Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Carnival Number 94 boldy going where no blog has gone before...

As a huge fan of space and science when I was searching for "94", I came across Galaxy M 94, which is stated to be an "unusual spiral galaxy in that it shows a great ring of bright young stars". Sounds fitting doesn't it? So with that, welcome to the Carnival of Ohio Politics #94.

From Writes Like She Talks Jill first suggests a way to get involved in changes to our election process. I agree with her that if Ohio can't benefit from re-designing the election process, no one can. Next it's raining Women in the house, and everywhere else. In her last post shared, Jill is concerned about Zach Reed and what it might take to for him to get it.

Ted Fischer joins us from TVFOH, The View From Out Here, first on the topic of Islam and CAIR with Islamis Supiorus… Not!. Next the suggestion is made to cue the crickets when it comes to the recent situation concerning the British teacher in Sudan as he wonders where CAIR and NOW were.

Here in Toledo there was a recent fire where four family members were killed and the news came out later that their electricity had been shut off earlier that day. While First Energy representatives were on all of the local media stations saying they did not turn off electricity to families with children this time of year, Man with the Muckrake discovered a troubling situation concerning family in that very position that was going on two weeks without electricity.

Ben from the Keeler Political Report thinks that this Akron Beacon Journal article is virtually a campaign piece for Ted Strickland. Then on the presidential front, a post about Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul as his running mate in what Ben refers to as his "run for President."

Good news shared by Dave at Into My Own, a play canceled at Lakota High School because it was claimed to have a racist title is now back on. While I know it's not Ohio or politically related, I hope the stars shine on Dave so that he gets this for Christmas.

Daniel Jack Williamson submits three from Word of Mouth, from Scott Bakalar, on the political machine in Lorain and how it's felt it will mow down grassroots initiatives and grassroots candidates so that they can continue brownfielding Lorain with their BS. Looking for a distinction between Ted Kalo, the businessman and Ted Kalo the Lorain County Commissioner? That's what Roman Kniahynyckyj set out to try to do with "Kalo Questions and Agreeing with Joe Koziura". Scott Bakalar then double checks math and finds it doesn't add up the way that the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram reports progress on improving sewers for the past 15 years.

The Cincinnati Beacon has some great posts this week, first from The Dean of Cincinnati a piece on a recent protest by those who say they are Survivors of Kids Helping Kids. Next, the Dean is not so sure if he thinks Duke Energy's new Power Manager is a good idea, that it could be big brother watching you. Justin Jeffre blogs about the disturbing news that 120 War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week as was reported by CBS.

President of Akron City Council, Marco Sommerville got into some recent trouble charged with carrying a loaded gun into an airport and it appears he's trying to pull some strings according to Boring Made Dull. It's really hard to avoid getting the song stuck in your head once you see the title of this next post, Me & Julio down by the schoolyard. I tried to resist, but I couldn't...I know oh my starry eyed surprise...

Pho's Akron Pages shares his thoughts on a proposed code of conduct by Republicans in Ohio that could be coming to a primary election near you, someday, maybe. Just as I got the song out of my head? Pho has a Julio Pino post of his own.

From my first blog, Liberal Common Sense, I have two posts on possible election processes, one is a video on Instant Runoff Voting and one is on Declared Strategy Voting, a reader shares his thoughts in the comments that are also thought provoking. On Glass City Jungle, the Ohio Fifth Congressional race has been a watched topic. A complete report on the only debate between Weirauch and Latta is an exclusive on the Jungle.


Jill said...

Lisa Renee - the hardest working blogger in Ohio. Wow. Thank you.

Lisa Renee said...

Jill, thanks, I'm not sure if that's true but I probably am the multi-tasker of the day with the baby being here today. According to my daughter in law she was really fussy earlier but she must enjoy the madness that happens at Grandma's house since she was a perfect baby while she was here.


Ben said...

Hard to believe we are getting up on edition #100

Anonymous said...

You should get two books.

1) Mathematics and Democracy, from Steven Brams (due out in Jan.)

2) Gaming the Vote, by William Poundstone (due out in Feb.)

The latter apparently includes a robust analysis of voting strategy, and the spoiler problem - and the author apparently endorses Range Voting, I just heard today. It's even mentioned in the current synopsis and reviews.

ohdave said...

Broken Ladder, do you know the publishing details? If so can you send them to me? comments@ohdave.net

Sound like good recommendations.

But I still want the guitar.

ohdave said...

PS Thank you Renee.

Lisa Renee said...

Dave, he has a link on Liberal Common Sense you might find of interest, rangevoting.org.

I'm glad he stopped by here as well, to have a real discussion we have to look at all of the ideas.

As to the guitar? As a former guitar player, it looks awesome.