Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics Number 111

You may be wondering what in the world Admiral Horatio Nelson has to do with the number 111, and what it has to do with blogging. Well, the number 111 is also known as the "Nelson" because it was stated that towards the end of his life Nelson had "One Eye, One Arm, One Ball." Nelson like some of our very own Ohio bloggers threw convention out the window and managed to inspire as well as bring out the best in his men.

The Campaign Junkie has no sympathy for those who have been affected by the mortgage crisis and feels that the government should not bail anyone out in this first post shared from The Campaign Junkie this week. Next the focus of CJ turns to the World Trade Center memorial after a recent trip to New York City.

Roland Hansen offers a plan to solve the bickering about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It's an interesting suggestion from Roland Hansen Commentary that I hope you stop by and read.

Jill Miller Zimon from Writes Like She Talks first writes about Chancellor of Higher Education Eric Fingerhut releasing his 10 year plan for Ohio's system. Read it for yourself. Next the focus is on David Brennan and White Hat Management, the for-profit entity that runs Life Skills Centers and other charter schools, being under IRS scrutiny. Ohio census figures have been interpreted to show that Cincinnati has overtaken Cleveland as the most populous region, Jill takes a look at the consequences.

The Ohio Republic had their major focus on the secession issue, but they did share two posts that they thought would be of interest. The first one on the topic of the minimum price for US Treasury securities: $100.00. Next it's pointed out that we are not the only state with a fiscal crisis. There is even a suggested solution from a Vermont State Representative.

Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts recently returned from a blogger's conference where she learned about a new website on Judges and advice about how to be encourage readers to be more active in local politics. She also heard from John Fund while at the convention and shares a post on his perspective. Lastly a post where she and the Blade agree.

Tim from Just Blowing Smoke takes a serious look at the definition of "Character". Since it's been a word tossed around much during the election process, he discovers he has more questions than answers.

Weapons of Mass Discussion starts out with taking issue with a statement made from Marc Dann's office by Leo Jennings on the Rush Limbaugh "voter fraud" story. Next an update on Kasich vs. Strickland and then the focus turns to "Tobacco, Pro-Death Lobby and Congress".

After reading Mike Brook's blog History Mike I now understand the additional humor in Hillary Clinton's twitter message challenging Obama to a bowl off. Barack can not bowl or had an extremely off night. Mike offers some interesting insight into why he thinks the Obama campaign planned the event.

Ohio Daily Blog's creator, affectionately known as 'Yellow Dog Sammy' points out that Rep. Jim Jordan took some heat for remarks supporting the troop surge in Iraq. Then in what is intended to be the first of a monthly series, a round up and ranking of Ohio Congressional races. With the subprime mortgage foreclosure crisis on the minds of many, a rant on McCain and what is felt to be an inadequate response to the crisis.

Ohio opens economic development office in Bejing is the the topic of a post shared by Ben Keeler from the Keeler Political Report. Then from The Point could it be Strickland - Kasich 2010? Next Ben sends out thanks to to Point readers for a great March.

Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog first shares the news that Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin was found dead in Iraq after almost four years. Then the discussion turns to how crazy the idea of prosecuting cross over voters would be. Tom then turns his focus on what he calls "More Food Stamp Follies where he takes issue with the numbers and what he feels is an inadequate description of the program.

Cincinnati Media Activist Demands Investigation of Ohio's Warrensville High School, according to this blog post by the Dean of Cincinnati on the Cincinnati Beacon. Then the Dean says that Strickland almost gets it right with his education plan.

Will Strickland pass this pro-life "tell the truth" bill is the first question asked on Conservative Culture for their submissions. Next up, looking for a good deal on a slogan? Then you'll want to check out what is stated to be Guaranteed happiness. Last a post on the tragic ending to the Sgt. Keith Matthew Maupin story.

Boring Made Dull reports on the Shocked reaction from Akron City Council when they get what they incent...

Blue Bexley posts a piece pondering on Tiberi being not powerful and not very moderate. Then the focus turns to something I have a weakness for as well, geek toys. As an update to some election day experiences many had when it came to identification, a post for future reference and while I know we almost always keep things to three posts, as a late night tv person who's seen many a show on the Kinoki Foot Pads, I was laughing...

Over on Glass City Jungle, I can't say even thinking about selling water from the Great Lakes sounds appealing, now or in the future. The topic of the racial divide in America is a hard one to try to tackle on a blog, as we can see by what happened with this post. However, we can talk about flowers...


Ben said...

Nice job this week.

Lisa Renee said...

Everybody did a great job this week, as always.

Thanks for your help Ben.


Jill said...

Great job, Lisa Renee - and how nice of you to pick a FLATTERING photo of someone important. :) lol

Roland Hansen said...

Hey, what's that I hear? It's a voice calling to me. Who can it be? Perhaps it is one of the folks from my latest Roland Hansen Commentary.
Nice job with the COP this week, as always.

Lisa Renee said...

Jill, I was waiting for someone to mention that some of us have no balls.


Roland, I loved your contribution this week. Thank you!

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