Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #100, Part I

The 100th edition of the Carnival of Ohio Politics provides many possibilities for graphic displays of a milestone occasion. Although less isn't more when it comes to Ohio's prolific population of political pundits, the simplicity in the Roman numeral for "100" seems to convey best this Carnival's overall, consistent goal: to compile observations and ideas from as many points along the continuum that represent political thinking in Ohio. A heartfelt congratulations to everyone who participates, in whatever capacity and, of course, to the founder, Paul A. Miller of Newshound.

On with the show:

First-time contributor, The Ohio Republic, perceives itself as a blog that offers thoughts about Ohio and politics from a different perspective than that which we might be used to reading. For beginners, the blog presses us to consider "The Case for Ohio Independence - The Short Course." I can say with complete honesty, I've never heard that seriously argued before, and blogs are the perfect place to start such discussions. Election Reform is a bit more common topic, but given its overwhelming nature, the more voices being expressed about it, the better. And this post about Gov. Strickland and the energy bill has a title with a lovely turn of phrase.

If it's more out-of-the-box thinking you're after, check out Average Jane's (newbie here) post on how we should not only be educated about obesity but actually see ourselves disappear. On only a slightly more serious note, even if we think we're ready as a nation to put aside identity politics, Jane's post about a plumber and his ideas might make you re-think the wisdom of thinking that the "isms" are gone.

Taxman Blog bristles (to say the least) at the thought of how tobacco settlement proceeds reportedly get spent on everything except anti-smoking efforts, and the blue smoke and mirrors that this fact projects.

The Columbus Education Association keeps a blog and here is its first submission to the Carnival, a post about the Knowledge is Power Program (or KIPP) charter school.

Ever wondered what happens on the floors of the Ohio legislature? According to ePluribus Media (a blog product of Ohio News Bureau), you're probably going to have to continue wondering for at least the immediate future. Cleveland's lawsuits in nuisance against banks made the grade for ePluribus coverage, and this first appearance of it in the Carnival.

If you're in the market for some debate pointers, check out Smoke If You Got 'Em's response to a commenter who took issue with Smoke's take on Libertarians. I think some folks want to change the language in the Ohio constitution so that we can never say this, but if you've ever thought that some voters are idiots, you should read this post.

Is education the elephant in the living room? I'm not sure, but Into My Own directs us to a magazine expose on the Cincinnati schools and what works (yes, works) there. To whom are our Ohio electeds throwing their weight? Not everyone is saying, but OhDave thinks that Mike Huckabee's endorsement list reads like "a Who's Who of Greater Wingnuttia." Where is that on the globe? Anyone?

Do you ever get the sense that some people like being the bearer of bad news? Plunderbund pushes itself again to tell us about how a Dayton charter school superintendent gets probation for blocking a report of suspected child abuse. Continuing with the education theme, the P-crew writes about how the former head of a defunct charter school, and who allegedly owes some big dough, has moved to South Carolina to do - I can't bring myself to write it, so go read. And remember - it's just a blog - check it out first (wink wink). And finally, is there anyone in Ohio who isn't thinking about alternative voting systems?

What would a carnival be without Dennis Kucinich? I don't know, but Neocon Panic Attacks has some ideas about what Iowa was because of Dennis. Like many of us, Neocon is revisiting news about voter registration laws and thinking about how 2008 might be affected. And, from the Wayback Time Machine - only because all the recent escapades make those of even just a few months ago seem like they happened a few years ago, Neocon seeks to remind us of an Ohio mayor's problems.

Carnival co-editor Scott Piepho of Pho's Akron Pages, likes to put elephants front and center and not in the middle of the living room. Then, he likes to add some accents, decor and attention-getting detail to the room. Like many of us - in the Carnival and around the horn as Pho sometimes writes, he's watching, analyzing and reporting on the SCOTUS voter ID lawsuit.

Politics has a metalanguage and I definitely do not know all of it, so I'll leave each of you to decide what Weapons of Mass Discussion means when he tells us that "RINOvich Blasts Everybody" includes an announcement of the launch of the Ham Sandwich for Senate campaign. I'm thinking it's non-kosher code for something? Now, I do know what this one's about: updates on Jean Schmidt. You may not know where Brown County is, there are, after all, 88 counties in Ohio, not just the one you live in, and we have this post to tell us about their endorsement choices.

Bizzy Blog takes a mid-fiscal year look at Ohio’s state finances — and what he calls "jumbled reporting." And although he calls this post "a tiny one," Cleveland (Leaders Dumber Than a Box of) Rocks is a different look at the aforementioned issue of Cleveland suing banks through the nuisance cause of action (doesn't anyone like creative lawyering?).

New blog on the block, Erie Blu, subjects friends and foes to a unique critique system as you can see in this review of Ohio Daily Blog. And, for a very refreshing and refreshingly written review of Dennis Kucinich and where he fits in in this world, Election Affection - Mars Attacks Dennis! can't be beat.

Another one of the Carnival's co-editors, Ben Keeler of the Keeler Political Report, wants to know, if Lt. Governor Lee Fisher placed such a high priority on bringing new jobs to Ohio, why did it take him so long? I'll confess - I don't think this stunt is as funny as it is mean and stupid but if you want to see Ohio 10 congressional candidate and current Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman stop by Dennis Kucinich's home to deliver a "welcome home basket," this is your must-read post. My favorite kind of posts: what I call 'Roots news and here's a superb example of primary source reporting: an interview of Ohio 18th candidate, Paul Phillips.

Jeff Coryell of Ohio Daily Blog tells people that he doesn't know how I do it, but don't believe him for a minute - he's the one we need to dissect in order to learn how we get all this coverage: from the spats in the Ohio 2nd to the take no prisoners entrance into Ohio by Progressive Majority to maintaining a list of court of appeals candidates! Who keeps lists of court of appeals candidates!? Thank goodness, Jeff does.

Rounding out this mega-edition of the Carnival, where I try to go for 100 posts for the 100th Carnival, we have three from The Cincinnati Beacon. Kroger apparently is not interested in saving more energy says The Dean of Cincinnati. Not uncommonly for the Dean, he looks at an issue not written about elsewhere in Orphans on meds and in therapy! Justin Jeffre of the Beacon questions whether Iran is as evil as we want them to be in Government Liars & Media Cheerleaders Dream Up War with Iran?

You think you want to see the rest of the entries? Just imagine how I feel about editing them altogether for you.

You all come back now, you hear? Look for it some time before 12 noon tomorrow. Promise.


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If Ohio becomes a Republic I say we declare war on Rhode Island. I think we can take them.

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a lot of work.....great job.

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Jay Leno didn't pay tribute to Carson when he took over the tonight show, but you thanked Paul for his efforts getting the Carnival off the ground.

Classy is as classy does. Good job.

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Thanks, every one. I and I'm sure the co-editors appreciate it. Just fun to see all of this stuff together in one place.