Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carnival of Politics #73

A nice graphic of Barry Bonds 73rd homerun for the 73rd Ohio Carnival. Fitting I felt. I am not a Bonds fan by any means, but it goes with the theme during MLB's All-Star week. A slower week around here than usual, which I attribute to the recent holiday and recent heat wave. Or people just flat don't like me. Either way. Also, if anyone is interested in putting one of Carnival of Ohio Politics banners on their sites, check out the post below. We would certainly appreciate it. Now to this week's submissions:

Dispassionate Liberal starts us off this week and fills us in on his thoughts regarding some of the presidential candidates visiting Youngstown when they spoke to steelworkers. Thoughts are offered on Edwards, Biden, Clinton, and Kucinich. According to this blogger, the most interesting presentation was given by John Edwards.

Finally, good news for Cincinnati. The city volunteers at a higher rate than any other major Ohio city, and is ranked 11th in the country in that department. Now if only the politicians there can get their act together, says The Virtuous Republic.

Maggie Thurber weighs in on the recent controversy with the Lucas County Democratic Party over at Thurber's Thoughts, and says she is just going to sit back and not get in the way of this one. She also wonders where the official GOP response is. Maggie also says she has the "original rules" for the game of blogger tag that has been hitting Ohio bloggers as of late.

Glass City Jungle has some serious concerns about issues related to a new Coking plant which is being planned in Oregon, Ohio - a story the media is not hitting up in light of the lessening of restrictions from the 2004 permit. Lisa Renee also discusses a very hot topic on the Ohio blogosphere this week - the Lucas County Democratic Party Golf Outing and the subsequent cancellation by Chris Redfern for his scheduled visit.

Conservative Culture reports that the discussed Indian casino was put on the back burner by the Lima Mayor as he waits for a time where there is less scrutiny. Speaking of mayors, CC posts the Columbus Grove mayor intends on staying in office despite his recent DUI and wonders what the voters will have to say.

Three entries from ProgressOhio this week. Dave found a great roundup of quotes of Ohio officials concerning the Scooter Libby news. Next, a dust up between the Citizens for Community Values and Citizens for Community Standards could be headed for court. The blog also has a great piece on a 27 year old who is walking from Chicago to DC through scorching heat to demand removal of troops from Iraq. He stopped in Columbus this past week and met with Senator Voinovich.

Pho at Pho's Akron Pages was at a 4th of July parade and got a campaign flier from the candidate himself, Joe Finley, who is undertaking a long shot bid to unseat Mayor Plusquellic in Akron. Another popular subject at PAP tends to be school funding, and according to this blogger, Governor Strickland has the credibility and momentum to move forward in figuring out a way to finally get things done on this complex subject. Finally, Pho says that no matter what you think about what went down in the recently completed Ohio budget, things are a lot worse right to our state's east.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks reprints an email from a retired Ohio teacher with questions about the state's investment strategy and a lively discussion ensues in the comments. In a second post, Jill is skeptical of the Cuyahoga County plan to take such a leap of faith in Fred Nance and the other county commissioners when it comes to the proposed Cleveland MedMart. Lastly, Jill says that Catholic schools are propped up by vouchers.

How would Cincinnati restaurants be affected during the hot summer if they implemented the RFK Jr. thinking? In this case would good environmental policy still be good economic policy? The Cincinnati Beacon sure thinks so.

A big Cincy week this time around. Tom at Bizzy Blog looks at the financial mess down at UC and the accompanying awful coverage by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Finally, I tell the PD's Dick Feagler at the Keeler Report to give up his dream of Cleveland reverting back to the city he remembers it being a long, long time ago. I also speculated on why Ted Strickland may have decided to keep E-Check around for two more years.

Thanks to everyone who sent us something and we look forward to hearing back from you next week! When you visit the stories that interest you here, be sure to leave a comment giving the blog author your feedback.


Jill said...

I give it at least an...A. ;)

Lisa Renee said...

Great job putting it together Ben and I love the graphic you picked!

Awesome posts this week carnivalees (yeah that's probably not a word).


Kyle said...

Good work Ben.

Chris Baker said...

I've got to say that I'm really digging the Carnival.

Ben said...

thanks everyone

bryan said...

added the icon to my sidebar.

Jill said...

Thanks, Bryan!

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