Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carnival #123

Anyone have XM Radio? Channel 123 is CNN Headline News. I always watched Headline News in college when I was eating lunch at Ohio State; it was the first news channel I watched on a regular basis. I liked midday host Chuck Roberts and whenever I flip it on in 2008, I notice he is still doing that same job. Actually, I found out he is one of the longest-serving anchors among the CNN networks. Roberts has anchored weekday Headline News broadcasts since the network's debut on New Year's Day, 1982. So Chuck, this week's Carnival of Ohio Politics is dedicated to you. That said, I don't think I have ever listened to Channel 123 on my XM Radio. Sorry.

First up this week, Divided We Stand, United We Fall. Between the sitting President and the two candidates to replace him, all believe in expanding the power of the executive branch, even to the point of overruling the protections of the Bill of Rights as they see fit. All three - Bush, McCain, Obama.

Roland Hansen Commentary offers up "COSI, Gambling, and Governor Strickland." Was Toledo Councilwoman Lindsey Webb's comment political posturing or the legitimate suggestion of an ill-informed attorney-lawmaker? She said, in part, "I just wish Governor Strickland would make gambling legal in Ohio and we could put a casino where COSI is."

Tim of Just Blowing Smoke discussed ethics this week. He decided to take up the subject of the quality of ethical behavior as one that a candidate should have.

OhioNews Bureau is out with their second "CrissCrossing Ohio" word puzzle. i was just doing it; well done. Next is a piece that says Ohio incomes are spiraling downward. The third post offered up some very interesting speculation - Maureen O'Connor running for AG and allowing Jim Petro to run for her Supreme Court seat. That is one I had not heard yet.

Kyle at The Chief Source discussed economic development as it relates to bridges in the Akron area, and one infamous bridge in particular.

The Dean of Cincinnati at The Cincinnati Beacon sends us a video titled "The Nader Challenge." Video is just over a minute long.

Three entries from Glass City Jungle. First a post that points out that sometimes feeling like you matter can make a huge difference. 188 school districts in Ohio might have to pay money back to the state, only problem is the article in the Dispatch nor the Ohio Department of Education is telling us who all of them are. Lastly, LisaRenee took notes from one of her local political shows, "Conklin & Company." Richard Cordray was interviewed for the first segment and she was interviewed for the second segment. Good company.

The Ohio Republic had a lengthy debate with a pundit over what this blogger considered the neo-con abuse of American power.

Two submissions this week from Writes Like She Talks. First, Jill gives kudos to WCPN for their political and issue coverage. Lilly Ledbetter (of Ledbetter v. Goodyear) was in Cleveland this week, did anyone cover it?

At The Point, Jim Petro won't run for AG. What are Republicans going to do? I updated the never ending happenings at the Summit County Board of Elections. Lastly, a post on the 42nd Ohio House race between newly appointed Richard Nero and Hudson Councilman Mike Moran.

Thanks Everyone!


Jill said...

Thanks, Scott. Love that head shot of the CNN guy - so classic. lol

Tim Higgins said...

Another great job folks, thanks for the effort.

Jill said...

Woops - make that Ben! sorry!

Lisa Renee said...

Nicely done as always Ben.


Ben said...


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