Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Carnival of Ohio Politics #147: The Christmas Eve Edition

Tough to handle, these pre-major religious holiday editions.

For the Christmas observant, something from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

On a more secular front, Trans Siberian Orchestra:

Count your blessings. On this Christmas Eve edition, give thanks that while we've got Rod Blagojeveich, Marc Dann, Elliot Spitzer, Larry Craig, Freezer Jefferson, Chris Dodd, and Tom DeLay, we don't have anyone on the corruption scale of Robert Mugabe, a Chavez or Castro.

Now to the carnival. First things First: Dogs.

On puppy mills: Kelley Bell's not happy that the OH Legislature lets puppy mill regulation die in session year after year. I'm not sure if the Petland protests are based in fact, but I'd never, ever buy a dog from a pet store.

Jeff from Free Market Politics chips in with pieces on Detroit v Japan, He's also noted that the parasites state employees in Columbus are not happy that there may be a nickel left in your pocket that wasn't taxed away. .And he's not alone in decrying the auto bailout. .Welcome to Bailoutistan! If nothing else, refusal to send GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy will likely consign Detroit into producing nothing but unsalable, politically designed Yugos for years to come.

Ben Keeler has seen the Needle and the Dannage Done. Marc Dann – before Blago, before Spitzer, before Rangel, but not quite before Freezer Jefferson, he set the standard by which political morons must be judged.

It's certainly true that the Republicans were not able to generate any traction from this; a combination of general media section d17 below the fold coverage (though not in Dann's case – everybody from the Gov. on down quickly recognized that this guy was cancer), as well as the general unwillingness to return the Democratic offensive on the “culture of corruption” meme.

Scout notes that Seneca County isn't really interested in managing their budget to expected revenues. Certainly easier to bump up those revenue projectins. Not surprising; when was the last time government expenditure actually decreased? Even in tough times, New York is still increasing expenditures by 1%.

The Dean of Cincinnati comments on Cintas – who may not be practicing safety as they should. He also notes newspaper corrections, and provides a very handy list of links. This last link – to the registered 70 year old sex offender living in a crummy trailer – is what the philosophy types refer to as a conumdrum. Assuming that he's paid his debt to society, as it were, I'm not opposed to a newspaper collecting funds to fix up his trailer home to some sort of minimal human standard. If he hasn't paid the debt, that's a different story.

Carole on Cleveland Real Estate News wants the Gov to show some love to the film industry,. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones in the abatement biz. See the comments – a worthwhile discussion of the abatement issue.

The Ohio Republic notes the police state tactics used on - are you ready for this? A food co-op. Yes, leave people free to buy produce from friends and family, and chaos and anarchy are around the corner. Completely justifies a SWAT style raid. Yup, go in with the big guns over the chance that some unlicensed broccoli may have changed hands. For some reason, which escapes me now, we're all supposed to be dismayed over the low approval ratings for the government.

Just Blowin' Smoke has some Christmas wishes.

Lisa Renee has some thoughts on auto bailoutistan, as well as the differential costs of domestic partner registry. On the downside, she's one hour and 19 – count'em, 19 minutes late.

That's it for this week; I hope that you enjoy your holiday. Thanks to all for the submissions.


Lisa Renee said...

I live the "Better late than never" theory, when you let me.


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