Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Carnival #102

This week's Carnival is dedicated to the 102nd Session of Congress, which served from January 3, 1991 through January 3, 1993. The biggest piece of legislation passed during this time was the 1991 Civil Rights Act. Tom Foley, who would lose his race 1994, was the Speaker. George Mitchell was the Senate Majority Leader; Bob Dole the Minority Leader. Ohio's representation sure had a different look: John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum were our senators. Not many of the House members remain. Only Dave Hobson, John Boehner, Marcy Kaptur, and Ralph Regula remain - and Hobson and Regula are not running for reelection. Ohio also had 21 House seats then - today we have 18 and looking to lose at least one more soon.

Our first entry this week comes from Cee Jay's Cyber Space and it is an open letter she wrote to Senator Sherrod Brown and her congressman, Ralph Regula. Cee Jay is not happy about the economy as you can tell, and she has some suggestions for these elected officials.

Good blogging action by OH Dave at Into My Own this week. He interviewed two candidates who are vying to replace Mike Turner in Ohio's 3rd District. These are the interviews that help candidates endear themselves to people like us. The two candidates were Jane Mitakides and David Esrati.

Pho sent three links this week. The first concerns electricity deregulation. Interesting points are raised. Next, he addresses the murder of Shawrica Lester. This blogger feels that if this case cannot prompt the necessary outrage, he fears nothing can. Lastly, Pho live blogged Monday's State of the Union, which he did very thoroughly.

Why does the author of the Carnival always put their posts last? I am going to break that rule this week. Over at the Keeler Report, I ran a piece about the PD endorsement of Dennis Kucinich.

In a shameless plug, here is my piece at the new Beacon Journal website The Point which caused a firestorm this week. My co-author Kyle of The Chief Source had a very interesting piece on how Clinton and Obama are looking for Ohio endorsements.

Kyle himself sent into two posts. The first is pictures from his Obama victory party in the Cleveland Flats on Saturday. Kyle also sent in what he wrote when we got the green light to re-start our project at the Beacon Journal.

The Ohio Republic says Ohio needs to secede from the United States in order to run a more efficient, accountable government. This site also links to a Plunderbund piece that says now is a good time to invest in Ohio, especially Ohio related stocks. The point is that we need to grow our own economy rather than depending on others.

Bearing Drift Ohio sent in two posts this week. The first post is about an article in the Columbus Dispatch that is very dear to the author - one of military matters. BDO thinks the topic discussed here is necessary, even though he is not usually who advocates governmental meddling in business affairs. The second submission is an audio clip about Bill and Hillary Clinton; funny stuff.

Three entries from Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion. The first is about a topic that is off-limits for me right now, but you can read about it here. Actually, so is his second piece, as it is about what happened to me last week. Lastly, Matt shows off the design of a website he is working on for the Brown County Republicans. Looks good, Matt! I wish I had some technical skills like that.

Tom at Bizzy Blog compares Bob Taft to Mitt Romney, and by Bizzy's standards, Bob Taft comes out better. Ouch. The second submission is from Tom's famous stories of "positivity." It is about CPAs preparing tax returns for free for Ohio troops. Good find, Tom.

Ohio black voters shifting to Obama? Jill from Writes Likes She Talks brings it to our attention. Down in the dregs? Matt Dolan resigns from the chairmanship of the Ohio House Finance Committee. And finally a Dennis Kucinich post mortem. Jill says Dennis is about to find out whether or not the voters of the 10th District have reached their limit with him.

Three entries from Conservative Culture. CC wants to see Mike Huckabee come to Ohio and hit on issues he thinks some of the other candidates are missing. Is this election going to be one where we have to "hold our nose" in order to vote Republican? Finally, the third post is about a specific line from the SOTU that gave this blog a laugh.

An piece from ProgressOhio wonders if Bob Bennett is forgetting how he acted in 2004, now that he is ignoring an order from SOS Jennifer Brunner.

Likewise, three items were sent our way by ePluribus Media. Where in the world is Linda O'Connor? Touted as one of Governor Strickland's big gets when he took office, she has vanished. Here is the follow up to that very post. Ohio is a battleground state. But right now, that moniker refers to not only the electoral votes Ohio has to offer in November, but also within state government over a ton of major issues.

Jennifer Brunner vs. Boards of Election is the title of a piece from OhioRedNovember. Including is a survey from the Dispatch that found out how confident the seperate county BOE heads feel about the accuracy and security of their equipment. Also a piece about Mary Jo Kilroy and unions.

Lefty bloggers you don't have to be afraid of me. I do this fairly. One of your fearless leaders makes a last push for posts from your sides.


The Squeaky Wheel said...

Great work.... Thanks!

David Esrati said...

You can go directly to the horses mouth with OH-3 candidate, David Esrati- he's been blogging for at least 3 years about Dayton politics and progressive ideas.
Imagine having a Congressman who won't have to explain his votes later with "I voted for it, before I voted against it...." because everything will be on record, on his blog.
Sounds like a new idea? How about a candidate who refuses to sell out?
Check out www.esrati.com for insight into a campaign like you've never seen before.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

The above campaign ad was paid for by...?