Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #131

Okay - I won't pretend to know what the saros cycle really is - it's beyond me at this moment in time (which is another way of saying that I'm still suffering or at least using the excuse of suffering from jet lag as a way to get out of focusing hard on anything I don't already know). But there's a Solar Eclipse Saros Series 131 and I saw a lunar eclipse in Tsfat (aka Tzfat aka Safed aka Sefat aka a bunch of other transliterations for this mid-Gallilee city) and that's close enough for me to the Carnival's 131st appearance. (Photo here courtesy of Simply Jews - my photos of the eclipse haven't been developed yet.)

Here are the never to be eclipsed submissions for this week:

"Is Lucas County going to the dogs?" Some Lucas County residents seem to have that as a goal, says Roland Hansen Commentary, who thinks that it appears that Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop may be part of that movement.

Want some money back for participation in alternative energy sources? Read about residential solar and wind rebates at Long Live the Village Green. Ever eco-minded, Village Green also tells us about how Polyflow will work to keep plastics out of landfills.

Just Blowing Smoke exmaine the value of democracy, something Ohioans continue to debate when it comes to voting systems among other democratic gears.

Dispassionate Liberal has started his electoral college map analysis, representing each state's size compared to their influence on the presidential race, including where the trends in the polling put Ohio in all this. In his second post, he breaks down Ohio's counties on relative strength of their vote as well.

Betty Sutton (OH-13) does not support drilling but her mailers point out her other energy "accomplishments" according to The Point. Additionally, we get Part II of an interview with Congressman Ralph Regula (I am a sucker for this primary source blogging stuff).

Co-editor of the Carnival, Ben Keeler explains how his trip to the DMV reminded him of the "make checks payable to Ohio Treasurer Cordray thing" at the Keeler Political Report.

I hope you've taken the time to look at Valdis Krebs' political book network map, but if not , here's an update. It's absolutely fascinating (I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff too) (okay, I'm a junkie - you can just imagine how many questions I asked when I was in Israel - for two entire weeks - nothing but questions - it was awesome).

In a post that's too hard to reduce to a single idea, I give you the title from the Cincinnati Beacon's entry this week: Attention Carl Weiser and other coincidence theorists: The 2004 election was stolen!

The Virtuous Republic discusses Camp Washington's Washington in Drag, a story out of Cincy and a good example of why a statewide carnival is so useful (I would not have known of this story otherwise).

I know gas has gone up without a chart, but charts do make things interesting, as Neocon Panic Attacks tries to show this week.

Conserivate Culture's three readings includes two about Ohio radio folks in Former radio personality just can't stay out of his own lime light and in one about a host who "complains but anyone who remembers remembers his bigger government stance" and one that, while not directly related to Ohio, might impact potential Democratic McCain voters.

The View From Out Here
looks toward the political obituary for the East Liverpool School Board President by highlighting the events leading up to the citizens turning on him.

Think there's nothing more to say about unemployment? The Taxman Blog thinks otherwise.

Fraudbuster Bob offers us an interview with Greg Palast (I know - not a lot to do with Ohio but I'm using that jet lag excuse re: exerting energy to explain it out of the carnival since the issues discussed affect Ohio.)

Is a five day window that big of a deal? Co-editor Lisa Renee also gives a hint there at Glass City Jungle as to something a few of us are working on locally that involves the homeless and voting. And on the Pay Day Ballot initiative, she offers some thoughts on the content as well as the process we use to pay people to gather signatures.

Threefer from Progress Ohio where it's all Ohio all the time: UPAT: Union Painters Paint A Trumbull County Barn For Obama, UAPL Meeting Room Request and ODP: "Ohio Republican Party Using Voter Suppression Effort as Fundraising Tool."

The Boring Made Dull
livens things up with a post about Return of the Election of the Living Undead.

Finally, from the last but not least co-editor Scott Piepho, a well received post about Akron's economy, a cheeky titled post about Bob Fitrakis, and, cue the duh,duh,duh, DUH (no pun intended) music for The Return of the SMH (100% worth the click to see what the hell it's about).

Me? Well - you know, yeah, you do - I was in Israel for two weeks. So you can either go read up on An Ohio Blogger in The Holy Land and see some photos (just getting started) or you can read about how Fannie Lewis' death has led to the appointment of one of Ohio Go Run's graduates, Stephanie Howse to the Ward 7 seat, much to the consternation of the Ward 7 Dem. club.

Thanks and have a great week.


Ben said...

Thanks Jill.

OhioPolitical said...

You are very welcome - but I have to ask, did you post that photo last week just to see if I was reading?

bryan said...

Some very good reading guys.

Sorry I haven't been very active, but I do lurk and check out the links.

Good job as always.

Anonymous said...

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