Thursday, March 6, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #107

Yes, some of you are wondering "What does 'My Favorite Martian' have to do with the number 107?" Beyond the fact that the series which started in 1963 ran for 107 episodes, politics can be like science fiction. Most of us at one time or another, no matter which side of the political spectrum we are on has wondered, "Is there intelligent life out there?" and here is one place it can always be found, on our Carnival of Ohio Politics...

Our first submission this week is from Roland Hansen Commentary, exploring an issue that has been the topic of quite a bit of discussion, our media. Some of the recent events were the inspiration for this post on The Fourth Estate: Disservice and Failure of the Traditional Press.

From Cee Jay's Cyber Space CeeJay is disappointed that Hillary Clinton's campaign ran the 3:00 a.m. commercial. It's suggested the focus should be on who would make up the National Security Council instead of who actually picks up the phone.

Here in Toledo, our Mayor has a habit of saying things that people take issue with, this week, Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts was on the receiving end of one of those situations. She responds in Challenge to Carty: Prove it!.

TCJ also known as the The Campaign Junkie takes a look at Oprah picking your president. Obama caused an inspirational moment where TCJ called the Obama campaign. I don't think they were ready for that moment...Lastly a different look on the Yes We Can theme.

Jill of Writes Like She Talks fits right in with my theme for this week's carnival with this first post, where the sarcasm alert and the Twilight Zone music is cued and ready to go, The stealth work of Mike DeWine! Next a look at Stephanie Tubbs asking, "Stephanie Tubbs Jones: I'm not moving or I'm still standing?" An Ohio med school student tells why she wants Hillary as a guest post as the final submission for this week from JMZ.

Ben Keeler shares he lost his Commitee race on The Keeler Political Report and offers congratulations to his opponent. Ben then pens on The Point, a post on Problems on Tuesday? Blame Blackwell. The Morning After - discussing Clinton's win and Summit County results is also covered on The Point.

Republicans crossing over to vote Democrat was the big news in many parts of Ohio, Dave on Into My Own takes a look at the reality behind what that switching could mean locally and statewide. On a similar thought train, the Ohio 3rd appears more even than some previously thought. Now that the primary is over, Dave feels that Governor Strickland needs to focus on that school funding proposal he promised.

Cleveland Real Estate News's Carole Cohen first asks, Do they know how to plan for a party? Yes, it's political, and she raises some great points...Still on a similar topic, a voter and a precinct judge tell their election day stories.

Pho's Akron Pages first ponders the motivation of some of the comments by Hillary supporters that concerned him. Then Pho turns his typing on the topic of Jennifer Brunner rejecting Alex Arshinkoff's hand-picked successor for the BOE. Pointing out the Akron Beacon Journal made an election night oops that thanks to the technology of screen shots is preserved for prosperity is the third submission.

Bonobo as well as some others from reading the comments on this post entitled, Completely Unacceptable Franklin Co. Pollworkers Continue to be Trained Incorrectly, had some election day experiences they were less than happy with on Blue Bexley. The election day stories continue the next day on a family who was refused the right to vote.

A little known fact about me is I am a Monty Python fan, so I first had to stop laughing at the mind visuals created when I read "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!" in the submission email from Boring Made Dull. Then when I headed over to read, Coughlin v Arshinkoff: Spanish Inquisition on Tap there was video too! So to me it was much more than the obligatory Coughlin v Arshinkoff post.

OhioNews Bureau shares a post on the blurring of the distinction between bloggers and journalists. This next piece written the eve before the election is an interesting look at the campaign style they perceived from both Clinton and Obama.

How often have you heard someone say, "My vote really doesn't matter"?, well, over at Bearing Drift Ohio you can see the proof of how one vote can matter. Next the focus turns to a Bill and Hillary moment that creates a repost moment...

Conservative Culture has your Allen County primary results. Then while still on the topic of election issues, discusses Allen County Board voted four to zero to re-appoint Cunningham as Director, reportedly against Brunner’s wishes. Next the appointment of Rhoda Eddy as Allen County Auditor gets some blog attention.

From my home town, The A-Hole Lawyer decides to become more involved in the election process. This post sharing his experiences is a well written and recommended read.

Over on Glass City Jungle, I can't help wondering how Caucuses can be considered Democratic. I also was left wondering what was going on with CNN since they were reporting actual voting numbers before the polls had closed in Ohio. Evidently someone forgot to tell them that our polls did not close at 7:30 p.m. I also had a chance to attend my second local event that Hillary Clinton appeared at and shared video to give you a chance to see and hear what it was like to be there.

Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions to this week's Carnival and I encourage you to visit this week's participants.


Jill said...

Niiiiice job. :) Thank you.

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Thanks, it was fun.


Roland Hansen said...

Good going, COP. Unlike the traditional media of the commercialized "press," Carnival of Ohio Politics is a media source that really explores all!