Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #83

This image is so not me. And right about now, I'm feeling very much not like me. So, without wasting any of our time, here's to getting your engines revving with this week's Carnival entries.

To lead off the pack, we have three from Inside the Northwest Territory. If you want to get your traffic numbers up, read and then be sure to link to this post about the life and times of Dennis Kucinich - mentioning DK's name is a known boost to stats. Go figure. The Territory examines Columbus mayoral candidate Bill Todd's thrust for education. And finally, a post in remembrance of 9/11.

Please welcome The A..hole Lawyer in his first appearance at the Carnival. He shares with us a letter he wrote to State Senator Amstutz in which he asks, How does SB16 protect families? Lawyer, if you get a response, I hope you'll share that too.

Hopefully, each of us remembered Constitution Day in some small way. But in case you didn't, Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts passes on this take of that moment in history. Maggie also keeps us up to date with the on-going issue over eminent domain for a mall, with, obviously, a property rights perspective.

Ben Keeler gives us coverage of how Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic survived a surprisingly close primary against a basic unknown, underfunded challenger and hopes to go on and serve Akron for four more years, at his blog, The Keeler Political Report.

Maybe we don't think of Tom Blumer of Bizzy Blog as a visionary so much as a numbers guy. But, in This Could Have Been, and Still Could Be, Ohio, he discusses how Indiana's experience with privatizing its toll road should be grafted to Ohio, along with privatization of other services. Tom also offers us more evidence of how what happens online can, does and often should migrate offline as he looks at how the University of Cincinnati halted spending and construction, and, tongue implanted in cheek, the Cincy Enquirer "discovers" some people, like...board members and the UC president, whom we might want to find responsible.

Word of Mouth, aka The WOM Blog, chips in three items from three different authors. Roman Kniahynyckyj composed a must-see video about community development, "Movin' On Up--AWoM Film." I don't know if too much NIMBY equals too few jobs, but the title alone makes me want to read Brian Hazelett's thoughts on the subject. Finally, Daniel Jack Williamson goes against the tide, as he writes, "Everyone else is saying 'Sack the GOP chair,' but I show the flip side of the coin, and contrast it with the Summit County GOP rivalry."

Zooming around the bend, we find three entries from Into My Own: Is Peter Bronson an idiot or a liar? or both? A deconstruction of US Department of Education chief, Margaret Spelling's letter to George Miller which concerned No Child Left Behind reauthorization. And a question and answer expose of Cliff Schecter of Brave New Films.

Now pulling up to our bumpers, Scott Pullins of The Pullins Report. With a focus on electoral campaigns, Scott writes about how a Wood County Commissioner was outed online and Mike Carey ends his race for what Scott believes are the right reasons.

There are more posts about the Ohio mother, her SUV and donuts for teachers in the blogosphere than there is rubber on the race track, and here's what King of King's Right Site adds to the conversation about the "crocodile tears baby killing mom." No namby pamby he, King then goes after Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values by calling him a girlieman! Watchout roadsters. And, in a more serious post about the immigration conundrum, he shares some information that he received which tells of the nightmare some see in what is often called backdoor amnesty.

Running neck and neck now, we have Progress Ohio-sponsored competitors moving around the track: the voting machine testing quagmire thickens with this statement from Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in response to Matt Damschroder; always more reasons to get hot and bothered about SB16 (I must note that not a single Carnival has featured a post in support of that law, despite the lefties and righties among us!) in Strippers & The CCV: Which is Witch?; and finally, how to eat and go into debt, all before you turn 21.

Glass City Jungle provides us with a news release on The Challenge That Wouldn't Die (and from which no one has yet died, unlike in real life): Lucas County Commissioners are stating that they and some selected staff will participate in a Foodstamp Challenge. Then, in a post with which I totally empathize, Lisa Renee struggled with the decision of being a "Good Democrat" or a "Good Mom" last night. On Lisa Renee's other blog, Liberal Common Sense, she focuses her frustration with the almost Publisher Clearinghouse-style tactics of two of the top presidential candidates and their "hurry and act now" fundraising attempts.

Not to be lost in the crowd, the Thespis Journal features a fantastically titled post, John Stossel Smashes Michael Moore's Pork Rinds. Now who doesn't want to read that!?

Always in the race for great titles, Scott Piepho gives Akron Mayor Plusquellic's squeaker of a win the Pho's Akron Pages treatment, with further digesting here. The Ahole Lawyer might want to take a gander at Pho's assessment of State Senator Amstutz's electoral future - regardless of whether or not the senator responds to the letter Ahole wrote.

Yellow Dog Sammy of Ohio Daily Blog writes in a heartfelt expression of what good blogging can bring about, conflict: "I hardly know what to do here...The most influential thing on my blog this past week was not something I wrote, but a comment that was placed on my blog anonymously and escaped my attention for three days because I was away. That comment has been written about in newspapers (with another story to appear in the Dayton Daily News), and on blogs, and the comment thread keeps growing. Does that make it Carnival-worthy? Not really sure. Here is the link." I provide his post this way because now you too can make a decision about how Carnival Linkworthy it is. YDS does offer a follow-up to the furor in addition to thoughts on the significance of the Ohio Republican Party canceling its scheduled state dinner last weekend.

Conservative Culture issues a dare to the Lima News regarding publication of the conceal-carry permit holder list. Also for consideration, how close are people who some call medical jihadists to Ohio and Michigan? Finally, this post explores who gets arrested at the US-Mexican border.

Rather than include a post from Writes Like She Talks this week, which relocated to a non-blogspot.com domain (www.writeslikeshetalks.com) recently so please update your blogrolls and feeds, I would like to reiterate how fantastic it is that we get this outstanding turnout.

However, if you really must have your WLST fix, try to figure out if your brains help or hurt your political party. Right now, whatever brains I have, they just plain hurt.


Lisa Renee said...

I don't know whether to say fantastic job or vrooommm...so I'll write both.


I did take the quiz, and I was freaked out because I scored below both Liberal and Conservative. I haven't figured out what that meant (smile).

BizzyBlog said...

Very nice compilation. Nice to see so many new contributors since this all began.

Ben said...

thanks Jill, nice to see the new people sending stuff in

Jill said...

You bet - even with people covering some of the same topics, still a real diversity of style and content.