Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics 138

It is said that a Triakis tetrahedron contains 138 sides, and while it's also clear that I know much more about politics than math, that seemed like an interesting little factoid that I read when I was searching for something about the Number 138. Is that true or is like politics where there could be a little spin? That I won't guarantee but what I can guarantee is here in Ohio, the blogosphere is always a great place to be informed and entertained, so I bring you this week's edition of the Carnival.

Roland from Roland Hansen Commentary asks, have you heard about Angela Zimmann, elected Member of the Governing Board of the Lucas County Educational Service Center, and Barack Obama, Democratic Party Candidate for President of the United States of America? If you haven't, you'll want to read here for more.

The economy has been on the mind of many and over at Whalertly there is a post that examines how the two tax plans proposed by Obama and McCain affect Ohioans. He provides quite a few links as well as some graphics in Taxes Part 2.

Jason over at Rowsey Blog could not help wondering if with all of the concern about the fairness of elections here in Ohio if Carter to the rescue would happen.

Law of Reason has two posts that focus on facts, first related to a race that's here in NWO, District 46 and some of the facts related to some of the campaign ads. Next, Issue 6 is getting a yes vote.

Conservative Culture first focuses on Acorn which has been a hot topic on the blogosphere. Next it's expressed that no doubt we all need to help each other. But that is about charity and lending a helping hand, not about governmental structure. It's felt that Obama revealed to all Ohio that a socialist concept of "Spreading the wealth" around to those behind you is the role of the government exists in his agenda. Maybe in Socialist nation but not in a Republic in a post titled, Obama spread the wealth.

Ben Keeler shares from The Point, a post about a questionable mailer in the 42nd House district starts another GOP flame war in the comment section. Two candidates for the 41st House District square off in their only debate of the campaign, Kyle and Ben both attend sharing their thoughts.

Valdis of Network Weaving has a post on the Neighborhood Team Leader concept. He's also guest blogging at one of the Amazon blogs where he feels his co-bloggers in the Election 2008 special section are fascinating.

Three for the road from Ohio News Bureau, we have Obama debuts Middle Class Rescue Plan here in my hometown of Toledo. Then, McCain calls for an investigation of voter fraud. Last the focus is on Obama and McCain grinding it out in Ohio.

Tim Higgins of Just Blowing Smoke sends his greetings from beautiful Bogota as well as sharing with us Rites of Fall and another recommended post, Flowers & Fertlizer.

Daniel Jack Williamson from Buckeye RINO takes a look at Jeff Wagner who is running for the Ohio House District 81 seat and then focuses on what he feels is an AP Writer writing an editorial on voter fraud instead of a news article. Last, an issue that Daniel has written about previously, more reasons to Vote no on Issue 6.

Kelley from For Whom the Bell Tolls shares her latest post that was featured on Huffington Post, The Welfare Queens of Wall Street.

From Writes Like She Talks Jill shares a post from her live blog on Obama's Middle East policies that was attended by a good many Jews from NE Ohio. Then she turns her attention to political yard signs in her area after seeing her first Nobama sign. The Greene County Sheriff's request then withdrawl related to voter registration also gets Jill's attention.

While here at Glass City Jungle our local Mayor once again creates controversy by placing a full page ad in the local daily thanking Obama but raising concerns related to where did the money come from. Then I can't help wondering how if we are truly interested in voter choice, Why Independent Candidates are not treated fairly as it seems to suggest that the only change we are interested in is only related to an R or a D.


Jill said...

Very cool image!! Thanks for the work on this. :)

Tim Higgins said...

Lisa Renee,

Once again, a homerun on the Carnival, though this from someone who's relation to 138 is that I think it was my batting average in Little League.

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