Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #120

Okay, so, seriously, as I was thinking about what I might find when I looked for an image to represent the 120th edition of the Carnival, I honest to goodness thought about my weight. Just to be clear: I have never had to lose 120 pounds. But I have, at many times in my life, weighed 120 pounds. And according to many charts, that actually makes me overweight for my height. Lucky for me, I'm shrinking and so that makes me even more overweight for my height, well, it would, if I were, in fact 120 pounds. Which, as I said, I am not. Not not not. Got that? Anyway - so - when I did go looking, imagine - seriously - how weird it was to find the second image in the results from my search to be the one I'm using here. Here's the book it goes with. But remember - I do not weigh 120 pounds.

Let's add a little heft to the carnival now, yes?

The Roland Hansen Commentary considers one of my personal favorites: Playing Politics With Ohio Education.

For a blogger who says, "I'm Tired," Tim at Just Blowing Smoke has a lot to contribute about what's going on in Toledo and other locales. With the price of gas officially averaging $3.983 today, Tim's piece about nationalizing oil companies that perhaps should be on Ohioans' minds.

If you love to read rants, The Campaign Junkie has a self-proclaimed one here.

And now for something much lighter: Thurber's Thoughts on pit bull legislation and the role of sweatshops in economic development and in Lucas County.

Scott gives us three pages from Pho's Akron Pages this week. First, former State Representative John Widowfield goes down and then out, as a result of investigations into the purchase and sale of OSU football tickets. He has a good pick-up on a recent compilation of the "how good are our schools" genre re: Ohio's charters don't appear to measure up at all.

The Point for sharpens it critical skills while looking at the GOP's chances in the Ohio 41st house district and interviewing State Senator Kevin Coughlin about special education. And for what very unfortunately had to be the last broadcast of the Akron-Canton News, The Point was there.

Progress Ohio
provides video of Ohio Governor Ted Strickland signing and commenting on turning the payday lending legislation into law. After not being able to walk for a few weeks due to a back injury, I can really appreciate the walk from Cincinnati to Columbus made by State Senator Eric Kearney to raise awareness of infant mortality and childhood obesity. If you want to know how to building solidarity in Northwest rural Ohio, please go read.

Former Ohio legislator John Widowfield gets more attention from The Boring Made Dull who then turns the spotlight to Alex Arshinkoff. Given that summer is just about here, a look at the role and value of municipal golf courses seems very logical.

John Michael Spinelli of the OhioNews Bureau at ePluribus Media brings back some European experience to help make sense of our state's state of affairs, first in regard to the Ohio economy and jobs, then a fascinating comparison of how cities function, Paris facing off with Columbus.

I always want to call the Rowsey Blog the Rousing Blog. This week's triple will rouse you about Columbus and stricter curfew laws, Bill Richardson's suggestion that Barack Obama doesn't need and may write off Ohio and OSU's interest in abandoned pets.

I wrote about how OH-10 GOP candidate Jim Trakas gives Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland a backhanded compliment but apparently some GOP folks don't agree with Trakas. Chancellor of Higher Education Eric Fingerhut was in Cleveland and NE Ohio last week. And started to tick in Ohio recently.

Thanks to everyone this week. I hope you didn't eat any sleeves of Oreos while you were reading this - or else you'll never lose 120 pounds.


John Michael Spinelli said...

Back from Paris, where pretty much the only overweight person I saw each day was me looking at myself in the mirror, I got a pleasant chuckle out of your opening graph and its focus on how all those BMI charts can be technically correct but so wrong in reality. Unless something drastic happened between now and when we last met at the Democratic presidential debate in Cleveland, you look fine...and as long as you feel fine, that's what really counts. So, eat a pan du chocolate for me. A la prochaine. JMS

Tim Higgins said...


There are days when I feel like my shadow ways over 100 pounds and the only way I can get anything off my back is to turn off the phone, so your message struck home. Congratulations on another great job. I would say more, but my milk is getting warm. (I hate when that happens.)

Jill said...

Thanks, John. Maybe a little almost croissant will make me feel better. :)

Jill said...

Tim - I'm serious about the sleeve of oreos stuff. Bad habit of writing in my kitchen...

Roland Hansen said...

Great job, as usual.
Oh, and by the way, how about some matzah brie prepared in chicken schmaltz? That'll put some weight on you.

Tim Higgins said...


I was serious about the milk too, though normally writing involves a serious glass of wine and a cigar. I have to do that though, just to keep up my image. :-)

Jill said...

Oy Schmatlz! Just what I need. :)

Jill said...

Tim - cigars and oreos! Yuuuuum. :)