Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #89

Could it be we are only 10 Carnivals away from #100? Yes, in fact it is true. The anticipation is killing Ohio bloggers. My unofficial look ahead puts it around the middle of January. With such excitement, who can even worry about the upcoming holidays? Unfortunately, you will have to settle for edition #89 this week.

After dedicating my last entry here to a Democrat, I decided it was best to balance it out. This week is dedicated to former Ohio Republican Paul Gillmor, who passed away in early September. Congressman Gillmor was sworn in in 1989 (hence the tie in with Carnival #89) and represented the 2nd largest CD in Ohio (the 5th District), a district that borders both Indiana and Michigan and includes Bowling Green, Bryan, Defiance, Fremont, and Norwalk just to name a few of the bigger places. Gillmor was born in Tiffin, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, became an Army Captain, and then entered law. This was all before he entered politics. He was first elected to the Ohio Statehouse as a State Senator in 1967 and was the Republican Leader twice. He ran for Ohio Governor in 1986, but lost the primary to Jim Rhodes. He was then elected to the U.S. House in 1988 and never lost another election. Anyways, here is what we have this week:

King's Right Site starts off with three submissions this week. The election for mayor in Maple Heights is heating up, and King thinks that the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County could learn something from what is going on there. A neighboring mayor came out in support of one of the candidates - despite not knowing he was a member of the opposite political party. What happens when spin crosses the line to deceit? It appears this is the case in the Rocky River Council race (Ward 1) involving Thomas Hunt. Additionally, due to a complaint, a specific flag folding recital is now banned at national cemeteries.

The populations of Cincinnati and Hamilton County are declining. So why is there planning for such a major increase in jail beds? That is the question posed by the Greater Cincinnati Libertarian. It is as if we are planning for failure and only failure, the site opines. The November 6 sales tax vote in Hamilton County will tell us if a majority of voters agree with this opinion.

Strange happenings in the race for Canton Mayor writes Pho's Akron Pages. The Democrat wants to get tough and accuses the Republican of being soft on crime and the Republican is playing the race card and concerned about the rights of suspects. That is Stark County politics according to this site. Pho also says Marc Dann needs to get his act together and reminds readers that he was not the preferred choice for AG by the Ohio Democratic blogosphere in the 2006 primary.

Maggie Thurber over at Thurber's Thoughts chimes in with a post about the inner workings of Lucas County politics, using a recent example (and a not so recent one) of Commissioner Pete Gerken. Maggie herself is a former Lucas County Commissioner who thinks that a new philosophy is needed - and if not the current activities will continue, and that will be a detriment to the community as a whole.

Into My Own sends us a post about education and the new term "drop out factories," which refer to schools which graduate fewer than 60% of students. Into My Own adds some Ohio perspective to this situation in regards to the 10th grade test our state currently uses. The post goes on to list suggestions for improving dropout rates.

Are any eyebrows being raised about the appropriateness of taxpayer public support for a religious organization, Roland Hansen Commentary wants to know. Is this okay - should the Toledo-Lucas Port Authority be doing this?

Weapons of Mass Discussion sends us three entries. First up, Matt lets us know about recent Butler County GOP endorsements and that someone is collecting signatures to challenge John Boehner - an obviously tall order. Next, a recap of Boehner on a Cincinnati talk show. Finally, another site contributor Mark wants to know why Sherrod Brown did not condemn the comments of Congressman Pete Stark. Mark also shares with us the response he got from the Senator's office.

Will the Ohio GOP ever learn from the past? That is what Conservative Culture wants to know. CC thinks Ohio could learn from the Ford-Reagan situation in 1976. CC also cites Bob Taft as what happens to a party that decides moderation is the way to go. No argument from many Ohio Republicans on that.

Word of Mouth sends three pieces our way. The Ohio Lottery brags about the money it raises for schools - but how much do cash-strapped Lorain City Schools receive? Loraine of WoM has some info on Mayor Romoser's discussions with a shipping company about developing port facilities for them in Lorain, but some city officials are apparently annoyed that they've not been kept in the loop. Finally, Scott Bakalar bemoans the lack of choices on the ballot for the upcoming elections in the city of Lorain and has a unique idea for a write-in candidate.

Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle also sent in three quality posts this week. The first was about a cause she supports - Tent City in NWO which helps the homeless. It tells readers what they can to help the homeless in their part of Ohio. Next up, Lisa headed out to cover a candidate forum, wearing "borrowed" shoes from her 13 year old daughter. The forum was for Toledo City Council. Last but not least, problems with the Ohio voter database are still alive and well, at least in Lucas County. The post is full of first hand examples. Advice from GCJ: Check your voting information with the Ohio Secretary of State's office.

And finally for me at the Keeler Report. I had a busy week as I started a new job, but I did manager to squeeze in a little bit about the redevelopment of the Cleveland Flats at the end of this post. Seems like a major waste of money to me - a lot of it taxpayer money.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a post (or two or three). It is hard to imagine that any state has the quality bloggers on both the left and right that Ohio does.

Oh yes. Happy Halloween.


Lisa Renee said...

Nicely done everyone and fantastic job at doing the summary Ben. Creative choice for 89 and very fitting for a Ohio Politics carnival.


ohdave said...

Thanks, Ben. Congratulations on the new job.

Jill said...

Thanks, Ben. No more missing, promise.

Roland Hansen said...

Oh, you mean the Carnival is about politics???
And here I was all prepared to swing that big hammer mallet thing down real hard to get that thing-a-ma-jig to go all the way to the top of the pole to ring the bell up there so I could win a stuffed elephant or donkey.
Oh, all right, I'll get serious. Kudos to you for putting together another great issue of the Carnival.