Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #144

If I happen to run across the number 144, instantaneously, the New Testament book of Revelation flashes through my mind, complete with images of Israel, Jerusalem (cityscape photo to the right), and conceptualizations of the New Jerusalem. It may not be politically correct, but, as a lifelong Christian, I guess I'm hardwired that way. 144 is the square of 12. According to some Biblical conjecture, 12 months of the year (the 12th month, December, my fave, has just gotten underway), and 12 tribes of Israel give the number 144 its significance as the measurement of the width of the New Jerusalem's walls (in cubits). Wikipedia says that the telephone number for directory assistance in Israel is 144. Also in Revelation, there's the 144,000 . . . wait a minute, this isn't Carnival post 144,000, . . . it's just Carnival post #144. 144 is a big enough number to boggle my mind . . . I don't need to wrestle with a number as big as 144,000.

Now for some directory assistance to Ohio's blogs that may (or may not) be futuristic, apocalyptic, visionary, and/or revelatory, and may (or may not) be politically correct, but most definitely is political.

Neocon Panic Attacks blog presents us with some Ohio vote tabulation anomalies. Is Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner ready with some explanations?

Brunner's predecessor, Ken Blackwell, may be just the person needed at the helm of the Republican National Committee to destroy the GOP, according to The Ohio Republic. Also, money isn't worth the paper it's written on, so the Fed ought to be destroyed, too.

Bombs in Darke County and Auglaize County? You gotta be kidding me. No laughing matter, though, as Conservative Culture has the sobering story.

Did you think Akron is in Ohio? Did you think Olmsted Falls is in Ohio? The Boring Made Dull reports that these communities are now located in Bailoutistan.

At the Cincinnati Beacon, the Dean of Cincinnati tries to keep the local newspaper honest. Should Barack Obama be identified in the press as multi-racial? Or African-American? Or can each MSM entity make up their own willy-nilly rules?

Roland Hansen Commentary hopes Ted Strickland will receive a Barack Obama appointment so that Lee Fisher will become Ohio Governor. Roland Hansen has coined a new term: Obama Cultural Diversity.

Ben Keeler looks into his crystal ball and sees a pathway cleared for Richard Cordray to make a gubernatorial run in 2014. Check out his other predictions for 2009 and beyond at The Point. The Keeler Political Report tells how doomsday arrived for some downsized Plain Dealer employees.

If you like predictions, Whalertly knows the future of the political parties, major and minor. Party alignments are shifting dramatically.

Just Blowing Smoke hopes that one day, political press conferences will be slimmed down to just the facts. No emotion, no spin, no distraction, no ulterior motive, just facts. Check out the new political diet.

How much right do we have to free speech? Could Ohio be going to the dogs . . . just to make more money? Do smokers cross the Ohio-Michigan border just to get to the other side? Glass City Jungle is not afraid to tackle the most perplexing of questions.

What effect will Obama's healthcare reform proposals have on the looming shortages of general practitioners and emergency room physicians? What will it take to keep the Big 3 automakers operating in Ohio? Will an upgraded transportation infrastructure be the legacy of Pax Obama? There's lots of food for thought written by John Michael Spinelli at ePluribus Media.

By the way, what's the future of education going to be? Rowsey Blog seeks your input.

Obama can make a person drunk. Just ask Bearing Drift Ohio.

Lorain's Law Director, Mark Provenza ought to be trailed by paparazzi to make sure he's not endangering the public with his drunken driving. Better yet, he should just resign as Lorain's "top cop." That's what I have to say at my own blog, Buckeye RINO.


Lisa Renee said...

Fantastic job Daniel.


Tim Higgins said...

Well done indeed sir...

Barga said...

i don't see why it wouldn't be PC
good job

Ben said...

thanks DJW

Roland Hansen said...

Very good. What an excellent adventure!

Anonymous said...

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