Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #100, Part II

*** Ding Ding Ding! I would like to make it official: FOURTEEN NEW CONTRIBUTORS this week!!! Wow. Thanks so much.

Carnival of Ohio Politics #100 Part I

The Boring Made Dull adds two posts in this one week to Pho's commentary on the Coughlin v. Arshinkoff face-off and the cottage industry growing up around the battle. If you love stories about nepotism and what goes around comes around, check out BMD's post on Dan Congrove.

Please give a warm welcome to Bearing Drift Ohio's first submissions. Bearing solicits our opinion on Hillary Clinton's use of food metaphors as they relate to certain populations and offers a graphically displayed opinion about GOP candidate for president, Mike Huckabee.

Carnival newcomer Valdis Krebs of Network Weaving, in this post, offers a fascinating look at political reading material and a link to an article on voting and networks (think Mike Huckabee and Iowa and how would that apply in Ohio??). Then consider how politics and conflict elsewhere may bring jobs back to Ohio. Krebs also makes the argument that in order for Ohio to have a good economic soup, we need to be connecting smart people and giving them funds and freedom to develop their ideas -- and then letting the mixture self-organize under the right conditions.

Another newbie to this compendium, Long Live the Village Green, feels strongly that Ohio continues to do nothing about the environment.

Oy! And what's this? Yet another new contributor: Cleveland Real Estate News believes that grassroots Democracy is what truly sells houses - at least in Ohio City (outside Cleveland on the West Side). Definitely something to think about.

Written especially for this Carnival, IQ and the Progressive Mindset shows off Blue Bexley's intellect, for which we are very lucky.

Thurber's Thoughts this week turn to a review of how the Lucas County budget seems to continue to grow

According to The Pullins Report, a bipartisan group of Ohioans has formed an Ohio Petition Collection Company. I'm going to have to take a look at that - I've got a thing about petition collecting as a for-profit enterprise.

High drama over in Lorain as Word of Mouth discusses how the Lorain City Democratic Party chairman declares his shame at being...a Democrat. The shame is connected to the defeat of a controverial development in Lorain and that connection gives WOM a chance to re-write some song lyrics related to 50 ways. The Carnival's Part II excellent example of 'Roots News is this report on the Lorain Board of Ed's first meeting with three new members and a change in the status quo.

It may be hard to believe, but this 100th Carnival merited a first appearance by Buckeye State Blog. The buck's eye focused on the state senate's minority party jockeying for leadership positions and questioned whether this is a team for victory and whether emergent leader Ray Miller has some 'splaining to do in regard to not one but two alleged incidents that may show irresponsibility, at the least. Maybe Ray Miller would prefer it if BSB didn't submit to the Carnival after all!

Primary source coverage on blogs is what I live for and Progress Ohio has it for RootsCamp Ohio 2008.

Ohio Valley Politics
(fka Left of Ohio) tells us about a series of Renew Ohio 18 summits planned by Congressman Zack Space. Then, we learn more about an 18 year old Ohio House of Reps candidate who, it appears, doesn't live in Ohio much of the year.

Hailing from NWOhio comes History Mike into the Carnival with some views on distance learning.

Co-editrix (I just like that word, not looking to spark gender issues - we have enough of those in politics right now!) Lisa Renee Ward of Glass City Jungle offers perspective on concerns related to State Senator Ray Miller and his ascendence to being Minority Leader. And if I didn't read her blog, how else would I know that there's been a great deal of discussion in her region about nicknaming a sports team the "Peckerheads." Well! One NWOhio newspaper is taking issue with a certain union as it relates to campaign finance laws, and GCJ's author thinks it's a larger issue than just NWO.

This next set of posts comes from a blog that is new not only to the Carnival but to the Ohio blogosphere: Ohio Red November. Ohio Red feels that unions resort to feigning reasons for why they make political protests. Red wonders whether Democratic candidate for congress, Mary Jo Kilroy, is making a mistake in what he sees as her love for unions. And finally, Red offers an opinion as to just how partisan he believes Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is.

From The View From Out Here, we see concern about how a father in Texas killed his daughters because, according to the news, they were "too Western."

King's Right Site says that he'll take a ham sandwich over a RINO any day and volunteers his time for the sandwich's efforts. King doesn't equivocate in his agreement with well-known liberal Pundit Glenn Greenwald re: hate speech.
And what would a Carnival of Ohio Politics be without an update on Cuyahoga County's Medical Mart project?

The frequency of Mexican military border crossings has Conservative Culture wanting Ohioans to re-examine why this matters to them. A fatal shooting in Lima, by a police officer, also draws fire from CC and last, we learn about the new Allen County Clerk of Courts.

What was on my mind last week? I'm sickened by the hypocrisy represented in the Columbus Dispatch allowing a staffer who is a member of the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Assn. to report on...the Ohio Legislative Correspondent's rejection of applicants (they were rejected because the OLCA deems the applicants to show political bias and a lack of adherence to professional standards). This compilation of quotes and incidences regarding Chris Matthews and women must be read to be believed. And finally, go give a plug for Science Debate 2008.

I want to repeat my respect for my co-editors, Lisa Renee Ward, Scott Piepho and Ben Keeler, and I want to repeat my thanks to the contributors - this week and any other week - and I want to thank Paul A. Miller again for starting this Carnival. Contribute because you want to, because it's fun and because, yeah, sure - it raises the number of links to your blog noted by Technorati.

Mostly, however, contribute because it contributes to the knowledge base of our fellow Ohioans. And we each have things we can learn about from others and offer to others for learning.

I will be adding the newcomers to the sidebar later today. Thank you for your patience and please pass on links to the Carnival.


The Squeaky Wheel said...

As a newbie I have to say I am impressed. The Virginia Blogosphere (Where I came from ) was pretty damn good, but Ohio has their act together.

The carnivals in VA feel aprt and became splintered into parties and even the parties are splinters. I hope that doens't happen here.

I can say because of the hard work here, I have discovered at least 10 new blogs, both righty and lefty!


Jill said...

Thanks Brian and sorry about the glitches in the links!

nation.of.gandhis said...

the link in my para graph is wrong/ not working. :((

Jill what a job!
you don't do this every week do you?

It exists as

I try to credit the info to the writer, This I did not write and did not credit. I was trying to get info out. I think it is from Dr. Fitrakis
I look it up and add the author... shame shame shame :(

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