Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #104

As I sit and listen to primary voting returns for Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia be analyzed ad nauseam, let me help you recall that it was during the 104th session of the United States Congress, which ran from January 3, 1995 through January 3, 1997, that incumbent President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore were nominated to run as and were subsequently re-elected to be president and vice president of the United States. By the way, can you guess, without looking, which number president Clinton was?

Likewise, can you guess how many posts are included in this edition of the carnival, without looking? Me neither.

From Yearning to Breathe Free, we learn about and get an opinion on the brouhaha in Toledo over Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's decision to kick out the Marines.

Did you think anyone could get fifty thousand endorsements? Well, Plunderbund wants you to think that, maybe, yes, Franklin County Commissioner Democratic candidate John O'Grady can. And, for those folks whom you don't feel like endorsing in a positive way, how about sending some manure instead?

A lot of people are wondering whether the Euclid Corridor will really change anything for downtown Cleveland, and Ben of the Keeler Political Report has blogged about his doubts. Over at his other digs, The Point, Ben focuses on his belief that Governor Ted Strickland blames President George Bush for Ohio's problems.

Everyone likes a good fairy tale and Divided We Stand, United We Fall is no different. His offering this week is, The Hero and the Queen of Darkness - A Fairy Tale of Our Time. Watch out for the foreshadowing.

At Into My Own, OhDave turns to the OH-3 candidate, Mike Turner, for a very in-depth review of what Dave considers to be Turner's ethical lapses. Into My Own is very much in its element when it examines education as it does in this post about Chancellor Eric Fingerhut and the post-secondary enrollment option, and later, Governor Ted Strickland's plans for high school seniors as outlined in his State of the State.

One of the unique virtues of the Carnival is that it offers views of the same events, including political races, from different parts of the state. From cee jay's cyberspace, we learn about how living in a re-districted area - OH-16, being represented by someone with whom don't always agree and getting excited by a relative newcomer, John Boccieri, impacts one Ohioan.

Ohio Daily Blog endorses Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in this typically well-written explanation.

The Dean of Cincinnati asserts that Obama is not black at The Cincinnati Beacon. And if you appreciate blogs that follow-up on previously hot stories, you'll want to read about how the complaint against Democratic candidate for the OH-02, Victoria Wulsin's medical license is still an active investigation."

If you like a little chutzpah with your Carnival, okay - a lot of chutzpah, read about how the Ohio News Bureau's John Michael Spinelli covered last week's State of the State speech, despite being rejected multiple times by members of the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association for a one day pass. Then, ePluribus Media examines a number of items, in detail, from the governor's speech.

Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog believes that, so far, no one has done what is needed to make a case for replacing OH-02 Republican congresswoman, Jean Schmidt. The bizzy blogger also expresses his feelings this week about how the Toledo Blade portrays Mayor Carty Feinbeiner, who turned back Marines trying to do an exercise in the city, as a victim, as a follow up to his first reaction which was, Wholly Toledo ? Mayor to Marines: Go Away, You ?Frighten People?

The Roland Hansen Commentary comments this week on what sounds like a new - and maybe unexpected? - entertainment offering in NW Ohio: Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority: Toledo's Own "The Price Is Right" Show Hosted By James Hartung.

Count in Bearing Drift Ohio as another blogger standing at attention as another American city shuns marines. Maybe not as eloquent or seductive as Peter Frampton asking if you feel like he do, but, in regard to the Clinton-Obama race, Bearing wants to know if anyone else does in fact feel like him.

A more efficient government? Now why on Earth would anyone be looking for that? Cleveland Real Estate News tries to explain, with more than just a cursory answer.

The Ohio Republic offers its distinctive take on Gov. Strickland’s standing up for Ohio to the Feds. Our new contributing writer, Matt Cember, offers his recommendation for this year’s U.S. Presidential primaries.

As The Boring Made Dull calls it himself, TBMD, he first offers us "the mandatory Arshinkoff post" (the first in this edition!). But next? He provides us with what he considers to be something completely different on the topic of mandatory sick days.

Should Berkeley, California be napalmed or at least lose federal funding? You'll have to visit Ohio Red November to read more about that provocative title. Next up, Red recognizes the sort of but not really kudos for Marc Dann as "porker" of the month. And what would a blog with the word "November" in it be without a post about the Democratic presidential primary?

Two serious think pieces from Pho's Akron Pages this week: Democrats and the consequences of democracy and Hillary's electability argument. And, harking back to Jean Schmidt and Victoria Wulsin, who have both already made mention in this edition of the Carnival, Pho gives us Stuart Rothenberg on the Ohio 2nd race.

It's been such a hot week in Toledo you'd think Glass City Jungle might melt. What with our Mayor deciding to make a last minute cancellation of Marines coming to practice in Toledo, Here's one of GCJ's many posts on the Mayor and The Marines, in which Lisa Renee tries to summarize it all. But, in advance of Valentine's Day, the County Commissioners try to offer a sweet to the Marines. Finally, Carnival goers get a post on a topic curiously absent from many blogs this week but handled thoroughly in the post, Do we really want KenOH?

Writes Like She Talks is writing more upright this week. Five democratic candidates for Dennis Kucinich's 10th congressional district seat debated earlier this week and will debate next week as well. If you're curious about who are Ohio's superdelegates, you can learn more here. And if you thought that state rep. Josh Mandel was a shoe-in for support from AIPAC, apparently that may not be the case.

Thanks again to all contributors, stay warm, drive safely and come back next week!


Lisa Renee said...

Nice job Jill!

From Toledo where it feels like duck and cover time.


Jill said...

Where are the Marines when you need them, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Does there need to be a case made against Jean Schmidt? Holy Cow.

She's her own case against herself.


Brian G. said...

Unfortunately, Vic Wulsin isn't providing a compelling case to be elected in her own right.

Anonymous said...

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