Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics Number 114

I'm a history buff, to the point I even wrote a book based part on family history and part on Ohio history, focusing on the early days of Ohio. With all of the talk of division recently when it comes to politics, reflecting on a time when our country was very divided, the Civil War, came to mind. With that, the 114th Ohio Infantry with a picture of Corporal Michael A. Sweetman Co. C. 114th OVI taken around 1862 seemed to fit. While the brother against brother type warfare does not exist here on the blogosphere resulting in real bloodshed, we have our moments when we are divided then unite.

Michael Brooks of HistoryMike, starts us off this week with first a post on political accountability in the rust belt. Mike then turns his focus to the check cashing industry here in Toledo and how they seem to be one of the businesses that flourishes and how that is not a good sign...

At Roland Hansen Commentary, Roland ponders the recent selective media coverage here in Toledo, as a state and as a Nation on historic visits by The Pope; The Dalai Lama; The British Prime Minister; The South Korean President. Who received the most coverage and what reasoning exists behind that are questions raised.

The deeper implications of Hope for Change, is the focus of Tim Higgins on Just Blowing Smoke. It's a thought provoking piece on the advantages of hope while cautioning the concept of change.

On Publius the question of What is the state of my 'right to life'? is broached in the first post submitted. Then the focus turns to the recent presidential primary debate where the feeling was that after the debate what was stated created the impression that Barack is a crybaby.

Valdis Krebs from Network Weaving draws us a diagram of how the Pentagon uses a 5 step process to influence public opinion for the Iraq War. It's an interesting look at how relationships of dependency came into play.

Are we in recession? Is there any doubt? is the question raised in this post from the Ohio Republic. Then Harold Thomas asks, Bitter? Darned right, we’re bitter! linking an article that he recommends as the "best secessionist manifestos written to date." Lastly the focus turns to the topic of education in Ohio, Consolidating local governments and school districts – going the wrong way.

Something a bit different from Divided We Stand United We Fall when it comes to live blogging, Live blogging the live bloggers during the recent Democratic presidential primary debate. DWSUWF rushed in where others fear to tread. They started with Daily Kos, from the left, VodkaPundit from the right, Cynic's Party for snark, David Weigel at Reason for a libertarian point of view and 2008 Central as the centrist blog.

Ben Keeler from the Keeler Political Report is not surprised that Marc Dann says he won't quit. Then the moment many have been waiting for in Summit County, shared from The Point the Arshinkoff/Klinger vote is getting closer as in closer to finally being decided.

Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog has been focusing what he calls the Ohio Media Suffers Collective Amnesia on mentioning Marc Dann's political affiliation. Tom shares over a dozen examples and then writes a follow up post unveiling five examples of when the news is positive that Dann's party affiliation is listed.

The Boring Made Dull suggests that Marc Dann is starting to make Bob Taft look competent focusing on some of the recent news related to the AG's office. Continuing on the topic, the Marc Dann scandal meter has dropped a bit with the news that no criminal charges will be happening. Next the suggestion that Akron should take note the revealing of some problems related to "free" municipal wi-fi networks is made.

Can a convicted murderer become a Cleveland City Councilman? That is the first topic that Jill Miller Zimon of Writes Like She Talks focuses on. Then a post that creates an interesting visual, Susan Goldberg smacks down Jimmy Dimora after he ejects Plain Dealer reporters from a public meeting. I have a feeling that won't happen again soon.

In my part of Ohio, a recent visit by my in-laws creates the discovery of how many members of a part of the family that are not political junkies are supporting Hillary Clinton. Then on Glass City Jungle the sad reality that when the economy is bad those who are already suffering, suffer more due to the decrease in charitable giving by others is the focus. The comments shared on this post created a very diverse discussion.

A huge thank you to all who participated in this week's Carnival, I appreciate the effort that is being made to try to keep the majority of posts submitted related political issues that affect Ohio.


Jill said...

Very lovely! Thank you for doing the honors this week, Lisa Renee.

Lisa Renee said...

As always, it was not only informative but fun. We've got a great group of Ohio bloggers out there so they make this very easy to put together.


Roland Hansen said...

Excellent job! It's always great to have such comprehensive coverage of what's happening around the Carnival.

Adi said...

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