Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #91

Welcome to the U Can't Touch This version of the Carnival of Ohio Politics - that's Issue #91 from 11/8/91.

I like the theme of U Can't Touch This because of how untouchable some politicians seem to be or try to be. One thing is for sure - u can't touch this Carnival of Ohio Politics with a version from any other state. We definitely have an untouchable compendium of bloggers around here.

From a blog and blogger with an untouchable name, The Boring Made Dull wants you to think about whether you believe in We Believe Ohio and the effort to drown out or otherwise eliminate negative campaigning.

Breezing toward you, from Just Blowing Smoke, is a review of COSI in Toledo that might be more like the Titanic than we'd like and an overview of voting last week and the election aftermath.

This week, Thurber Thoughts starts out with ruminations on mosques, olympics and bittersweet rewards.
Can't we all think of an incident or time when we kept doing the same thing over and over, hoping that, even though it hasn't resulted in the desired outcome, this time will be different? Oh yeah. Finally, readers get a follow-up on Toledo's decision to take over basic life support tranport services from private ambulance companies with the expectation that quality of care will improve, except maybe there were ulterior motivations that should be examined.

From me to you, from the Pullins Report: nothing on Buehrer or Latta! But Scott does address natural alternatives to Chinese toys (spoons and spatulas from the kitchen, anyone?), Ron Hood's exploration of a congressional campaign in OH-07 and, one of my absolute favorite stories of the week, if not the month and year, Ohio lawyers rally in support of Pakistan colleagues.

The Chief Source goes on as a good source for reading about Ohio's blue wins from last Tuesday.

Another u can't touch this aspect of this carnival is how much more intimate it makes this big state feel because we have contributions from all corners of the state. The Cincinnati Beacon, for example, doesn't want us to miss Congressman John Conyers' Keynote Address at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner, 2007.

Conservative Culture seeks to parallel a violent incident involving religion in Indonesia with the future in the U.S. and question the wisdom of a Guiliani endorsement by someone he considers to be a key Christian conservative activist.
Likewise, he wants to know more about what has prompted preachers to take a pledge to not "cheat" (CC's words, not mine).

According to the sentiment at The Keeler Report, some Walton Hills residents who are ashamed of the name of their street and got the issue on the ballot, also got what they deserved and lost. Ben also tries his hand as a television critic, in honor of the NBC Nightly News visit to Cleveland.

The WoM Blog founder Scott Bakalar thinks there may be some wisdom in appointing 21 year old college student Andrew Winemiller for the last two months of Lorain's safety-service director's position
while regular WoM contributor Brian Hazelett illustrates original reporting with this ward-by-ward city breakdown of election day numbers to show who's participating in the process and who's not. And, can you believe that it was one year ago when another WoM regular, Henery Hawk, accompanied by Hazelett, made a pledge to help the homeless? Here's his update.

Progress Ohio wants to figure out if
Ohioans are receiving the message about voter reforms. Meanwhile, in line with this week's observance of Veteran's Day, State Treasurer Richard Cordray proposes bonuses for Ohio's veterans. Another not to be missed video, says Progress Ohio, "What if it was YOUR child, Rep. Chabot?" - a new TV ad from Americans United.

Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog expresses his belief that
civil harassment of an entire industry is a bad idea in Ted Strickland and Marc Dann Unleash the Subpoenas on the Subprime Mortgage Lending Industry. Then, he writes that this is his Last Boring Plain Dealer-Wide Open Follow-up Post - but I don't believe that for a minute. And last, he wants to get the attention of Ted Strickland and Marc Dann to tell them that they should let the gumshoes do their work when it comes to the the criminal investigations in mortgage fraud.

More on Marc Dann and his actions - this time, words in an e-mail - from Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion. Also from Matt, some thoughts on the creation of a 'Next of Kin' database in Ohio. His co-blogger, Mark, notes the departure of state representative Danny Bubp for the military.

People are going to be touching this for a long time:
Another post about the not so great Wide Open. This time from Pho's Akron Pages. And a topic not yet broached by many, Chancellor Eric Fingerhut on the NEOUCOM's future.

From the blogger who has been with candidates in the middle of the night and covered pretty much every hour of the day with a candidate somewhere during the last two years, Jeff Coryell of Ohio Daily Blog reviews
Obama making his moves on Clinton, "welcomes" another hard-line conservative to an Ohio GOP Congressional primary in the OH-15, and points out the role of Rep Betty Sutton in deciding whether Rep. Dennis Kucinich's impeachment resolution gets to the floor (with his own editorializing, thank you).

King's Right Site touches on the topic of holiday decorations via concerns about whether a Colorado town will ban
Christmas trees and colored lights, expounds on the content of a Marc Dann e-mail and posts the Ohio Republican Party's statement on the e-mail.

Into My Own would like people who might still be pondering the Wide Open experiment to recall this 2004 item that explores Congressman Steve LaTourette's decision-making history. As for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential candidate nomination, Ohdave says, um - these are his words, not mine, "Screw Strickland's Endorsement." Eek.

This post on the Town Hall on Manufacturing issues in Columbus by Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle is just one of literally thousands across the Ohio political blogs that demonstrate the riding along with candidates and issues approach many of us take in our blogging. However, I must admit, I'm not sure I want to test out the bulletproof backpack as discussed in this other contribution from Lisa Renee this week.

Let's see - did I even write about anything other than Wide Open in, oh, let's say - the last three weeks? Of course I did! The
PD editorial board failed to question state senate president Bill Harris as to why he isn't considered to be actively engaging GOP women to be in the state senate, unlike his predecessors. More issues arise because of differing approaches to disclosure, and the trails we leave on the Internet. And, finally, my OHpols.com article on party-switching in a red state trending blue.

Thank you again - what a BIG haul this week, even without anyone new. Come on ya'll - let's try and get at least one new blogger in here a week.

Have a good one.


Jeff said...

Wow, what a high energy post! You are definitely Too Legit to Quit.

Thanks, Jill!

OhioPolitical said...

Thanks, Jeff! That is really nice. I actually think I'm just one of many bloggers who are too legit as in way beyond legit. But I could also just be a legend in my own mind. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoy the carnival.

Pho said...

Nicely done, Jill. You really turned that mutha out.

Lisa Renee said...

Jill, your summation this week hits me so hard. Makes me say oh my Lord
thank you for blessing me with you as a blog buddy...

Yes, it got the song caught in my head (smile).

Fantastic contributions everyone!


Tim Higgins said...

Great job again Jill, though I have to say that it painted pictures from a time that I didn't need to revisit (and that Lisa made worse in GCJ).

Now I have the song and video in my head. You guys are going to kill me. :-)

OhioPolitical said...

Yeah - you should see the look on my kids' faces each time I say, CAN'T TOUCH THIS! lol


Lisa Renee said...

My 13 year old came in the room when I was watching the video, looked at me, shook her head and walked out...


Ben said...

MC Hammer & Ohio Politics.


Maggie Thurber said...

Wow - great round-up Jill...

Guess I must have missed the MC Hammer craze because I can't come up with the song...but that must be a good thing considering all the comments y'all have made. LOL

Jill said...

Hey - Ben - is that snark I hear?? I mean, read?

Ben said...

No....it was funny. Serious comment.

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