Thursday, November 29, 2007

Carnival #93

It is that time - once again the Ohio Blogosphere has spoken (well they wrote actually) and we have another weekly roundup of what our state's political blogs are talking about. This is the 93rd edition, and keeping with our number themed introductory posts, I decided to go the serious route this week. United Flight 93, one of the four planes hijacked on September 11, 2001, took off from Newark en route to San Francisco. Flight 93 flew over Ohio and turned around and headed back toward the Capitol over the airspace of our state right above Cleveland before it eventually was retaken by heroic passengers from the hijackers before it crashed in rural Pennsylvania. A day that none of us will ever forget, regardless of our political leanings. The passengers on Flight 93 didn't know when they boarded the plane that fateful day that they would end up American heroes. Here is what we have for this week:

Yearning to Breathe Free sends us a piece that says Ohio is improving as far as small business climate goes. Ohio is now 29th on the list of the 50 states according to the Small Business and Entreprenuership Council.

Into My Own has thoughts on the cancelled play by the Lakota School Administration, a story that made national headlines. OhDave says he doesn't agree with the decision, but he does understand it. OhDave also has what he says in the inside scoop - UC's head football coach, Brian Kelly, is headed to Michigan. Time will tell if he is right on that one.

Three entries from Writes Like She Talks. Cleveland Councilman Zach Reed seems to be getting treated different for his recent arrest than his previous ones. Jill looks into why this might be. "Bloggers love to complain about being slighted by our holiday lexicon, but no one else seems to be writing about the good stuff: Interfaith Thanksgiving in Ohio," said Jill. Finally a list of how to contain consumption during the holiday season from Earth Watch Ohio.

We also got three entries from Glass City Jungle. First up, Lisa was able to participate in a conference call with Sherrod Brown and Robin Weirauch who is running for the open seat in OH-5. Here is her report. Lisa notes the love/hate relationship Toledo residents have with their city; this time the emotions were brought out by their city being named third place for the most livable City Award. Finally, thanks to an email tip she was able to search deeper into some questions as to who has been an investor in the FDS Coke Plant that is being planned to be built here in NWO. She also redesigned her site, and it looks great.

The Pullins Report notes Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson will run for the Ohio House in the 92nd District. Next up, Scott opines that it is time the Republicans as a party denounce waterboarding. He thinks this move is long overdue. The third post says that the Strickland / Fisher team missed an opportunity to land a new Rolls Royce plant in Ohio. Scott wonders if Ted is spending too much time in Iowa and notes that Ohio's business climate probably isn't helping matters either.

A pattern is now developing, as Word of Mouth sends us three posts. Site contributor Paula enumerates what to be thankful for in Lorain through a set of photos. Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo has a flooring business in downtown Lorain that owes money, generating negative press for Mr. Kalo. Scott Bakalar gives Kalo credit for trying to help a downtown that Kalo takes pride in. The third submission is from Scott as well, which says that Lorain elected officials have no plan as to how to turn the city around. Scott says it is time for the "ordinary people" to step up.

Marc Dann: Charter School Buster!! That is the title of the post sent in by Roland Hansen Commentary. Roland's opinion: As long as the community charter schools do exist in Ohio, let's do all that we can to see that they succeed. Those that are failing should be closed. And the same goes for any government traditional public school that is failing.

The Chief Source has two new contributors to the site, and you can read a feature from each of them here. Chandra writes a piece called "Prevention Through Affordable Access," which she says is a result of rushing through a bill through Congress in 2005 without thinking of the consequences. The second new author, Annie, expresses her disappointment with the Robin Weirauch campaign for the open seat in OH-5, a seat Annie thinks the Democrats can win.

Conservative Culture writes about the recent sentence in the plot to blow up an Ohio mall, and says there is some real "speedy justice" going on - another suspect won't have his hearing until January 2009. In a related post, CC says the French Riots of 2005 are back, this time more intense and once again confined to mainly Muslim areas.

Pho's Akron Pages has a post about Dennis Kucinich and he wonders why he keeps writing about him (something I often do myself on my site). This time it is Dennis saying he is thinking about having Ron Paul as his running mate. Pho says as long as people are talking about Dennis then Dennis is satisfied. Pho also discusses Mike Moran, Hudson City Councilman, who will be running for the Ohio House seat currently occupied by John Widowfield. Pho is impressed by Moran and thinks he will be a great candidate.

Lastly, I didn't write a whole lot myself over the Thanksgiving weekend, but I did allow visitors to my site to have a staring contest with Roger Strickland, the brother of our governor. As in my other holiday staring contests, no one reported being able to win. Exciting times at the Keeler Report.


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