Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Carnival number 99...

So many ideas swarmed through my head for 99, from 99 Luft Balons to 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall, then I finally settled on the fact that after all this is a political carnival and there are 99 members of the Ohio House of Representatives so this blog's for you guys...

Starting here in Toledo, on Roland Hansen Commentary Roland blogs about a story that I personally witnessed last week, Lindsay Webb: The Broken Promise. Toledo has had a recent rocky history when it's come to the decision of who would be President of City Council and 2008 is following in that pattern.

Tim Russo is doing some guest posting on one of Ohio's newest blogs, Erieblu where he's concentrating on answering the musical question: What I think of your blog. The first blog he focuses on is Right Angle Blog. Will Tim's ability to create discussion and at times controversy arise again in the Ohio blogsophere? Keep your eye on Erieblu to find out.

Tom from Bizzy Blog shares a post on a topic that is one that both sides of the political aisle attempt at times, avoiding a primary. Welcome to The Politicians’ Republic of Hamilton County, Ohio. Having felt the same disappointment here in Lucas County when candidates run unopposed, Tom's description that this is the ultimate backroom deal, with the parties deciding not to compete in each other for most significant elected offices in November is a topic that should concern us.

The Chief Source has a post submitted by Kyle, their Summit County edition of Cheers & Jeers. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner made the jeer list, stop by to see who else got cheers or jeers.

Ted the talent behind The View From Out Here shares a very thought provoking post on Hypocrisy, Gary Bonnell Style. It seems Mr. Bonnell was against cyberschools and now magically is for them and Ted questions his motivation for this change of heart.

From the Cincinnati Beacon, Republicrats: Two Parties, No Choice by Justin Jeffre is the first post shared. Then The Dean of Cincinnati asks, What does it mean to be a Democrat? The Dean also shares, Lights Out, Cincinnati? which focuses on a great idea that I wish more Ohio cities did, including my own Glass City.

Over at Progress Ohio, they are getting ready for RootsCamp but Dave Harding took the time to stop by to share some recent posts, Shadows On HIgh: Hillary Needs To Find Her Inner Frances Fast, which is evident is about Hillary Clinton. Then the attention turns to health care with Help Pass the Healthy Families Act on January 17th! and Every American Deserves "CheneyCare".

Over the Keeler Political Report Ben states that Kevin Coughlin is confident he has the support he needs to topple the current regime in Summit County. Living here in Lucas County it almost sounds like we aren't the only part of Ohio with some party division and power plays happening from the sounds of Ben's post.

Continuing on the topic of Coughlin-V-Arshinkoff what's being called "another Kevin vs. Alex grudgematch post" is shared by The Boring Made Dull. TBMD aptly points out that even after the election in March the real results will not be clear until May.

One Mystery is resolved in this first post shared by Pho of Pho's Akron Pages. We then discover what Joe Finley wants before learning more about Rep. Jay Goyal and his prediction that that "Within 10-12 years, you can expect an Indian American to be in the US presidential race."

Conservative Culture shares a tragic story about an Ohio Vet charged with killing his friend that created quite a bit of discussion. They will be watching to see what happens and what comes out in the news. Mark feels there is one thing about Huckabee that he wishes other politicians would do, put up or shut up on taxes. Are Jesse Jackson & Sharpton on call? Mark says by some accounts they are in relation to the Police shooting in Lima that took place at a rental home owned by a city councilman. The councilman said there's no drugs but the mother has a record and supposedly a warrant.

Daniel Williamson from Word of Mouth has a A WoM exclusive: a guest blog from the outgoing Lorain Safety-Service Director, Andy Winemiller: Adieu & Thanks. Henery Hawk pens Dedicated which is in remembrance of a fallen hero. Daniel provides some background for THE Quote of the Day" by Paula Tobias...
A note of explanation: In 2007, WoMbat Paula Tobias ran for Mayor of Lorain as an independent candidate. Democrats nearly swept all seats in the city elections of November 2007. Also, an industry proposed operating at a site along the Black River in Lorain, but there were concerns about aesthetics and the environment that some felt made the industry undesirable, and Lorain's city council had to make the call one way or the other. The rest of this WoM piece should be self-explanatory.

The title of this post says it all, "Is Clinton too angry or does she need to be angrier still?" is shared by Jill from Writes Like She Talks. Then the focus turns to an effort to get Ohio women into the pipeline to be more successful than Hillary Clinton, that is coming to Columbus in June, Ohio Go Run 2008. Discovering that another casino petition drive was starting created a memory of Daffy Duck saying, "Not again?"

From my own Glass City Jungle, I take issue with discovering that the write in date for candidates was before the date petitions were due and try to find out how that happened. Our Great Lakes are so important to us, which makes learning more about a huge drop in water levels that is predicted is troubling. The recent local story of another webmaster being sued to release information has been creating discussion in many other parts of Ohio.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated this week, as always it's a pleasure to be a part of such a fantastic group of bloggers.


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Updated this morning to include Jill's post that I missed in adding last night.


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thanks..good work!

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Thanks, Lisa Renee. And we're off...!

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Great job, LisaRenee.
Oh, btw, there was an individual who did not care for my Roland Hansen Commentary entitled "Lindsay Webb: The Broken Promise" but did not wish to comment either on my blog or by e-mail. The person wanted to "explain" by telephone that I did not have the whole story but did not dispute the fact that Lindsay Webb made a promise and then broke that promise. Oh, well.

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jee-zus, i can hear Hillary's awful cackle from all the way in New Hampshire.Read up on what you DIDn'T know at my blog
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