Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Carnival #96 -- Garage Days Revisted, Edition

For Carnival #96 we pay homage to one of the greatest garage band anthems of all time: "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians.
    Too many blogposts for one man to compile
    Too many blogposts for one man to read and link.

Oh, you can't you hear the Vox organ run, the metronome snare, the nasal vocal? In fact for this Carnival, an image isn't enough. We need video:

OK, totally low-quality video of a cheesy performance clip, but whaddya want from the mid-Sixties. It's not like ? got by on his looks. It's the song that counts, and the song is a bit of paradise.

Now on to the the Carnival.

Roland Hanson offers a compelling testimonial for Jack Ford, a local jack-of-all-public-service-trades.

The recent tragic church shootings in Colorado have shone a light on the controversial methods of Pentacostal character educator Bill Gothard. The Dean of Cincinnati at Cincinnati Beacon shines a light on Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's affinity for Gothard and his methods.

At The Boring Made Dull, Mr. Boring approves of Gov. Ted Strickland's moves against the Ohio Civil Rights Commission's attempts to institute a new mandatory maternity leave policy, a move that led to Barbara Sykes resigning as Commission chair. Boring points out that such regulations disproportionately burden small businesses.

BizzyBlog offers a postgame analysis of the Ohio Fifth special election with, as he noted to me, an entertaining comments exchange.

LisaRenee's post-Ohio-Fifth coverage focuses on the domino effect as the Republican Party moves officials around to fill Bob Latta's position, and the one after that, and the one after that . . . LisaRenee also posts video from homeless advocacy group 1Matters and urges action. Hey, is that Graham Parker I hear in the intro?

OhioDave's day job is in education, so it's no surprise that Into My Own features thoughts on the recently released "Value Added" school performance reports. He offers a primer on value added and a close look at the meaning of the reports coming from Columbus.

Cindy at As Ohio Goes updates efforts to recruit Democratic challengers in Congressional races.

One contributor offered two posts from two blogs both based in the Stuebenville area. In The View from Out Here, an impassioned argument for consolidating county school districts. And on Ohio River Life, blogger M. Stewart has questions about a local slander suit involving the mayor.

Jill Miller Zimon reports on a suspicious poll by an abstinence-only group. She laments the lack of attention for the soon-to-be-vacant 24th State Senate seat. And she muses about Speaker Jon Husted's quip that the General Assembly doesn't need background checks as long as we have blogs.

Conservative Culture finds Presidential candidate Rudi Giuliani's promise to uphold the Second Amendment less than inspiring. He is more inspired by budget hawk Rep. Jim Jordan.

At Word of Mouth Kelly Bogart Sagert posts an open letter to the incoming school board detailing what voters are looking for. Scott Bakalar offers a work-in-progress compilation of Lorain's liabilities as submitted by WOM readers. And Loraine Ritchey is keeping tabs on the investigation into why a fire escape was removed from a local apartment building.

Ben Keeler reads another newspaper assessment of Gov. Strickland's first year and again finds it less than objective.

Maggie Thurber offers rare kudos to Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner for revising the funding of a local development project. Then she scolds him for not understanding what the Municipal Court is supposed to do and how it is supposed to function. And she offers a Random Thoughts post, which includes disagreement with the Blade over the value of a government-funded Portuguese language program.

For myself, it's been a slow week blogwise, what with end-of-the semester business to attend to. I can offer a report on Attorney General Marc Dann's address here in Akron, and Tim Russo's favorite blog post ever.

NOTE: The Carnival is taking a week off for the holidays. We will be back the week of December 31, but after the New Year.

Have a great holiday season, everyone.


BizzyBlog said...

You can't fool me.

That's a Farfisa Mini-compact organ.

I had one. Replicated the sound EXACTLY.

Also, doncha just hate the lip-synching? They didn't even pretend by having microphones.

Lisa Renee said...

If I had a webcam? You'd be able to see me chair dancing...

Nice job and great idea to include video!


Jill said...

Great job but even more curious comment by Blumer re: the organ familiarity. Whoa.

AberrantEquation said...

It was, in fact, recorded with a Farfisa.

I've got three of them.

Roland Hansen said...

Another Great COP.

p.s. I'm not going to comment on Lisa Renee's chair dancing or Jill's comment on organ familiarity.


Jill said...

LOL - OMG Roland! I am working too hard- I need a vacation - I did not SEE that! OY lol

OR, hey - wait - maybe it's YOU, you sickie you! ;)

Pho said...

Because I'm a big honking geek, I spent about a half hour last week reading up on ? et al including the Vox vs. Farsifa debate. Because there is one.

I thought Vox had the upper hand, but with Blumer contributing his (ahem) organ knowledge I'm reconsidering.

The Carnival exists despite the political cleavages. But can we survive Vox v. Farsifa? If we get some Vox partisans here, things could get ugly.

BizzyBlog said...

BTW, I did overlook giving Scott deserved props over the COP post.

As to Farfisa/Vox, I am shocked to learn this from Wiki:

Though often claimed as Farfisa pioneers, ? and the Mysterians actually used a Vox (musical equipment) organ on "96 Tears", their best-known work.

The entry also says that In-a-Gadda-da-Vida wasn't done on a Farfisa, nor was the Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense and Peppermints."

Then I look some more elsewhere and find out that Ray Manzarek of the DOORS usually used a Vox in the early days...

....even though this link claims that Light My Fire was done on a Farfisa:

What in the world? My world view is shaken (/hopes of me going liberal, people).

Maybe it's all a revisionist history conspiracy by Vox populis!

Not likely. I have to surrender on the Farfisa claim. Time to roll out the six words: I was wrong. I am sorry.

But the two instruments sounded exactly the same. (/excuse-making)

Boring Made Dull said...

I suppose that it would be impolitic to make a comment about organ grinders....

ohdave said...

Good job Scott, but I have nothing to contribute on organ preferences, making me, for once, non partisan.

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