Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #75

This week's carnival contains multiple first-timers. If you're looking for evidence of the dog days of summer? You are in the wrong place.

First up is Matt Hurley and the concerns he voices at Weapons of Mass Discussion (I love how blog names do some great turns of phrases). Matt opines on how the Judge says that Brinkman is the 'Real Criminal' but the grand jury doesn't agree and he includes Brinkman's own update. You'll have to read the post to know what he said. I've been kind of speechless (post-less, really) regarding the DataGate Winners and Losers, but not so Matt. And finally, Matt examines the OH-02 candidate, Steve Black, and Black's record of campaign donations.

Northwest Ohio blogger, Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts (I hope you don't mind that I conjure up the relaxing image of James Thurber in glasses sitting in an wingback chair whenever I see your blog's name) has this follow-up on the local concept of using tax dollars to subsidize the purchase of art. Does anyone have the silver bullet for making health care everything everyone wants? Maggie offers her thoughts about how the GOP has taken - and is continuing to take - us into socialized medicine through SCHIP here. In this post, Maggie writes about how many "but it's only..." propositions should citizens tolerate, if at all.

Pho's Akron Pages by Scott Piepho begins with a look at another Akronite who blogs, moves on to an assessment of a challenger to Dennis Kucinich in his 'hood and finally, redistricting: what's it gonna really look like? Who knows just yet.

Although Tom Blumer of Bizzy Blog claimed that he was acting with a little haste in his submissions this week, you will not be disappointed in his DataGate Post-Mortem: Protection Questions Linger, nor his evaluation of Judicial and Media ‘Brinkman-ship’ — And Looking Ahead (a thread I commented on too) or what he believes is the Best-Kept Secret in Ohio: The $700-Plus Million General Fund Surplus.

From Right Angle Blog, we get an examination of why Governor Strickland cut property taxes.

[Edit: Not a newcomer as in first-timer, but still pretty new contributor] OhDave, aka Into My Own, makes The Case for Edwards. He talks about the "whole haircut foolishness" in Part II of making the case. And, if you haven't read any of Dave's book reviews, here's his take on John Edwards' book, Four Trials along with a discussion of tort reform in Ohio.

Viking Spirit mulls over the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County's platform in this post.

We can always count on Scott Pullins of The Pullins Report for provocative posts and this week is no exception. His trio includes a demand that presidential candidates sign an oath, exposure of media bias as only one locality seems to do it and a warning to the GOP. Raised my eyebrows, that last one.

Another Carnival virgin, Chas Rich of NEOBabble, offers his version of one consumer's nightmare: air travel-style.

Our charming, young and living without any dependents so he can take off for a while co-editor, Ben of the Keeler Political Report, shares a few thoughts on the Ohio data theft story.

Brian O'Connell of Columbuser joins the Chas and Ohio Dave Club of newbies this week. Let's start with his blogologue (conversation between blogs via individual posts on separate blogs - I made that up) about how we characterize and define extreme behavior, then move to Brian's perspective on parking garage construction and finally a round-up about that very topic. I'm currently in a state of shock over some suburban deforestation that's occurring in my (well, what I thought was my) backyard, so parking lot discussion is very timely.

Again - I'm pleased to present another blogger who, over time, many of us have a hand in prodding to first blog and now carnival. Ralph King of King's Right Site would like us to think about the Med Mart "Dog & Pony" Show - and who am I to argue with that? As for the RPCC platform, King advocates for a thumbs down, with particular attention given to the anti-gun element.

The Dean of Cincinnati from the Cincinnati Beacon expresses serious concerns, and seriously expresses those concerns about First Amendment right obstruction.

Divided We Stand, United We Fall's Mike Wallach has some suggestions for fixing fairness because, as he wrote with his submission, "Certainly there is a fairness problem with broadcasters, but if we look at this problem objectively, we see it cannot be solved by dealing with the broadcasters alone. The bigger problem resides in the listeners, watchers, and readers." Hmm. Love these carnivals!

Lisa Renee's Glass City Jungle isn't one to let promises go unfulfilled or unmonitored, especially in regard to lake property, deeds and Ted Strickland. The growth of bloggers who cover city governments became the subject of an LA Times story, as well as a GCJ entry.

What do I have to say for myself besides, "WOW! Look at all these links!"?

This is just so sad, ultimately. This just makes me mad, ultimately. But at least I have this to make me glad.

Have a great read, everyone and thank you for all the contributions!


Lisa Renee said...

All I can say after reading this week's entries?

WoooHoo! The Ohio blogosphere rocks!


Great job Jill in putting this together.

Jill said...

Thanks, Lisa Renee. I really feel terrible about the delay but wow - so much stuff and I didn't want it to be sloppy (well, below standard anyway!!).

NOTE TO NEW CONTRIBUTORS: I will add your blogs to the participant sidebar later this afternoon. Thanks again for contributing and being patient.

BizzyBlog said...

Delay? Geez, I think compiling what you received out by Wednesday at noon would have been quite the feat -- let alone Wednesday at 4:15 am!

Maggie Thurber said...

Welcome to the newbies! Hope to see more of them in the future.

Jill - must say that I don't wear glasses or sit in a wingback chair...the corner of the fluffy couch with laptop on my lap (where else should it be?) is more my style...but it may interest you to know that famous author James is a great (not sure how many) uncle of my husband - and it's strange how writing seems so prevalent in that family. LOL

Great job, as usual - and thanks!

Matt Hurley said...

Fantastic carnival! I have no idea why I've stayed away from contributing for so long... Just busy I guess, but I will promise to make an effort to keep on submitting stuff.

The carnival is in great hands!

The Pullins Report said...

Just a totally awesome job Jill! Great editing, great comments, great thoughts. Well done.

Scott Pullins

Jill said...

Thanks all - ha! That 4:15am thing is something I probably should let remain's not accurate. haha No - I was not doing this at 4:15! too funny

Again - it's great to see all the thinking going on side by side. Thanks, contributors.

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