Thursday, January 3, 2008

Carnival #98

Don't fret, we are back after a one week break. With the holidays, it was a light week here at the Carnival, Edition #98. 98 was the year our former governor, Bob Taft, was elected. Taft defeated Lee Fisher 50-45% to win the election. Of course, things didn't end up all that well for Taft as we all know. He is now working at the University of Dayton. I don't think the Republican nominee will be beating down Taft's door to get his endorsement. Here are this week's posts. Enjoy.

The Taxman Blog kicks things off this week with his opinion about some of the latest actions of the Cincinnati City Council and their desire for red light cameras. Taxman was not impressed - and gave a listing of local suburbs and if they have the red light cameras. You probably know the answer.

Into My Own sends a very detailed Ohio education related post with seven bullet points on ways he would improve the state's education system. You can tell a lot of thought and hard work went into this post.

Two posts from Thurber's Thoughts. First up, Maggie has an opinion on the Toledo Public School system deciding it needs to regulate diversity with the banks they do business with. Also, Mayor Finkbeiner wants another study - this time for $100,000 - but will it have consequences he doesn't expect?

Boring Made Dull also sends two posts, both on the same subject. The first is on a hot topic around Akron - the Alex Arshinkoff / Kevin Coughlin battle. BMD makes his position known. Another post on the same topic - commentary on a Beacon Journal article on the bookkeeping or lack thereof of the Summit County GOP. BMD thinks the whole situation is an embarrassment for the party.

Word of Mouth sends us their 2007 Year in Review post; it is detailed month by month. Next up, Scott provides information on the changing of the guard at the Lorain Mayor office complete with some first hand photos; some good ground level blogging. Lastly, WOM sent in a post that was breaking news at the time - some of Mayor-elect Anthony Krasienko's administrative appointees.

The Cincinnati Beacon discusses Mike Huckabee and his rock music. Raises some good questions. Another submission deals with the environmental effects of Kroger having "open refrigerators." Includes the letter the blog sent directly to Kroger.

One post from Writes Like She Talks. It is about the problem of elected officials serving in absentia and bloggers deleting posts when something not so positive gets picked up. A focus on the service of House candidate John Boccieri.

Three entries this week from Pho's Akron Pages. The first asks if Ted Strickland played himself right out of the VP sweepstakes having to deal with recent comments in a Dispatch interview. Pho also follows up on the WLST post from above dealing with John Boccieri. Lastly, Pho notes that Republicans are putting up serious challengers for some races in Summit County.Kyle from

The Chief Source is running for an Ohio office in support of Obama.

Bizzy Blog writes in about Ohio's least discussed public official, Richard Cordray. He's apparently saving the taxpayers about a half million by finding and collecting on errors made by banks that cost the state interest income, but he's making everyone make BMV checks out to him in blatant name-recognition politicizing.

Lastly, I have two articles. First is my year end review. The Keeler Report also continues coverage of the battle for control of the Summit County GOP.

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