Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carnival #137

IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: I’ve just received this shocking video tape of the government agency charged with overseeing Freddie and Fannie, and responsible for the current financial crisis:

Yup, it’s the Ministry of Silly Walks. Makes as much sense as any of the official statements, and actually explains quite a bit about the current mess.

Now back to your regularly scheduled 137th edition of the Carnival of Ohio Politics.

Robert Barga leads off in Whalertly with a piece on father’s rights in the family courts, and notes that it’s poor form to protest custodial decisions through trespassing. No doubt about that; but as a counter point, if they were busy defacing powerplants in the name of stopping global warming, they would have beaten the rap, at least in England.

Roland Hansen notes that Toledo mayoral candidate Keith Wilkowski wants to invest in researching local areas for wind farms to the tune of $50,000.

Daniel Jack Williamson of Buckeye RINO is not impressed with Betty Sutton’s performance on the bailout bill, and endorses David Potter for her seat. He’s also favoring Larry Silcox for Huron County Commissioner. For some reason, he’s skeptical of Sharon Ward’s focus on canoeing as a solution to the county’s budget problems. He’s also not a fan of Seneca County Treasurer Marguerite Bernard’s inability to balance the county checkbook. Can’t understand why that might be a requirement for County Treasurer. Consequently, he’s urging a vote for CPA Damon Alt.

Conservative Culture notes that CNN actually covered the Lima Republican’s debate party, and offers kudos to Keith Cheney, R county chair. CC also notes a Brussels Journal piece on the bailout, and wonders if the current throw-tax-money-at-the-problem-till-the-election’s-over approach might just be worse in the long run. Not exactly directly connected with Ohio politics, but CC notes that finally someone is taking on the environmental disaster that is dihydrogen monoxide.

Ohio Republic notes that some things don’t happen in America, but for Diebold conspiracy nuts, they do happen in Ohio. Not exactly on topic, but I’m a sucker for the Simpsons. Note: the Youtube link doesn’t appear to work, but the Defamer Australia seems to.

The Dean of Cincinnati provides a helpful copy of a ballot showing who’s actually running for President in Ohio. It is, shall we say, a pretty diverse group.

On a similar note, at Progress Ohio, nationofgandhis provides some links to statewide ballot issues and judicial elections.

Tim Higgins from Just Blowing Smoke (is that still legal? I suspect that there’s going to be a very unpleasant visit by some preventative health care czar in Tim’s future) offers a fractured fairytale from the far away land of Toodledeedoo.

Ben Keeler from the Keeler Political Report offers two pieces from The Point – the gig he shares with Kyle Kutuchief. The first is a link to their recent radio time with Ray Horner, and the second is Kyle’s early voting experience. One notes a certain grumpiness about Alex Arshinkoff’s lack of performance in the comments.

To wrap up, I’ve added two pieces from The Boring Made Dull: 1) Ohio’s Zombie proposal for Casino gambling, Issue 6. No matter how many times the voters turn this down, there’s too many Ohioan pockets to be picked for the casino monopolists to go away; and 2) thoughts on Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic’s Sewers to Scholarships proposal.

Thanks to all who contributed; keep those Ohio political posts coming!


Lisa Renee said...

Nicely done! I'm glad you joined us, and I love the video you shared.


Tim Higgins said...

A job well done and a great laugh looking back at the "Flying" circus.

Harold Thomas said...

Thank you for pointing out the problem with The Simpsons YouTube link in The Ohio Republic. The correct link is here, and in The Ohio Republic post.

Barga said...

why is there extra political banter on mine?

Jill said...

Great job, thank you. :)

Barga said...

when do the updates show up

Anonymous said...

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