Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #132

I am going to cop out and not do a theme this week. I think I broke my hand punching my kitchen counter last night, so typing is painful. There were a ton of good posts this week across the blogosphere.

Kicking things off this week, The Campaign Junkie has two convention related posts. The first one, in which he describes a dream job, comments on what went down early on night one. Part B has the second half of the proceedings which focused mostly on Michelle Obama, before TCJ tapped out after two hours of viewing.

Glass City Jungle asks, is it party time at the conventions? Here is how to find who is footing the bill. Next GCJ takes a look at the seven day window in which people can register to vote and vote absentee in Lucas County. Some interesting points are raised. Issues still exist in the minds of some as to the way the Democratic Primaries went, especially in the caucus states, LisaRenee writes. Features the video "We will not be silenced" by Gigi Gaston.

Two posts from Robert Barga at Whalerty. Even though Obama won the nomination fair and square, all delegates should remember that their job is to represent their state and its citizens, not their own personal views, the first entry states. Who really won at Saddleback? Using his own scoring system, Barga says Obama by quite a bit.

The recently returned Buckeye Rino sends us three entries. In the first submission, Buckeye Rino takes aim at Erie County Commissioner Tom Ferrell and Erie County Auditor Tom Paul. Ferrell is compared to Jimmy Dimora. Ouch. Next are two posts about City of Lorain Law Director Mark Provenza and Lorain Dem. Party Chair Anthony Giardini, "Provenza is Dangerous" and "Provenza Resignation Vigil."

Bearing Drift Ohio has a John Edwards flashback. Complete with video. Delaware borders Virginia? That is what Governor Tim Kaine thinks. Huge rally in Dayton this Friday for McCain when we will find out who his VP is. BDO says this shows that the campaign realizes how important Ohio is.

Is the Lucas County Democratic Party unified? Revisiting a past post, Roland Hansen Commentary wonders about it and if his perspective is correct. Next up the discourse on the two major political parties in Lucas County continues - this time looking at the local Republicans. The story revolves around Chairman Jon Stainbrook and the failure to get Jan Scotland on the ballot.

Four inmates from the Columbiana County Jail tried to escape but were caught. They then had the nerve to complain and whine after getting caught, writes The View From Out Here.

Network Weaving weighs in on the Cuyahoga County corruption. With the PD (who worked hard on the story) cutting back staff, this post alerts us about a new grassroots site that is gathering information about the situation.

Two posts this week from The Ohio Republic. If you are voting for the lesser of two evils in an election, maybe you should rethink things, Harold writes. You have two choices he says: you can leave the President box empty or you can cast a protest vote for a third-party candidate. In a follow up, Harold links to a post from Vermont where the author finds it immoral to participate in this election.

Taxman Blog: 12 school districts in SW Ohio received an "excellent with distinction" ranking from the state (74 total schools statewide got this ranking). All 12 are in Republican leaning areas. Taxman wonders, what is so progressive about bad schools?

Ohio criminals...just fatten up and you will be saved, Conservative Culture writes. Ohio death row inmate Richard Cooey says he is too fat to be executed. Former radio personality Dennis Shreefer hijacks the campaign against State Sen. Keith Faber. CC bets the Democrat is really wishing Shreefer would just go away.

At The Point, I wrote that I was surprised that Ted Strickland came out against the "Healthy Families" Act. Also, Barack Obama tries to stop an ad about William Ayers. Kyle wrote a post about Stephanine Tubbs Jones who passed away last week.

Thanks everyone!


Lisa Renee said...

Are you going to share why you hit your counter?

I did that to a cupboard door once.

Nice job even minus a theme.


Barga said...

why did you do that?

i forgot the coin one
well, will put it up next week

Lisa Renee said...

Me? I used to have anger issues.


Ben said...

I banged it against a counter when the Phillies tied the game last night out of was already hurt from throwing the football this weekend. It is really swollen.

Barga said...

we cubs fans never get excited; there is no point, we will lose in the end

Tim Higgins said...


While self-abuse in the name of sports is never an excuse, a great job on the Carnival none the less.

Like barga, as a Cubs fan I have the fatalism of a New Orleans resident awaiting the next hurricane. The only difference is that our disasters come every year (well, maybe not this one). :-)