Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ohio Political Carnival #110

This week's Carnival is wholly dedicated to the current 110th Congress and Speaker Pelosi. Congress currently has record low approval numbers, so I figured they could use some encouragement from all of us Ohio bloggers. For the first time since the 1994 midterm, the Democrats now have control of both chambers. Some of the major accomplishments include: House Page Board Revision Act, the Fair Minimum Wage Act, the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, and the Water Resources and Development Act. Anyhow, on with the posts.

First up for this installment, Tim Higgins at Just Blowing Smoke sends us a piece dealing with the separation of church and state. He argues that religion does not seem to be separated from government, in spite of the fact that we adhere strictly to the First Amendment.

Not making friends at the University of Toledo, Roland Hansen Commentary continues to write about the school. Roland wants to know it this public tax-supported state university in Ohio ever be held to a reasonable standard of accountability, effectiveness, responsibility, and responsiveness?

Carnival co-author Jill of Writes Likes She Talks was good enough to send me three of her posts this week. First, Jill is fighting the good fight against what she says is unconstitutional political yard sign restrictions in Pepper Pike. Next up, she predicts a big ugly economic maelstrom in Ohio. Lastly, WLST writes about vindication for SOS Brunner, from the State Auditor's office, against her predecessor Ken Blackwell.

Another co-author, LisaRenee of the popular Glass City Jungle has two entries. The first one is regarding the traditional print media compared to bloggers. She also sends in a post that took off where I left off at The Point - about a proposed .50 cent a gallon gas tax.

The Ohio Republic and Harold Thomas sends three things our way this week. The first piece is on the "B-" rating Ohio Government received recently in a survey by the Pew Institute. It was an average ranking when compared to all 50 states. Harold also writes about a new minimum price for US Treasury securities. The other writer on staff at Ohio Republic, Matthew Cember, has in-depth piece about our current economic situation. Very well written.

Scott Pullins of the Pullins Report says the treatment of our veterans is treasonous. He opines that it doesn't matter whether you believe that the U.S. should stay in Iraq for the next 1,000 years or never should have been there - we should all agree that what is happening to our veterans is disgraceful.

At The Point, I put up some inside information this week on the relationship or lack thereof between Summit County GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff and Pete Kostoff. I also wrote something on the new challenger to Arshinkoff for his job, complete with the announcement video. At the Keeler Report, I discussed the possible relocation of a local Wal-Mart.

The highly regarded Ohio Daily Blog sent in a post that encouraged readers to donate to a Ohio House race in order to help Democrats regain the Ohio Statehouse. The site also put up a post that updates competitive Ohio U.S. House races.

Two posts from the Dean of Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Beacon. Is the Ohio Board of Regents engaged in unethical OGT training programs? In a follow up to that piece, a related one on this same issue. The Beacon asks why if studying test format does not improve scores, then why are schools implementing these kinds of programs?

The CEA Blog discusses a change with No Child Left Behind announced by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings. Spellings unveiled the term "differentiated accountability", a concept that would allow states to "vary the intensity and type of interventions to match the academic reasons that lead to a school’s identification" as having academic achievement problems.

EPluribus Media sends us something about a range war in Ohio that has broken out over public records requests. Secondly, a post that talks about how payday lenders are expanding their reach in Ohio - which is not a good thing.

One entry from NeoCon Panic Attacks, titled "Well then, so much for every taxpayer left behind." According to the post, Strickland's latest escapade with the new lottery machines are another sign that perhaps he has given up on a real solution to education funding in the state of Ohio.

And last but not least, one of Ohio's premiere bloggers, Bizzy Blog, has two articles for your viewing pleasure. The first is about "Operation Chaos" and the talk of prosecuting Ohio crossover voters from the primary. Tom notes that Jerid at BSB is looking for a "poster boy" to prosecute. Next is a post about little old, but is about Ted Strickland's comment that maybe he'll quit after one term and go sell T-shirts in Key West.

A sincere thanks to all of those who took the time to not only write quality posts, but also send them to us to share with everyone.


Jill said...

Ben Keeler. You bad boy.

Lisa Renee said...

That picture's scary....


Good job in putting everything together for this week Ben.

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