Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carnival of Ohio Politics #160

The Aura Corner 160 Whirlpool Bath. I want one. Now.

For my rotator cuff muscles, you sillies.

Okay - get your minds out of the bath and into the heat of Ohio politics. This March is not going out like a lamb when it comes to blogging.

First up, Third Base Politics and a video entry of U.S. Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D, OH-15th) on the floor of the U.S. House. The gist seems to be that Third Base wants to call it an out, if not at least a strike.

In Ohio, the odd-numbered years bring us more local politics than anyone should have to blog about. Thanks to Roland Hansen Commentary, we get a look at one of the rumored-to-be mayoral candidates in Toledo, Keith Wilkowski. And Roland asks, what do we really know about him?

Just Blowing Smoke has a great list of budget suggestions, just in case Toledo's city council members can't come up with counter-suggestions to the current mayor's proposal.

Triple your Jacuzzi pleasure with Conservative Culture's offerings this week: It appears that a city council member who is running in a contested primary is painting the town red. (CC wants us to know that a photo is included.) Open carry is legal? It is? Is it? That sums up the thinking of some Ohio police officers when they confronted someone open carrying. History teaches that the potato has long been an object that represents sustenance and here in Ohio, where it's helping to create jobs, the spud continues to make history.

I don't know about you, but I love reading stories about residents who form a group based on a common interest and work to use the power in numbers. History Mike writes this week about how such a thing is happening with the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League.

Whalertly reports on how, during an interview with a game designer, an idea to save Ohio's economy blossomed. He also gives us a first-person account of how Chancellor Fingerhut's requirement that all of Ohio's public universities have one, common schedule is going down with OSU's student government. (The post has some interesting comments there already.)

Never a blog without an opinion, Progress Ohio's three for the show are about alleged hypocrisy (Updated: E. Gordon Gee Talks Green Initiatives While Taking Cash From Massive Polluter), alleged hypocrisy (John "The Bankster" Boehner "No Quid Pro Quo" For His $3,000,000+ In Bankster Bribes, and a chance via the Ohio Redistricting Competition for non-elected Ohioans to one-up the politicians who're also proposing renovations to the reapportionment process.

In this week's item from the Keeler Political Report, it sounds like Ben wants to thoroughly rain on the Ohio 3C train parade.

Writes Like She Talks
has been more about Rest While She Can as I nurse some serious shoulder pain still yet to be formally diagnosed. But before I took a self-imposed break, I noted the Quinnipiac Poll that came out last week about Obama, Strickland and the 2010 Senate race, the continued demise of newspapers, including very close relatives of the Plain Dealer, and finally, Salon.com did a state-by-state analysis of the state of each state's GOP - they found Ohio's to have its head firmly planted in the sand.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week. I hope Spring has sprung, wherever you are.


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You have once again done yourself proud with another outstanding Carnival, once again turning wool form our dross. Congratulations.

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You are very kind and I am a blogging fool. But thank you. :)

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Good Job!

Roland Hansen said...

Take care of that shoulder.

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