Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #124

Pslam 124 anyone? In Hebrew and English.

Or by Bono - like the ones in the image to the right.

I didn't know Pslam 124 before I started looking for something related to this week's edition. I was going to reprint the Pslam in the English and Hebrew, but given yesterday's speech by Barack Obama about faith-based initiative expansion, I decided to leave it for you all to go and be pensive on your own. But if anyone does have an experience to share related to that Pslam, feel free to share in the comments.

The Campaign Junkie has got to be in an addicts' heaven right now. Here's an introduction to the next great American President, some mailbag questions and thoughts about how a trend can start when something happens two days in a row.

Roland Hansen Commentary is calling on call on former Lucas County Commissioner Maggie Thurber (R) and current Commissioner Ben Konop (D) to have a public debate about economic development in their county (not to mention challenge the local broadcast media to provide live coverage).

The recent flap over the
Charlie Black Quote gets the attention of Just Blowing Smoke, as does the debate of Racism and Illegal Immigration, and the life we lead in Blogging. Can you imagine how many volumes we could fill with all the perspectives we have on our lives and blogging? Sounds like great summer reading to me.

The perennial question of whether Chief Wahoo should be kept on as the Indians logo gets the treatment at The Point. Although the June 30 fundraising deadline is past, The Point examines that deadline's signficance.

Please welcome Buckeye Punditeers to Ohio, to the blogosphere and to the Carnival. In its first week's entries, we read about courting parity, children and rape and guns - oh my indeed, and a cheeky introduction of Barack Obama and Louisiana Governor Jindal.

Tom, are you being sarcastic in this Bizzy Blog post, Victoria Wells Wulsin’s ‘Brilliant!’ Insights on Iraq and Energy? No - I must be reading that wrong. However, I do recognize this one as being in the running for your most popular with the left post of all time: Relating the Dots: Obama …. Soros …. Stewart …. CAIR-OH …. CCR …. and Al-Qaeda.

No, huh?

And again, after suffering through a drought of no new blogs in the Carnival, here's our second: Whalertly, with its offering about John Freshwater.

Glass City Jungle provides the background that a majorToledo print publication did not, as it related to demands that BOE members resign. I have heard about battles related to the availability and consumption of raw milk, and Lisa Renee covers the story behind the battle over what fine print will exist on organic milk: groups placed quite a bit of pressure on the Governor to step in and he refused. Finally, she asks, should the illegal blowing off of fireworks, prior to the holiday, be enforced or the laws changed since it appears enforcement is non-existent?

Ohio Republic wants to know: should we abolish the state's income tax? With a reference to Dennis Kucinich, the blog also asserts that "we don't have a republic anymore."

Don't let Maggie's blog's title fool you that it's only an internal discussion! In this week's submission from Thurber's Thoughts, she writes about businesses that are beginning to speak out against the Healthy Families Act.

There are so many ways in which this topic comes up, on so many different levels of our lives, but here, the Cincinnati Beacon is asking, are we dealing with a "Right of Entry," or just a police state undercover? The Beacon's other offering this week is about the dueling e-mails many of us have received related to Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Conservative Culture didn't skip a beat in juxtaposing, if only in subject, Ohio's newly minted castle doctrine law and the SCOTUS decisions on gun rights and child rape.

Trust me - you've never seen anything like this: the constantly connecting and interacting minds behind The Network Thinker maps out for us in graphic and narrative form new political patterns.

Don't let the change in URL fool you. John Michael Spinelli's work at NowPublic.com might be a third "new" blog for the Carnival, but his work should be familiar to you: Ohio Republican Campaigns Return $30,000 to charter school kingpin, the Straight Talk Express Bush Legacy Bus crisscrosses Ohio and some thoughts on Living La Vida Local (love that title).

Although it's easy to get distracted by national politics and issues at the federal level of government, Progress Ohio stays focused with posts about a new study that links Ohio to sweatshops that comes along just as SweatFree Ohio is launched, (I am not going to make a heat-related joke because that is just too insensitive, hint hint hint), the hopes of gay Ohioans despite the marriage ban and an item about a Bush impersonator "hitting" Steve Chabot and Jean Schmidt on their ties to "big oil".

Although it may be reminiscent of the song by Don Henley, The Sunset Grill, I'm feeling rather excluded by the local nature of The Boring Made Dull's post called The Sun Bar & Grill (I think I need to get out more). Akron's plans for wireless, however, are far more familiar to me and were even the news just today.

Okay - no offense - but there are certain topics we all must get tired of, right? Board of elections, Summit County Republicans, and well, okay - anything that has to do with both of those subjects has me going back to the unfamiliar Sun Bar & Grill intrigue. Lucky for those who have a far better attention span than I have, Scott of Pho's Akron Pages (among several other Akron bloggers), keeps it all tied together in posts like this one, which is actually a Part 3 in a series about the Summit County GOP and SOS Brunner. Then, he calls out Governor Ted Strickland for what he no doubt is not alone in calling "the dumbest post-Heller Reaction," (Heller being the SCOTUS case recognizing an individual right to bear arms).

And in true writing like I talk tradition, here's a very lively live-blog of Barack Obama's Zanesville, Ohio speech about faith-based intiatives - several bloggers interacted during the live-blog and you can see all their comments there. Governor Strickland does not agree with an op-ed written by Thomas B. Fordham chief, Chester Finn (and the gov's office tells me there will be something in writing in response to Finn by the end of the week) and numerous details on allegedly nefarious nonesuches related to or friends with Frank Russo in the Cuyahoga County Recorder's Office.

Welcome again to the new contributors and thank you to all participants - readers, writers and lurkers alike. Have a safe and pleasant July 4.


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