Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #85

#85 was a tough number to think of a theme for. Almost impossible actually. So I took the easy way out and dedicated this edition of the Carnival to the man who was Ohio Governor in 1985, Dick Celeste. He was a controversial figure in Ohio politics, as many old timers (relatively speaking) know. Celeste won election in 1982, taking over for the term limited Republican Jim Rhodes. Celeste won a second term in 1986 by defeating Rhodes. Until this year, he was the last Democratic Governor of Ohio. Anyways, here we go........

Thurber's Thoughts weighs in the Hillary Clinton "baby bond" proposal by nothing that Stephanie Tubbs Jones (OH-11) thinks it is a "wonderful idea." Maggie then goes onto to discuss what she sees as the drawbacks of the plan. She raises quite a few points that would make anyone think long and hard about this proposal.

There is a recall drive on for the Mayor of Pepper Pike Bruce Akers, reports King's Right Site. King is in the category of those who support the recall. Next up, a report on the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County efforts to defeat Dennis Kucinich next time around. King is skeptical the RPCC is up to the task based on previous actions. And why are the local citizens being forced to pay for the new convention center and Med Mart?; because the typical funding sources can't be used because they have already been wasted and the for obvious reason that nobody wants to visit Cleveland.

OhDave at Into My Own wants to know what Republican House Leader Boehner is doing about the rural poor in Ohio, specifically in his hometown of Greenville and the surrounding towns. The question is raised: are these places being ignored because they can not contribute as much when it comes to donations? Here is the original post on the tragic fire that started the whole discussion.

Tuesday was "blog-ku" day at Ohio Daily Blog. Not everyday we get something like this sent in. Here are three examples from this creative format: Social Conservatives May Support Third Party Bid, "Bible-thumpers dream...Buckeye "Belt-Buckle..." Blackwell!.....Dreams end Election Day"; CQ Politics Rates Palmer as Serious Primary Challenger (to Kucinich), "Palmer slams missed votes.....Long-shot Prez bid opens door.....Dennis oblivious?" and National Journal Drops Kucinich From Bi-Weekly Ratings, "Dennis out-polls Dodd.....Biden and Richardson, too....But pundits say "pfffft!"

Bizzy Blog sends us three posts. First up, Tom breaks down the support (but not endorsement) of Phil Hemlich by former Cincinnati Bengal Anthony Munoz in OH-2. Second up: A new Cleveland imam delivered an anti-Jewish Rant at his Omaha mosque in 2003, and has associations with at least one terror sympathizer, and Bizzy wonders where the local coverage has been. Then from the new PD Wide Open blog (of which Tom and our own Jill are involved), Tom notes a Plain Dealer reporter did a story on the new imam, crediting only "a blogger" for the information. Hmmmmm, wonder who that blogger was?

Another entry about the Munoz "endorsement" is sent in from Weapons of Mass Discussion. WMD notes than Munoz is a major player in Republican circles in southwestern Ohio. Matt has also been studying up on the proposal by State Rep. Tom Brinkman that would allow county sheriffs to inter criminals in jails of surrounding counties of other states. WMD endorses the bill and encourages the Ohio House to approve it.

The Ohio GOP trivializes the statehouse agenda but there's nothing trivial on the list, argues Jill of Writes Like She Talks. The post is complete with what exactly the Ohio House will be taking up. While the recent national assessment showed reading scores up in Ohio as "good," the very effort to close the so-called achievement gap between white and minority students isn't getting the gains desired. WLST says that people who are achieving "success" through the initiative are Bush donors. Jill is also wondering why so many phone books keep showing up at her house in this new age of technology.

Man with the Muck-Rake reports on a Toledo area priest who was named a "priest of integrity," and notes that the bishop of Toledo, Leonard Blair, is not happy about it based on the past behavior of the priest in question. MWTMR figures that these type of covering up actions are going to continue in Toledo and elsewhere within the Catholic church.

Three entries from Word of Mouth. First up, WoM holds the city of Lorain accountable for public utility issues - Scott Bakalar with a collection of "Project Dry Bakalar Diaries." Next up, a recap of a big game between two Cleveland city high school football teams. The third article is the introduction of the Word of Mouth candidates forum. All candidates, regardless of position sought or party are invited to participate. WoM also sends a note saying with all the work they are doing in Elyria they should hold some local government seats. Tough to argue against that.

The DJW Page sends us something about the abysmal real estate market in Northeast Ohio, noting that there aren't any indications whatsoever that a market turnaround will ever occur. A personal experience is shared to help emphasize the point.

Two entries from Glass City Jungle. First up, Lisa Renee wonders if you can be charged a fee to request public records from the state. The question stems from a recent massive request of state Democratic statewide office holders from a Republican activist. Next up: Six years later and the trial of Davis-Beese begins in Toledo. GCJ wants to know if the outcome will be that the employees get the blame and are the only ones to face legal consequences or will they be able to prove that they are innocent of the charges? We shall see.

Wonder how George Voinovich voted on a recent bill championed by Senate Democrats? Why bother anymore, wonders Conservative Culture? If the Ohio GOP was smart they would talk George into resigning and allow an replacement for his coming election, CC opines. Secondly, a Northeast Ohio mosque exports one jihad leader and just sees a new one come in as his replacement. And CC sends us a video that he thinks is a good watch both here in Ohio and all across the country.

Lastly to myself. The Keeler Report weighed in on a Summit County ballot issue, with the big names of Alex Arshinkoff and Jennifer Brunner involved. Basically the Republicans and Summit County GOP Chief Arshinkoff are trying to clog up the ballot with women with three word names to take votes away from the female Democrat Lisa Zeno Carano in her race for Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court clerk.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed reading the submissions of this Ohio's bloggers this week. Baseball fans, whether you cheer for the Indians (most of you) or the Phillies (me), good luck to your teams as the postseason begins on Wednesday.


Lisa Renee said...

Nice choice for the graphic Ben, very creative and you did a great job putting this together this week.

Awesome submissions by everyone once again - Ohio bloggers Rock!


Jeff said...

Thanks, Ben, great work!

Jill said...

Them's a lotta links. Thanks very much, Ben.

ohdave said...

Thanks Ben, but a minor correction: John Boehner is (thankfully) not the speaker, but is the minority leader in the House.

Ben said...

Sorry, I dont know how I messed that up. Fixed.

Maggie Thurber said...

great roundup of postings...thanks!

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