Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carnival #106

Here is what you have been waiting for all morning - the 106th Carnival of Ohio Politics. I am going to be honest here, I could not think of a picture for 106. I suspect it is going to get more difficult to think of themes for these higher numbers. But more importantly, here is some of the best from the Ohio blogosphere this week:

First up, Pho has in an depth report on the controversial mailer sent out by the Obama campaign this week regarding Hillary Clinton and NAFTA. The second submission Pho sent was about the similarities and differences between the electorate in Ohio and Wisconsin, and why Clinton as of now is polling better in Ohio than she did in the Badger State. And not related to Ohio politics, a "shocking" story regarding the male use of Enzyte.

This week at the Keeler Report I wrote about parents in Bexley demanding all-day kindergarten. Over at The Point site I touched on the following two issues: Obama's misleading mailers in Ohio and the OH-16 GOP primary where I had an exclusive first look at the new Kirk Schuring commercial.

Weapons of Mass Discussion sent in three links this week - and they compared candidates in Ohio races on issues. The first matrix features the Ohio 53rd House District - a race between Paul Nenni, Tim Derickson and Terri King. Next up was the breakdown of the candidates running to replace Dave Hobson in Ohio's 7th Congressional District. Lastly, Matt looks at the GOP race for the right to take on Zack Space in the 16th. These posts are very detailed and you can tell Matt put a lot of work and thought into these posts.

We were also fortunate to get three entries from Into My Own. OhDave says John Boehner needs a serious opponent in his district - with his latest example being that Boehner has his golf greens fees paid for by lobbyists. Always big on education related posts, OhDave has some information on Ohio PSAT results. Ohio has a gender gap in math among high school juniors. Finally, related to a visit McCain made locally - does he really want to play up that he is an "old white guy?"

Roland Hansen Commentary has a lengthy and detailed piece titled "University of Toledo: A Non-Responsive Bureaucracy." Roland sent an email detailing his problems to various high ranking officials at UT. It is now four months later, and he has still heard nothing. It leaves the author wondering if he should support UT financially.

The Campaign Junkie was kind enough to submit two entries. TCJ admits he was caught off guard by the Obama phenomenon - and concludes from what he has seen in Ohio that Obama will be a tougher opponent in November than he originally thought. TCJ also has some humorous thoughts on sequels that never should have been.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks, the one of CNN fame, also was good enough to send in three posts as well. The first is her piece on her opinion that the Plain Dealer is bombarding readers with endorsements of Joe Cimperman in his bid to unseat Dennis Kucinich. Related, WLST reviewed the debate for that race that was held last week at the Cleveland City Club. Next, Jill discusses the Jewish outreach in Northeast Ohio by both Obama and Clinton.

Divided We Stand, United We Fall did something pretty interesting this week - he liveblogged the livebloggers for the two debates! In what he called "Clinton's Last Stand, no really this time," he collected thoughts from various big name bloggers and what they were saying before, during, and after last night's debate. The same thing was done for the Texas debate.

Two things from Bearing Drift Ohio for this installment of the Carnival. The first is about the emergency landing that three US Senators had to make last week in Afghanistan. BDO also announces some small site changes on the site. Look forward to reading the new themed posts.

And last but not least, Conservative Culture weighs in with three posts. First, CC says the site Ohio's 15th doesn't have any clue on vote manipulation regarding Allen County. Next CC discusses a recent visit to Lima by Bill "Can I Have Your Phone Number" Clinton. Finally, something on illegal immigrants - and says that it is even a hot topic in Ohio.


Jill said...

Thanks, Ben - I know exactly what you mean about the hunt for the headline picture!

ohdave said...

Great job Ben.

Ben said...

yeah....we might have to think of new titles as opposed to the carnival numbers

elme said...

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