Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #135

Some days, levity is the best we can do and so today, I give you 135 Ways to Ruin the Olympics with Techonology from the popular website, Gizmodo (you can browse through the full gallery of 135 from here). It's a photo-collage of athletes being foiled not by foils but by technology-enhanced competitors in a variety of sports that saw competition in Beijing. I've included my favorite one to the right. I'm sure you'll find one too.

Back to us mere mortal political bloggers.

Roland of Roland Hansen Commentary thinks that there is much more to the 2008 elections than that which we see or hear on television, radio, and newspapers. Taxing My Patience raises a the taxing issue of this year's election.

Kelley Bell's For Whom The Toll Bells tolls this week as an alarm about what she calls the Ohio hurricane in which she uses that metaphor to apply to our state's politics.

A student riot in Miami, Ohio roused Whalertly this week. The post is a good example of getting news through the Carnival that you might not otherwise know about, not to mention a glimpse into genuine emotions that got whipped up over Hurricane Ike's remnants.

How many ways are there to use or alter the use of the phrase, "lipstick on a pig"? I don't know the answer, but Just Blowing Smoke offers up one in his post, Lipstick On A Brick. Meanwhile, The Color Of Money portrays one way in which we can view the goings-on on Wall Street, Capitol Hill and Main Street in the last week, since the collapse of various financial institutions.

Ohio has seen its share of crowds for political candidates this season and Bearing Drift Ohio reports on one outside of the state.

ePluribus Media analyzes whether the Ohio vote can and will be tampered with in 2008 and gives an account of how Ike might just help Ohio.

With election day less than six weeks away, voting concerns are on many bloggers' minds. Conservative Culture discusses the struggle in Ohio over absentee request forms here and here. Finally, something I know I've actually never read about before: some information on how privatizing Ohio's Bureau of Motor Vehicles possibly has led to vulnerabilities in the BMV system that can lead to abuses in providing identification documents.

The Point directs us to the first radio spot for Bill O'Neill, Democratic candidate for OH-14, releases first radio spot, then asks, why are we seeing so many Judge Spicer signs in Summit County? And, as a bit of a bookend to Bearing Drift Ohio's post about a Florida rally, for comparison, here's a primary blogging account of a McCain-Palin rally in the Youngstown area. (Hattip to co-editor Ben Keeler for these posts.)

Many blog readers know I like a good anti-casino rant now and then, but I promise, this one from Buckeye RINO and fellow co-editor Daniel J. Williamson was completely unsolicited.

History Mike gives some perspective to the $700 billion bank bailout that's keeping many of us busy around the blogs.

Co-editor Lisa Renee, at Glass City Jungle, wrote about the recently released unemployment numbers with a deeper look into why some of the states, including Ohio are ranked so high.

This post and this one are about what I've heard from other Ohio voters in regard to their preferences and concerns. And this one is about the elephant in the living room.

Everyone, have a safe and healthy week, and thanks for your participation as always.


Roland Hansen said...

Good Job!

Jill said...

Thanks, Roland. :)

Anne said...

As History Mike said, "So it is with considerable anger that I write these words: my vitriolic tirade I direct against members of Congress, our President, and the federal agencies that are supposed to be monitoring the financial markets..."

Thing is the republicans tried to make sure the markets were being monitored and regulated but the dems wanted no part of that...

There is a video with clips from the hearing that show this to be true, will be posted on our site soon:

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