Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carnival #127

Is it just me or is getting a lot more difficult to find a theme as the numbers get higher? If you know anything about me, you would know that I am a huge baseball fan. The 2008 MLB season is the 127th in existence for a nearby team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Of all the stadiums I have been to in baseball, none stacks up against the home of the Pirates, PNC Park. Other great ones I have been fortunate to visit: Camden Yards, Citizens Bank Park, and of course Wrigley Field.

Now, the play of the team on the field is another story for another time. On to the posts.......

Long Live the Village Green has something up about the plan to privatize the Akron sewer system to fund scholarships for local students. LLVG says that public utilities are essential to the health and well-being of our community and this plan should not go forward.

Progress Ohio has three posts for this week. When will Ohio legislators stop being doctors, asks Average Jane in response to House Bill 287. Dave Harding has something on the same subject Next, Gray Hunter discusses the numbers, meaning $, in two Ohio congressional races - OH-12 and OH-18.

What can the public do about an underperforming school board member? That is what Roland Hansen Commentary wonders. In this instance, the question revolves around Joan Kuchinski of the Lucas County Educational Service Center. It's too bad we cannot grade school board members, this post opines.

Two posts from The Ohio Republic. First up is a post about the national debt. If you figure out what it is per household, it is a staggering $455,000. Most Ohioans probably don't have that much saved up to help pay it off. The next topic is a take-off on something found by Independent Ohio AG candidate Robert Owens on a recent appeals court decision on July 15.

Buckeye Punditeers also sent in two submissions. The first discusses Obama and his declaration that he wants to eliminate nuclear weapons. Next up was a post about Ted Strickland. BP says that "Gov. Ted Strickland is perhaps the shrewdest Ohio politician I've seen in my life." The post discusses what Strickland has to do if he really wants to be the "education governor."

It even costs a lot of money to fill up an Ohio made Honda these days says the Squeaky Wheel at Bearing Drift Ohio. Not surprising. Congratulations is in order to BDO's original site for getting credentialed for the Republican National Convention this fall.

The Cincinnati Beacon has a write up on Joe Deters and how his being named a local chair for McCain is causing some controversy. The Beacon has a follow up post as well that quotes Greg Hartman.

Glass City Jungle: Kudos to the Lucas County Democratic Party for recommending someone with some previous election experience as the new Director of our County BOE. Next up, are local elected officials trying to ramp up the pressure on a judge to force her to recognize a union under state law? LisaRenee says they don't have to.

Neocon Panic Attacks posts about a trial in San Diego that has to do with Blackwater - a name that is known in Ohio and all over the country.

At The Chief Source, Kyle went to the Summit County Democratic dinner this past weekend. The speakers were Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton.

Finally, The Point at Ohio.com. Last week Kyle and I were fortunate enough to sit down with Governor Strickland in his office. Here is Part I of the video interview. And Part II. It was a great experience. I also put up my thoughts on the NPR piece that profiled two women in Ohio who are having trouble purchasing meat at the grocery store.

Thanks to everyone who sent something our way.


Harold Thomas said...

Clarification on the Ohio Republic item about the Federal appeals court decision: I credited Robert Owens with finding it, not writing it.

The piece was written by Ann Shibler at an unnamed news organization, about a Federal court decision July 15 upholding the Bush Administration's detaining anyone whom they declare to be an enemy combatant.

Ben said...


Lisa Renee said...

It is getting to be a bit of a challenge. I wonder who actually started that (smile).

Great job as always!


Roland Hansen said...

Politics is just like a carnival. And, there's a sucker born every minute.

Roland Hansen said...

Politics is just like a carnival. And, there's a sucker born every minute.