Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carnival #130

This week I was planning on dedicating the 130th Carnival of Ohio Politics to He-Man. He-Man ran for 130 episodes on USA in 1983-1984. When I was a kid, my dad got me the first of those dinosaur carrying cases for your He-Man figures - it was a prototype his company sold the plastic for. Good times for me; I lost it in a week. However, I remembered that the theme LisaRenee used last week was Batman. Seemed repetitive. Then I thought about Kenny Lofton, the former Cleveland Indians outfielder who has 130 career home runs. But I did a Pittsburgh Pirates / baseball theme last time I did this. Channel 130 on XM Radio is POTUS 08. However, I already used that subject when I dedicated Carnival #123 to Chuck Roberts and CNN Headline News for their XM channel designation. So I finally settled on an Olympic theme. One of the biggest threats to the USA winning back the gold in Men's basketball is Lithuania. They also happen to rank #130 in world population. Pictured is Miss Lithuania. Works for me. Lets go.

Tim at Just Blowing Smoke is tired of what has already been a long election year. Probably not alone there. Tim also writes "A Fractured Fairy Tale," which just might be about a locally elected official. Lastly Tim has a separate take on the Ohio Healthy Families Act. Expect to hear much more about this issue in the blogosphere as the election draws near.

And one more time this week here. The Boring Made Dull weighs in as well on the subject, saying a more adequate name for the act would be "Ohioans Seeking to Kill Off Small Business Growth." The post goes on to say mandated employed benefits are not free.

Long Live the Village Green fired off a letter to Sherrod Brown in support of the 10 million solar roof act. LLVG was pleased to get a response (and happy with what it said). The post concludes that if you think the bill is a good idea then write to your senators in support of it.

Is Rich Cordray campaigning or counseling? That is what Tom at Bizzy Blog wants to know. Tom says his concern is about the increased frequency of these events as opposed to their substance - for now.

One entry this week from Harold Thomas at The Ohio Republic - discussing Ted Strickland's reasons (from a video) for supporting Barack Obama. Harold states that while Governor Strickland is correct in his diagnosis, he needs to provide leadership to the state by encouraging residents to "pick themselves up by their own bootstraps."

According to Roland Hansen Commentary, trust in government is an ongoing concern. Toledo councilwoman Lindsay Webb has finally spoken on the issue. However, she is also suggesting changing the city charter as a way in which to constrain Toledo city administration spending rather than city council providing oversight.

Whalerty sends two posts this week. First up, Barga writes about how Obama can win in Ohio and how McCain can stop him from doing so. Second, more people are biking to work in Columbus - but it is a problem. Here is how to fix it.

LisaRenee at Glass City Jungle: The day corn hole came to Toledo, with exclusive video of Governor Ted Strickland speaking to those present that included his belief of what could be accomplished election wise in the Ohio House. Additonally, the payday lending issue was hotly discussed on two threads at GCJ this week - about a press release about questionable behaivor from those gathering signatures and response to a release from Toledo City Councilman Frank Szollosi. Another topic that the blogs will be buzzing about this fall.

"The End of Ohio?" That is a title by a guest poster at The Chief Source. Intriguing read that focuses on Northeast Ohio.

Three posts from Conservative Culture. First up, CC talks about McCain's recent townhall meeting in Lima. While not the perfect candidate, there certainly was much to enjoy about the McCain visit says the post. From the same event, a video on why Barack Obama is like Marc Dann. Where did McCain and his team eat during their visit to Lima? The local Kewpee. McCain himself had a burger, a malt, and pie.

Did the John Edwards scandal that just broke cost Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination? A comment discussion over this broke out at Bearing Drift Ohio. Virginia Governor and supposed Obama VP short-list member Tim Kaine declared that Barack Obama’s influence caused the cease fire in Georgia. BDO doesn't agree.

Rowsey Blog wants to know if Upper Arlington is that stupid? The UA superintendent has rejected a request from a Hurricane Katrina victim to remain in her school for her senior year. Jason has the details at his blog, where he says this situation is unacceptable.

Lastly, myself. Monday for The Point I interviewed Ralph Regula, Republican from the 16th District, who is leaving the House after 36 years. Also last week, Kyle and I interviewed the candidates vying to replace Regula - John Boccieri and Kirk Schuring (Part II). And at the Keeler Report, I went over an article from the Washington Examiner titled "For Obama, all roads lead to Ohio."

Thanks everyone.


Tim Higgins said...
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Tim Higgins said...


A great job, as always, with one minor correction. The Fractrued Fairy Tale "might have been" about a local Toledo political official.

As to Miss Lithuania, while she is a lovely lady, I believe it more likely that 130 stands for the young ladies daily caloric intake.

Lisa Renee said...

Nice job! Cept she keeps looking at me Ben!


Ben said...

Thats not a minor mistake, thats a big mistake. Fixed.

Tim Higgins said...


No blood, no foul. I am, as always, grateful for the consideration.

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