Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carnival number 103

The flag of the Fighting 103 was the image that caught my attention, while most of us of don't have a military background, we as bloggers do follow a "don't give up the ship" mentality often. There is also a loyalty among bloggers when it comes to promoting our craft and while we don't face the real dangers the Fighting 103 did, we do face flaming and some bomb dropping from time to time. With that, on to the 103rd Carnival of Ohio Politics!

Tim Higgings from Just Blowing Smoke has a thought provoking piece on the sub-prime mortgage situation. He's titled this, Fractured Fairy Tales - The Wizard of Oz.

Jill Miller Zimon from Writes Like She Talks first asks, Where will they be! Who will attend! What will they say! Dueling debates come to Ohio...or Texas...or both? Then, Jews make the news in Ohio government. Are you wondering if Rosemary Palmer stands a chance? Then reading this post will interest you.

At Roland Hansen Commentary Roland is focusing on the legislation that is in the General Assembly that could prevent teachers from striking.

For a well done analysis of the Ohio 3rd District currently represented by Mike Turner, I recommend heading over to Into My Own where Dave has a post titled, Turner Can't Be Beaten? Wrong: Ohio 3rd In Play.

The Dean of Cincinnati from The Cincinnati Beacon takes a look at the Vic Wulsin: The You-Tube Dialogues.

Presidential trinkets is on the mind of Craig over at Idea Treks. I'd have to agree with him that some of these items offered are pretty crazy...

Carole Cohen is hoping to create some discussion on the topic of reducing Cleveland City Council on her blog, Cleveland Real Estate News. Stop by and tell her your opinion!

Tom from BizzyBlog points out that three months after their last candidate resigned just before he was to start and blamed it on the blogs, the Cleveland Mosque still has no replacement. The PD sticks with "the bloggers did it" meme as discussed in Ahmed Alzaree Follow-up: Mosque Is ‘Back to Drawing Board'.

At Ohio Daily Blog Yellow Dog Sammy had a busy week, he reported on Bill Clinton's speech in Cleveland last Tuesday here as well as provided video highlights. Then he continued with his series of news roundups on Ohio congressional races.

In an issue that has been much discussed here in Toledo, Maggie Thurber from Thurber's Thoughts turns her attention to some of the questions related to CareNet. Should it be private or public funds that support this program is her focus.

The Chief Source reports on an Obama Delegate Meeting in Columbus. Kyle was there to provide the details for Obama fans.

Ben Keeler shares this post from his personal blog, The Keeler Political Report that shares his thoughts on some OSU Landlords who are opposing a new dorm plan. Then from The Point, Ben submits Was This Strickland's Plan All Along? and he also does some speculation on the upcoming CNN Presidential Debates said to be coming to Ohio.

Ohio Red November takes issue with Move On endorsing Obama. Then ORN turns their focus on campaign funds from some of the state officeholders.

Harold from The Ohio Republic is seeing red about the unfunded mandates the Feds impose on our State government. He also feels we need some way for government to communicate directly with the people on difficult issues, such as health care. An example is cited from Vermont.

Look out Ohio, its getting deep is the first post sent in by The View From Out Here. It raises questions about the gaming manufacturers trying to buy influence in the Strickland administration. Next a post about a school board member being taken to the woodshed by the assistant auditor of state, Gary Bonnell is mad is a recommended read.

Here's three from the OhioNews Bureau, first on The ACLU lawsuit against the Secretary of State, then one on Governor Strickland filling the PUCO post while remaining silent on a proposed rate hike. Lastly, a piece entitled, Cuyahoga County Bites Brunner Bullet on the topic of the optical scanners rounds up their submissions.

From The Squeaky Wheel at Bearing Drift Ohio comes a post about Hillary Clinton and tears...

Elephant Wars caught the attention of Pho from Pho's Akron Pages, the title of the post creates some interesting imagery. Then while still in the land of elephants, the question turns to Huckabee's veep gambit. Will it turn out to be a Republicans "heart" Huckabee moment?

McKee suggests that Betty Sutton won't be losing any sleep in a recent post at Boring Made Dull. The discussion then turns to Alex Arshinkoff.

Dave Harding gathers three posts of interest from Progress Ohio; first on Right's Batchelder, Left's Hagan Launch Radio Ad Urging Cap on PayDay Lending. Next the interesting question, Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC? is raised. Last Dave looks at the The Bush Legacy Project.

The recent shooting in Lima getting the attention of the New York Times is the basis of a post on Conservative Culture. As the weekly marches continue, it's pondered what will happen when the report finally comes out.

Most of my focus this past week on Glass City Jungle was on local issues, but I did a double take when I heard that electronic gambling was suggested as a way to help the problems with the State Budget. I also expected a bit more coverage than just the same AP piece on the issue of changes in Mental Health procedures suggested by the Strickland administration.

I want to thank all of you who sent in submissions this week, it was a fantastic turn out and I encourage all of you read and comment on this week's carnival entries.


The Squeaky Wheel said...

Yet again, another GREAT Carnival!

Thanks for the hard work. Proud to be a part of it.

Lisa Renee said...

I agree, more proof of how Ohio bloggers rock!

It's been great to be a part of it.

Jill said...

What a fantastic job, Lisa Renee - thank you so much for doing this, esp. after Super Tuesday!

Lisa Renee said...

Last night was fun watching, I think I've even turned my husband into a mini political junkie as he watched for a few hours.

Though he's a *gasp* Huckabee fan.


Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

so impressed with the variety of information here, ty Lisa Renee, and I'm still reading! Specifically, had forgotten about the old method of winner takes all delegates for Dems. I like it much better this way, and Pho's post was awesome.

Jill said...

Huckabee? Really? Wow. Do you think he would do a post on that? I like your husband very much - I would love to hear how he sees it.

ohdave said...

Whoa! Getting crowded in here.

But I like crowds. The more the merrier. We have the best blogosphere in America. By far.

Lisa Renee said...

Jill, I think it's an underdog type thing for him, considering his own positions on religion everyone here in the house is surprised by him liking Huckabee. He's written a bit on his Basic Issues blog but I really don't think he's delved deep into what Huckabee stands for. As an Edwards supporter I understand the frustration of feeling like the media was pushing a result rather than all of us being able to have a say. Then again, he did vote for Bush so I have to say I believe his taste in wives is better than his taste in presidential candidates (smile).

Dave, I agree our blogosphere is the best.


Ben said...

I wish I got the comments you did.

Lisa Renee said...

lol Ben, lets see what we can do next time it's your turn.


Jill said...

Thanks, Lisa Renee - I just saw the comment. I definitely agree on the wife over president selections. :)

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