Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics: The I love carnivals edition

This is the time of year when visions of carnivals not related to politics dance in my head. There are certain things I admit I am addicted to beyond blogging, one of those is candy apples, not caramel apples, but candy apples. While it may seem hard to figure out how I justified that with number 122? Half of a candy apple contains 122 calories...Now on to some more sweet stuff from the Ohio blogosphere.

Jason from Rowsey Blog starts us out with a story that I feel should have gotten more attention than it did, the Obama camp dissing Ohio. Then he next asks a question, Isn't the GOP the party of fiscal responsibility? You know I do believe I've heard that said more than once...Lastly another post from Jason that should get more attention that focuses on rape crisis centers and the problems they are having.

It was sweet news to discover that Dave from Into My Own had returned after a short blogging break and jumped right back into the blogging world focusing on Republican Rehab or the saga of Mike Hemmert. Next Dave turns his focus to an upsurge in Democratic affiliation that he predicted and others seem to be catching on to.

Never one to hide from questions, the submission from Ohio Republic is an answer to a question from a reader, Isn't secessionism a betrayal of our war dead? If you have not checked out this blog, the focus is on advocating the peaceful, legal independence of Ohio from the United States of America.

Tim Higgins of Just Blowing Smoke is one my sweet list of bloggers I always hug. He also always makes me think and his post he shares this week, Fractured Fairy Tales: 3 Little Pigs is a perfect example not only his ability to make valid points but his excellent writing skills.

When I saw the email from this next blogger, I couldn't help but say "SWEET" since Mark Adams of Dispassionate Liberalism is back with us this week sending in this post on Obama. Mark and I were both former Edwards supporters, but he's now put all that behind him and is focusing on the future.

Ben Keeler also of the Keeler Political Report and a fellow carnival handler sends in three submissions from the other place he hangs his blogging hat, The Point. What sweet treats does Ben have in store for you? A recap of his discussion with Dave Potter, a Republican candidate for the 13th Congressional District and still on the topic of the 13th, Kyle was on hand for a rally with organized labor held with Sutton, the Democratic candidate. The last submission from The Point for this week focuses on Why didn't Summit County Republicans run an opponent against County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh?

Rather than sweets, this first submission another one of our carnival powers that be, Jill Miller Zimon had me thinking of a song, you can guess which one, Born Free: Yard signs continue to be subject of court cases. Next Jill focuses on bloggers who conduct primary source work, she wants us to highlight the work of others and ourselves when we venture into the world of reporting/citizen journalism. It appears Jill finds this next news tidbit "Sweet", possibly worthy of an all caps SWEET, Lilly Ledbetter of the SCOTUS wage discrimination lawsuit will be in Cleveland this Friday.

Here in the Candy Land of Glass City Jungle some of the reaction to my research on members appointed/selected by the new chair of the Lucas County Republican Party created a sour taste for some. In my continuing mission of pointing out selective behavior, the Lucasville 5 and some of the forgotten victims caught my attention. Over on my other blog that focuses on national politics, I delve into what I think is a lack of knowledge for some when it comes to the history of how women have struggled to get to where we are now politically and the huge impact that women had in the abolitionist movement.

A huge thank you to all of you who sent in submissions, and I hope all of you have a fantastic week, my plans include as you can guess, hunting down some candy apples and perhaps a funnel cake or two...


Tim Higgins said...

Lisa Renee,

As always, a great job. Thanks for the inclusion and for the compliment. Doing posts like this one is what makes the whole thing fun.

Lisa Renee said...

Tim, thank you, I always enjoy reading your posts and I'm very glad that you participate in not just the carnival but as a blogger.

Jill said...

Those apples look SWEEEEET! Thank you. :)

Roland Hansen said...

Such a sweet job!

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