger. The email is OhioPolCarnival[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • Anyone who blogs about politics in Ohio is invited to participate. People who don't consider themselves "political bloggers" but happen to write a post about Ohio politics one week are welcome to submit.
  • The administrator on duty for the month will send out a reminder Monday or early Tuesday. The list is a work in progress. If you were on Paul's list, you are on this list too. If you submit you will be on the list. If one of the administrators happens to have your email address, you are probably on the list.
  • You don't have to get the email to participate. Just send your submissions in by 7:00 Tuesday.
  • The topic for the Carnival is Ohio Politics. We're not going to be rigid about enforcing the Ohio part, but the more you keep submissions well within that topic, the easier life will be.
  • As was the case under Paul, submit a maximum of three posts each week. If you submit more than three, you leave it up to the Administrator on duty to select three out of your submissions.
  • The Blogroll will consist of people who have participated in the Carnival from this point forward.
  • In addition, we are carrying the BlogNetNews feed on our sidebar. Any other decisions about the sidebar will be made with an eye toward keeping it bipartisan and balanced.
  • We will not tolerate using the Carnival to personally attack people, particularly those who haven't placed themselves in the public sphere. We can't define where that line is, but, yes, we''ll know it when we see it. If we have to get together and agree on ground rules, we will, but it would be best if people just use common sense and basic courtesy so we don't have to.
  • There will be plenty of other issues that come up. We are trying to run this by consensus and, from here on out, listen to input from the online community.
  • You know the people involved. We are all bloggers who have strong personal views but who also strive to be fair, open and civil. We also are people who are doing this as volunteers and who have day jobs, other blogs and lives outside of blogging. Try to bear that in mind and be patient as we get this thing rolling.
  • All that said, this is your Carnival. As Paul says, we are just the caretakers. We depend on you to help us make this thing work.
We are starting the Carnival up again now. The deadline for this week is tomorrow night. I am the Adminstrator on duty for this week. The schedule for June is as follows:

Week of . . .
June 4: Pho
June 11: Ben
June 18: LisaRenee
June 25: Jill

We are, all of us, grateful to Paul for all he has done and awed by the responsibility he has bestowed on us. We will do our best to realize his vision and justify the faith he has placed in us.


Roland Hansen said...

Ah, what would the world be like without rules! Oh that's right, it's called anarchy.
oops - that's not political - is it?

Jill said...

Sounds like a good first submission. ;)

Pho said...

Yea, the original intent was to write down some common sense guidelines and set out the philosophy we are working under. But now that the post is done, it does look like the sign by the swimming pool, doesn't it?