Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics Number 74

Welcome to the Carnival of Ohio Politics, since most of our Ohio bloggers are fearless when it comes to voicing their opinions the chemical number for Tungsten just seemed to fit. Now on to the blogging!

Lucas Rowe on Smoke If You Got 'Em shares his commentary on the Strippergate saga that made the news even outside of Toledo. Lucas felt it should have been a non-story especially to one local libertarian radio talk show host.

The topic of the Hamilton County voters collecting enough signatures to put the sales tax to a vote is the topic at The Virtuous Republic. This was a very thought provoking post since here in NWO we've experienced the same type of decisions from our County government in the past.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks, first asks, "Why wait to discuss an issue until the county commissioners can fit you in?". Then she has a two part series on Dennis Kucinich, The Panderer, Part I and The Panderer, Part II. Yes, it's clear Jill suggests there was some pandering going on.

For more on Ohio's Data Theft and lack of forthcoming information from the current administration, Ben at the Keeler Report has an interesting post. Then Ben covers a video report to a local Ohio gaming center.". Kucinich also gets some blog space when it's felt he ducks debates at home, but claims the process unfair to him when he "runs for president."

On Dispassionate Liberal Mark Adams picks up on BSB's alert that we might be moving our primaries to January with a post entitled,
Prime Mover: Will Ohio Become THE Play-ah?
. Then the focus is on the Ohio for John Edwards blog, where the John Edwards Poverty Tour comes to Ohio in Cleveland and Youngstown and more information is promised in the future now that the Road To One America Has Begun.

An article on Kucinich provides some entertainment to Pho over on Pho's Arkon Pages and then we go from humor to Democrats Who Do Not Act Like Sissies. A third item shared by Pho this week is about Ted Strickland's soaring numbers.

One of my favorite guys from the Psychobilly Democrat blog, Redhorse, has a very interesting perspective to share on political consultants which is important to consider here in Ohio as well as the nation.

Tom from Bizzy Blog wrote such a nice submission email, that I think he deserves a bit of extra attention for his dedication to positivity as seen in What's so good about Ohio? Then Tom's attention turns to A Troubling Undercurrent in George Will’s Deathbed Obit for Antioch College, focusing on reports of routine violence and harassment at the college. He asks, "A hotbed of far-leftism for decades would have been "expected" to be a peaceful place, no?" Then more Kucinich with thoughts on his Statement on Ahmadinejad. Turning to an item titled, Clueless George Cut-and-Runovich that Tom feels is incoherent and dangerous is discussed.

The Chief Source sends in two noteworthy submissions this week from Kyle, one on the topic of Gaming/Gambling and one on Jason Hass for Akron Public Schools.

Then my turn from Glass City Jungle where it felt like Glass City temporarily became the headquarters for all your Strippergate news all day and all night, but we did focus on some other important issues to NWO this week, like questions surrounding Dorr Street revitalization and why some of our local media didn't seem to think the story of a town hall meeting of between 500 to 700 people wasn't newsworthy...

As a mini update, Blue Bexley made it in on time, I missed adding the submissions to the word document that I was working from, so without further ado, two posts both in relation to an email exchange between Pat Tiberi's office, the first one Pat Tiberi replies and then the second one which broaches the topic of Rhetorical Glass Houses.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this week's Carnival, I say with a great deal of bias, that Ohio bloggers Rock!



Jill said...

Thanks, Lisa Renee and all participants. Is it just me or are others seeing no image for #74?

Pho said...

True, no image. Just a little box.

Nice job, LisaRenee.

Lisa Renee said...

I see an image - that's strange - it's the symbol for Tungsten...

Jill said...

Ah! Yes! Tungsten! Now I see it. Very cool. Or tough, should I say?

bryan said...

every week it gets better and better. Who knew Ohio could actually be interesting : )