Saturday, July 7, 2007

You Can Have a Carnival Banner on Your Blog

You may have noticed that your Carnival administrators started sporting festive Carnival banners on their home blogs. We did this over last weekend and I've been trying since to figure out how to tell you about it. The problem is that when you write code on a Blogger post, the platform reads it as code and, in this case, would generate the banner instead of showing the code as text. Nothing I've been told to try to rectify the situation works, so here's plan B. I'm going to walk you through this, although most, I'm sure, are way ahead of me.

To start with, the images for the ads are on an Ohio Carnival Photobucket account we set up. We have both a narrow format suitable for 3-column templates:

And wider if you have a wider sidebar:

In addition to bipartisan purple above, we have neutral grayscale:

And third party green:

To install a banner ad, first, you need code to turn the image into an ad with an embedded link. Here it is with square brackets, "[]", in place of the usual html brackets, "<>". So you need to substitute the right brackets after copying and pasting the code:

[a href=""][img src="*"/] [/a]

Copy that into your sidebar or widget making tool if you are in Blogger2. After you sub in the proper brackets, you need the image url.
Photobucket makes it easy to get the url for the image you want -- it's in a form window right under the image. Copy the url for the banner you want. That url goes in place of the asterisk "*" in the code above.

If all else fails, email one of us or the Carnival account and we can send you the code.

To folks who know far more about coding than I, apologies for making this sound so fourth grade. If anyone knows how to make code look like text on blogger and wants to share the info, I'll happily update the post. And to those of you who choose to give us banner ad love, thanks in advance.

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