Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics Number 90

I kept coming back to I-90 as I searched for just the right image, it's a road I've traveled often I'm sure many more than 90 times, and with it being the longest interstate highway in the United States at nearly 3,100 miles thought it was special enough to be the image for the 90th Carnival of Ohio Politics.

Tim Higgins from Just Blowing Smoke has two posts, the first one is When the levy breaks. Tim then turns his focus on gambling in Ohio and the Lottery Commission with Ohio - Don't Bet On It.

Also from NWO is Roland Hansen Commentary where Roland shares, CitiFest, Inc. of Toledo: In a Pile of Debt. The recent discovery that their checking account was overdrawn by $40,000 has local residents talking.

Conservative Culture's Mark Vernik takes a look at a Christian Minister who was instrumental in the gay marriage ban taking a fundraising job. Next up a post about a Ohio State House sex sting that nets one. Mark writes about the upcoming vote on the employment non-discrimination act and wonders what this will do for Ohio?

Jill is still trying to find the logic in the Plain Dealer's behavior on Writes Like She Talks. I had a flash back to Seinfeld with the topic of this post, No wine for you. The topic then turns to Cleveland's Jewish leaders being dismayed with the Imam's resignation.

The Dean of Cincinnati shares this very thought provoking post on the topic of COAST and the NAACP—Redefining the new "middle" from the Cincinnati Beacon.

Tom Blumer from Bizzy Blog points out that while Coleman won the election, he and others feel that Mike Coleman’s Potential Dealbreakers and Faith-Shakers Make Him Unfit for Reelection and Coleman's continued presence as mayor is hazardous to the city's well-being. If you missed Tom's earlier coverage of the Imam Ahmed Alzaree Resigns from Islamic Center of Cleveland, it's a post you might want to stop by and read. Tom was the one who broke the story concerning the sermon with he and Patrick Poole putting the story out there and it's said that the Plain Dealer was not happy with being scooped.

Jeff or as he is affectionately known to many of us, "Yellow Dog Sammy" reflects on his memories of visiting in Pakistan with the recent news of the crisis in Pakistan. Back a little closer to home, more on the whole LaTourette-Wide Open story written in response to a column by the Plain Dealer Reader Representative. Last a post taking a look at the Congressional primary and thoughts about the general.

The Virtuous Republic has been following the defeat of the sales tax in Hamilton County. Bryan provides the details in his submission for this week that includes links to previous posts written on this subject.

In what was probably one of the most blogged about stories this week in the Ohio blogosphere, Pho from Pho's Akron Pages, shares his contribution to the Wide Open story and then turns his attention to the evangelical and Rod Parsley. Looking for an election wrap up Pho Style? It's only a click away.

Toledo's newest radio talk show host and local blogger Maggie Thurber shares a post from Thurber's Thoughts highlighting her post election thoughts in what was a much discussed election night here in Toledo.

Callahan's Cleveland Diary the home of Bill Callahan has a enlightening post on the“Electric rate reform” bill and the reaction from the Consumers’ Counsel where their spokeswoman has her doubts.

Kyle from the Chief Source posted their support for Jeff Coryell in Plain Dealer fires great blogger.

Ben over at Keeler Political Report chimes in with his two cents on the Wide Open/Blogger story. Then Ben turns his attention to sharing his take on Ohio and more in an election night summary.

Over at Glass City Jungle a guest post written by Jim Nusbaum, making his first blogosphere appearance with What it's like to lose and election is an post that quite a few candidates and supporters might find of interest after last night. From me? I point out that Toledo can't be considered a huge win for the Democratic Party after last night's election results with my search for the message from last night's local election.

As an update - The following submissions from Word of Mouth submitted by Daniel Jack Williamson were inadvertently not included.

Loraine Ritchey, on behalf of Charleston Village Society submitted questions to Lorain's 3 mayoral candidates with the promise that their responses would appear unedited and unfiltered on Word of Mouth. "Mayoral Candidate TONY KRASIENKO Answers," is the result. "Understanding The Past--Preparing For The Future: Lorain City Schools Part 6: 2001-2007" by Jim Smith is his final installment of a 6 part series on the history of the administrations of the Lorain School District. On the day before the elections, WoM's founder, Scott Bakalar, describes with complete disgust the massive, numerous, and intensely smelly and ugly malignancies he found within the bowels of the city of Lorain. He concludes that the city's cancer is terminal in "In the Belly of the Beast: Diagnosis--Terminal. We need a Second Opinion,"

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the "after the election" version of this week's Carnival.



Jill said...

Great job as always. Thank you - you must be POOPED!

Lisa Renee said...

After I get back from Columbus tonight I probably will be.


Maggie Thurber said...

thanks, Lisa! nice selection of I-90!

Ben said...

I90 by far my favorite Ohio Interstate. 71 least favorite.

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