Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carnival #115

On Sunday the world's oldest person, Edna Parker, will turn 115. She is a neighbor of Ohio, living in Indiana. A widow since her husband, Earl, died in 1938 of a heart attack, Parker lived alone in their farmhouse until age 100, when she moved into her son Clifford’s home. In a fitting fashion, this week's installment of the Carnival is dedicated to Ms. Parker.

Because we have a new blog this week, it gets top billing. Daniel Jack Williamson has started BuckeyeRINO. Good luck to him. For his first Carnival entry, he sends us "In Barrett's wake: GOP Wins." The post talks about potential replacements in OH-58 in the wake of the Matthew Barrett resignation.

Can competent people really be elected? Roland Hansen Commentary wonders. Not if many vocal political critics have their way as is the case in Toledo and their views of candidates for Mayor.

Why does the Campaign Junkie hate the ORP? He tells us in Part I. Then there is some elaboration in Part II. Oh yes, there is also a Part II and a half.

Tim at Just Blowing Smoke sends us one post this week. As we are looking to elect a new leader of our country, Tim wants to know exactly what makes a good leader -using the dictionary as a guide.

The CEA Blog wrote a lengthy post on Governor Strickland and his discussion of the education problems Ohio is facing.

Maggie Thurber wants an answer to a question: Why isn't every member of Ohio's congressional delegation a sponsor of the Blogger Protection Act?

Three posts from The Boring Made Dull - and they are all related. The first one is about Marc Dann's driver. Next up was a post about Dann aide Dwight Aspacher who was fired this past week from the AG's Office. Finally, TBMD discusses the Ohio AG branch in DC and it's lone employee, Craig Mehall.

Pho has two items for your reading pleasure, both about the Summit County GOP battle. The first one is titled "Countdown to the Last Battle," which takes place tonight. The other post is about Alex Arshinkoff threatening a local restaurant over a gathering before the final vote.

Jill of Writes Like She Talks also has three items from this week. She says that Chris Redfern fails to address sexist behaviors that damage Ohio Dems image. WLST also this week linked to and commented on the CEA post and Ted Strickland's education plan. Lastly, did you know that Jill was a celebrity? Well, she is. She was on WVKO 1580 AM!

The Cincinnati Beacon has two posts. The first says that John McCain is misleading on his Martin Luther King record. The Beacon also asks a question this week: What does the Freedom Center in Cincy do anyways?

Youngstown has mafia? Glass City Jungle didn't realize how deep the mafia connections were to Youngstown till she started doing research.

For my part, I have two submissions from The Point. The leadership vote is tonight, but Summit County GOP Chief Alex Arshinkoff decided to make some last minute news by threatening a local restaurant. And in a last minute addition, the race sunk to a new low on Tuesday. A despicable act of politics.

And a belated thank you to LisaRenee for picking up last week when I was unable to do the Carnival due to travel plans.


RussKC said...

Lastly, did you know that Jill was a celebrity? Well, she is. She was on WVKO 1580 AM!

Get the full podcast of Jill on the Blue State Diner - Michael Alwood's show on WVKO - here:

Roland Hansen said...

Jill is a celebrity? Really? I just thought she was popular, famous, a good role model worth emulating, influential, informative, ooooopppps - there I go sucking up again.
Hall of fame, walk of fame. Cybercelebrities should have a place to be honored. Chances are, such a place exists. I just do not know of it yet.

Jill said...

Great photo, Ben!

And thanks. Today's been a tough day, learning about irregularities in voter registration efforts by a group I'd written about. Sigh. We'll have to see what unfolds.

People wonder why we worry about getting disappointed when we put our hopes in something or believe efforts to be sincere and worthy. Right about now, I could tell them - this is why.