Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #95

It's hard to pass up using a graphic for I-95 because I spent at least half of my life before the age of 20 driving on it - as either a passenger or driver. However, I also spent half of my computer-owning life as a Windows 95 owner, and now, only as a MacBook user for the last 18 months, have I come to appreciate how much I truly hated it. So this is an ode to leaving 95 behind, closing in on 100 and not passing up any of this week's excellent contributions about politics from the Ohio blogs.

Thurbers Thoughts gets us thinking about a plan to license carry-outs and convenience stores in Toledo in one post about how "not business friendly" some Toledo City Council decisions are and another which features an interview with Councilman Rob Ludeman on the same topic. Then, there are topics about which some folks just can't stop thinking, even if area voters turned down a levy to save COSI twice: the latest in the COSI Toledo saga.

Akron seems to have a similar just can't let it die situation in the Akron CitiCenter Atheletic Club, according to The Boring Made Dull.

The Keeler Political Report recommends that Republicans need to come together in OH-5 Tuesday and not let Ohio Democrats keep their momentum rolling in the state because, Ben believes, a loss there would be a stinging blow to the Ohio GOP.

The Lock 3 Holiday Festival in downtown Akron looks like a "good time had by all" experience, courtesy of multimedia talents at The Chief Source.

Just in case it's been keeping you up at night (sorry, Scott, I couldn't help it - do you think it really has been keeping people up at night? Was that too snarky? I'm going to get a few e-mails, aren't I?), The Pullins Report reports on how former Ohio legislature Speaker of the House Larry Householder is holding up.

A big piece of Governor Ted Strickland's campaign focused on education funding issues but it's State Sen. Kirk Schuring, via Pho's Akron Pages, who unveils a plan first.

Okay - Bizzy Blog tried to persuade me to post four links but I'm in need of being efficient so I'm sticking to just three submissions: the whole megillah is here Robin Weirauch Takes Stealth Campaigning to the Next Level: Index and Boil-Down but Part I is here and Part II is here. Part III is indexed in the first link (I'm such a stinker today! Sorry, Tom.)

Now that I'm over how much I love a lot of Ohio's blogs' names, I'm loving their headlines too. From Progress Ohio we have primary source coverage of the OH-05 race in On The Road with Midwestmom and Green Eggs and Porn? (please don't show that to any little ones, okay?) about Phil Burress and his dislike of the adult sex industry. More ordinary in its title but not in its content is an update on the movemet to get paid sick days onto the ballot.

The View From Out Here offers this take on law enforcement's discovery of guns, drugs and people and wonders, were the officers uncaring, incompetent or worse.

The issue of immigration reform tops the list of many presidential candidates, but Into My Own suggests that some stories by Mary McCarty show us the real face of the immigration debate.

The venerable Ms. Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle is oh so right that this is probably not yet final chapter of the missing local attorney who's kidnapping ended up being a hoax and a national news story. She also submits that many Toledo area residents remain concerned about plans to build a Coke Plant in NWO given the recent news of the amount of carbon dioxide that is going to be released. And from one of her numerous other outlets (will you let us know if you'll join the Wall Street Journal as being bought up by Murdoch?), Liberal Common Sense, we learn with her about a new online tool that lets us "mash" videos from YouTube - she shows us how with a few of her favorite presidential campaign ads.

The Cincinnati Beacon gives us more headline fun with Henry Heimlich's Manuever: World Leaves Cincinnati Doctor Behind.

What do we do when it appears that the government is willing to go to previously unimaginable lengths to win their case? That's a question Conservative Culture raises after reading about witnesses who are discovered to have commited perjury but their government lawyers still win. CC on CC (conceal carry) in two posts through which he'd like us to analogize the church-related shootings in Colorado with what might happen in Ohio.

Two authors, wom blog (isn't that cute? no? oh well). From The Word of Mouth Blog we have Roman Kniahynyckyj who postulates that "We Are Not Alone." I remember Joni Mitchell singing a Christmas song about wishing she could skate away, and Dire Straits sang about skating away too and Linda Ronstadt sang about how it's so easy to fall in love. But Scott Bakalar riffs on it being "so damn easy to just lie down and float away." I read this Memo to: Lorain Mayor-Elect Krasienko by Roman Kniahynyckyj and thought it was excellent. I love it when voters write the electeds.

Writing of what I love, please appreciate government child care and social workers. I've had my issues, but it is a tough job, underpaid and overburdened, literally and figuratively. Congratulate these folks, would ya? What do you think about the role religion is playing in the presidential race? And finally, it's not Ohio but I just couldn't resist, especially now that Chanuka is over. It is funny - I promise. It is OKAY to laugh, really. Well - that's just me. :)

Only four more until 100.


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