Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Carnival #119

For Carnival #119, it was tough to find something as the intro. The winner? Ohio State Route 119. I am fairly confident I have never driven on this road, which serves rural sections of west-central Ohio. Heading westbound 119 (under different names) crosses three other states in their entirety: Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. The same road enters Nebraska as well. Now that you have your road atlas information for this week, here is the important stuff - the actual political posts.

Roland Hansen of his self titled blog Roland Hansen Commentary says that best woman needs to be elected to office on the race for Ohio House District 46. In Roland's eyes, that woman is Darlene Dunn.

Three items from Bizzy Blog. Lorain Councilman Dennis Flores is a Democrat. You wouldn't know that from five of the six stories that covered his arrest in a prostitution sting, according to Tom. Ohio is part of the story as an exemplar of low Barack Obama support among non-African Americans. Welfare Rolls Inching Up? It isn't the economy, Bizzy tells USA Today. Ohio is a state whose welfare rolls are going up while PA, IL, WV, and MI's have gone down.

Showing dedication by responding to our email all the way from France, ePluribus Media! And three posts sent at that. Will McCain's pastor issues turn voters off him and on to Obama? The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has reached a settlement with Merck resolving a three-year investigation by 30 states concerning the company’s deceptive promotion of the painkiller, Vioxx. Ohio will get 2.8 million. Lastly, EPluribus Media introduced CrissCrossing Ohio, the Buckeye State's first and only political and government word puzzle.

Just Blowing Smoke has something about gas prices and how it relates to taxes. JBS writes that we will soon be looking at a proposal to increase gasoline taxes in order to make up the revenue shortfall that the government will eventually discover due to people cutting back their driving during this time of high gas prices. Next up is the subject of qualities that we should look for in a political candidate or office holder, whether national or in Ohio.

Whalertly sends us two posts this week. The first talks about the protest outside of the Scientology center in downtown Columbus last week, then the blog expands a bit further. The second submission talks about the problems that voting straight party line bring. The author says this applies to both Republicans and Democrats.

Three entries this week from Rowsey Blog. Westerville has decided to resurrect a plan to allow city residents to buy more environmentally sound forms of energy, including wind and hydro. Jason himself lives in Westerville and says he is fine with the higher prices. Next, Jason comments on an article in the Dispatch about election petitions. Lastly a commentary on the state of the economy here in Ohio and the preference for Hillary Clinton's plan.

Will Obama's strategic use of grass-roots networks (including technology and social networking) lead to victory in the 2008 U.S. presidential race? Network Weaving wonders this and says they are doing better than Howard Dean did, who brought this whole concept to the forefront.

Boring Made Dull has more on Marc Dann, a story which is still lingering in the Ohio blogosphere. Were Black Berry's lost or stolen?

At The Point, I wrote that Lee Fisher wants more than Marc Dann's old job (also his old job). My fellow blogger (Kyle) and I also posted Part III of our interview with State Senator Kevin Coughlin. Kyle also put up a post about a poll that showed Obama and McCain tied in our state.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I submitted my link three times -- once well before the deadline, twice since I saw I was excluded. The article is about a law proposed by an Ohio lawmaker.

Why have I been excluded?

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