Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carnival #121 -- Serpent's Truth Edition

From Wikipedia, we learn that the number 121 has a number of unusual properties. It both asquare itself (of 11) and a sum of consecutive primes (37 + 41 + 43) . It is the only three digit number that shares both qualities; the next biggest has thirty-five digits.

We learn further that only 121 and two other squares "are known to be of the form n! + 1, supporting Brocard's conjecture." I'm sure that clicking through the link would yield a fascinating article, worthy of bringing up at your next dinner party if you have two mathematicians in your family (Love ya, K and L.)

And when we scroll down, we discover that the titular plane in the wanna-be cult movie Snakes on a Plane was Flight 121.

Now we're talkin'.

SoP was supposed to be a so-bad-it's-good camp hit, but flopped mostly because if you actually try to make a bad movie, the result is a genuinely unwatchably bad movie.

Since we have a movie to build a theme on, we not only have art, we have video. Here' s the band Cobra Starship with the movie theme song. Honestly, the clip hits its high point about fifteen seconds in -- a sample passes of Samuel L. Jackson's tag line "I've had it with these motherf****n' snakes on this motherf****n' plane!" -- then goes in the tank.

On to the Carnival.

First up is Publius who notes that the attorney who perpetrated a notorious false kidnapping report has filed for divorce. He also has pointed questions about a local township dealing with employee comp time. Finally, he blegs for input on the issue of disability.

Next up, Ohio Republic's advice for dire economic -- start thinking like an independent nation.

At Glass City Jungle LisaRenee blogs about a struggle over control of the local Republican Party and when a person's past is fair game -- and whether it's OK to blog about it. Also she wonders whether lifers who committed murder in the Toledo area should be incarcerated at Toledo Correctional Institute.

Tim at Just Blowing Smoke isn't happy with the government guaranteeing bad mortgages. It's one of the better titles I've seen for arguments of that ilk.

The Dean at Cincinnati Beacon offers a video from the National Conference on Media Reform advocating for open (i.e. to independent candidates) presidential debates.

Ben Keeler offers two posts from his newspaper based blog The Point. In one he analyzes Obama's Ohio problem; in another his liberal co-blogger Kyle Kutuchief reports on an AFL-CIO canvass effort. Ben also posts on his home blog about the local prosecutor (and my former boss) arguing against a mercy release for a convicted child murderer who is dying of cancer.

Boring Made Dull has an update on a local deal between businessman David Brennan and the City of Akron, along with other notes about local government.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks writes differently than she talks this week -- at least I've never heard her speak Spanish. Jill led a blogswarm against Ohio House Bill 477 (in which I also participated.) The explanation of the effort is http://blogagainst477.blogspot.com/">here, and the English "translations" of all of our posts are on this separate blog. Jill also blogs (in English this time) about the rising fortunes of local state representative Armond Budish.

One substantive Ohio-based post from me this week -- about the difficulties in closing charter schools and what that says for charter school accountability.

Thanks everyone for another great Carnival. As it happens, I'll be getting on a plane tomorrow for vacation. Hopefully no motherf****n' snakes.


Jill said...

No question that you've earned your vacation, Scott. Have a most excellent time - no blogging allowed! :)

Ben said...

You should go to Aspen....open for winter skiing this weekend. In June.

Ben said...
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Tim Higgins said...

Thanks for the hard work Scott, enjoy the time away.