Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics: Rule #126

We live in a society of rules and even blogging has it's own set of "unwritten rules" that most of us strive towards. When searching for an image related to 126, I came across "Rule 126" which is one of the elementary cellular automaton rules introduced by Stephen Wolfram in 1983, it's similar to the Sierpinski Triange. I can't claim to be a math expert, but discovering "rules" like this was something I thought would be fun to share. Now on with the Carnival!

While I've just admitted that math is not one of my strong points, having a basic knowledge of the economy is a plus when blogging, this week from Buckeye Punditeers, Michael pens a piece titled, Why Leftist Economic Theory Doesn't Work. In response, Brad pens, Why We're All Liberals and in Defense of Economic Populism. Both are interesting reads that I highly recommend.

The Dean of Cincinnati first looks at the story of McCain Campaign's Dirty Whistleblower? Then the question is, What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Which is on the subject of our federal government trying to save money with their policy of terminating Medicaid shortly after a person enters our jails.

Valdis Krebs from The Network Thinker shares a very thought provoking look at How the new FISA law affects us all... The statement made that you only have to worry about FISA if you have Al Qaeda on your speed dial doesn't appear to be true. Then, an interesting post on How the Republicans used existing social networks to win the last two Presidential elections... Karl Rove explains...

The Squeaky Wheel from Bearing Drift Ohio, provides a shocking breaking news story, Tim Russert is still dead. The real question behind the post is the difference in how the media treated Russert's death as opposed to Tony Snow's. Then the focus turns to a recent Tela-Town Hall with Pat Tiberi.

Boring Made Dull has this perky post first, Your Legislators at Perk which looks at what the John Widowfield story could mean. Then a look at Local Government Spending in NE Ohio with a final shared story about Akron Public Schools & Carpenters. The post is about someone getting hammered, but not in the traditional building sense.

From Conservative Culture comes a post in the form of a question, Will Ohio take a hint from Missouri? The issue is related to how Missouri has handled identification from other states to cut down on illegal immigrants.

Divided We Stand first shares, Maddow & Alter: "The New Yorker cover is irresponsible because Americans are too supid to understand it." Then also related to the New Yorker cover, Its up to you New Yorker! New Yorker! I recommend both posts and this one portion of the second one is especially true on how the blogosphere works: "What if everyone was blogging about the New Yorker cover?" I can only respond as did Bomber Pilot John Yossarian: "Then I'd be a damn fool not to".

Continuing with the hard hitting questions being asked in the Ohio blogosphere comes this from The Point, related to the Widowfield story, Should ohio lawmakers have access to Ohio State football tix that the general public does not? Next, another question, will Jon Husted challenge Brunner in 2010 for SoS? Inquiring minds want to know...Last an update on the 16th congressional district.

Jill has some questions of her own this week from Writes Like She Talks where the focus is "Guns galore" How many traffic stop police officer killings will it take? is the first serious question posed. Then, Who will replace Cuyahoga County Dept. of Children and Family Services chief?

I think I should have subtitled this week's edition as the "Questions We want Answers to Edition" as the questions continue from Roland Hansen Commentary on the possible scandal that has been in the Toledo news, Is This The Rise And Fall Of James Hartung as President of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority or is it an affair to remember?

The Ohio Republic where they first turn their focus to encouraging people to Support HCR 31 (against the North American Union). Next up is the story concerning Ohio election officials may face criminal charges for destroying ballots. Last the topic of Grass-roots "volunteers" being hired raises some questions.

While all of these questions are being asked, Tim Higgings from Just Blowing Smoke has a different mission, which he has been focusing on the past few weeks, his own Search For The Grail. Will Tim find more than vicious rabbits? Stay tuned...This is one you don't want to say Ni! too.

FromWhalertly we are asked; "Is your sky line lacking form, perkiness, and strong, large towers? If so, follow my three-step formula for fixing that" Then Robert points out where he disagrees with me and another fellow Ohio blogger on the topic of Jobs leaving Ohio he makes some valid points.

Over at Glass City Jungle we've had a busy week, from discussing situations where I wonder what our elected officials are thinking like, Pay $200.00 or Your Dog Dies. Then the Widowfield reporting made me wonder how many Electeds from NWO took advantage of the OSU ticket offer.

A big thank you to all who sent in submissions this week, and I hope you all visit, comment and enjoy this week's Carnival of Ohio Politics.



Ben said...

thanks, LisaRenee great job as always

Tim Higgins said...

Great job as always Lisa.

The tone of the personal comments on each site is always a treat.

Lisa Renee said...

Ben, thank you!

Tim, I agree, each blog has it's own focus and it could be said their own "personality" that reflects in not only the posts but the comments left by their readerships.

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