Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carnival of Politics #117, "Endangered Bird of Prey" Edition

This week's Carnival starts with a tribute to the F-117 Nighthawk, the world's first stealth warplane which the Air Force retired last month after 25 years of service. Those of us of a certain age recall the Stealth project's announcement during the Carter administration and the first glimpse of the plane's origami-on-wheels profile during the eighties.

The F-117 was indispensable in the first Gulf War and in Kosovo. And there is an Ohio connection; the National Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson hosts one of two intact F-117s on public display.

Happily, the only thing getting bombed in this week's Carnival posts was Anthony Gutierrez (rim shot).

Len at Blogesque starts us off with some details about plans to spin Ohio's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives to be spun off into a non-governmental organization.

Roland Hansen profiles the newest Board member of the Lucas County Education Service Center and notes that she is blogging her experience on the ESC Board.

Daniel Jack Williamson's boiling blood has presumably cooled after yesterday's events, but his frustration at the delays in dealing with Marc Dann are still worth reading. Even better are his detailed reporting on the costs of high school dropouts and tax evasion by sub-prime lenders.

At ProgressOhio, blogger Nation of Ghandis urges action against an unlawful pay raise for the COO of the Elections Assistance Commission.

Tim Higgins's description of this week's submission from Just Blowing Smoke can't be bettered: "Welcome to another of the seemingly endless (and perhaps pointless) attempts to find the qualities of a good political candidate."

Jason Rowsey muses on news of a KKK-related "prank" in the Ohio Highway Patrol and wonders what that says about who the Patrol pulls over.

Ben Keeler provides two posts from his Beacon Journal-based blog The Point. The first questions the pace of actions against Marc Dann. The second, submitted on behalf of lefty co-blogger Kyle Kutuchief, offers video of Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel quoting Obama speeches.

The Dean at Cincinnati Beacon questions the journalistic ethics behind a blogger's appearance on a local radio talk show.

Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle is tracking questions about how absentee ballots are validated. One looks at issues in Lucas County and another contrasts practices in Wood County.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks highlights a Kansas Dann-like scandal that ended with the AG there resigning office. Also, an Ohio-based mine operator is under a Congressional criminal inquiry and a report criticizes Ohio's efforts to implement wireless 9-1-1.

ePluribus Media offers an against-the-grain (and alas again outdated) take on Marc Dann: That his productivity in office should perhaps save his job.

Finally Maggie Thurber argues against two local ordinances as being business-unfriendly: Toledo's proposed convenience store zoning and a new ordinance governing land contracts.

My apologies to those whose Marc Dann posts look outdated thanks to the delay in posting. My only timely Ohio-related post is this live-blog of the Dann/Strickland presser yesterday resolving the whole tawdry episode.

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