Thursday, April 30, 2009

Carnival 163 and musical associations

As I was searching for the right image to use for Carnival 163, I came across this sign, which then automatically I could hear "I can see for miles and miles" in my head, by The Who. So not having yet looked at any of the Carnival submissions, let's see what happens as far as musical inspiration from the posts shared this week...

The first submission by Madrigal Maniac was a bit of a challenge, since the post focuses on the Health Department in Columbus closing for a week. With cities facing budget issues it's becoming clear that the employees and residents are at times the victim of others with a different plan and things are not being done in a manner that could have a lessened impact on both. All these employees are trying to do is work for a living.

From Whalertly, first thoughts on how to save Ohio's economy is the topic. Then, The NCAA and third parties generates a some thoughts. Last, Ohio's new license doesn't appear to be a hit. Which made me think of this license.

After reading that The Ohio Republic was now considered according to Homeland Security, a right wing extremist blog, I couldn't help thinking of a variation of this song. They may be right but it just may be an extremist blog you're looking for...Next, Co-author Matt Cember shares his experience writing to a State Senator about Ohio's sovereignty resolution (HCR 11).

As I read about the Campaign Junkie not being fond of the whole tea party concept, I couldn't help think about another type of a party, a garden party...Is Pennsylvania where Republicans go to die? Read the post about Arlen Specter and decide how you feel about what's shared.

Are Ohioan's losing their religion? That song came to mind as I started to read John Michael Spinelli's post from Spinelli on Assignment. The post submitted focuses on how it's believed that in Ohio as well as in other states those responding they have no religion are on the increase.

Neocon Panic Attacks has a post written by nation.of.gandhis that might create the thought lock me up as the focus is on a recent visit to Ohio by Karl Rove with the title saying He's still not arrested.

Confusion was the musical keyword that Tim Higgin's first post from Just Blowing Smoke inspired in his piece about Banking Confusion. Then Tim turns his thoughts to that of General Motors and points out this is no longer a loan or a short term fix...

Ben Keeler of the Keeler Political Report points out money isn't everything but notes that Jennifer Brunner is behind when it comes to raising money at this point. I think almost everyone can guess which song came to mind when it comes to money...Next, Ben's not thrilled with OSU's switch from quarters to semesters.

I couldn't help myself when reading Conservative Culture and coming across the phrase "Green Goon Squad" in a post about EPA being legislators, judges and enforcers all in one. I tried but It's not easy being green wouldn't go away. Mark then wonders how long it will be before Ohio redefines marriage.

Over at Writes Like She Talks Jill has been very busy when it comes to doing live blogs. One recent one that she'd like to point out is Jennifer Bruner at the Politics online conference. It could easily be said that Jill is probably having the time of her life right now.

Things here in Toledo have been serious with talks of laying off police officers and our deficit. Teachers are probably going to be laid off at our local public school system, as well as lay offs happening at the University of Toledo. So, instead of focusing on that here, which I've touched on over on Glass City Jungle...Who let the dogs out was my musical inspiration in reference to Barbara Sears testifying on Ohio's vicious dog law that she's trying to advocate changes in.

Thank you to everyone who turned in their submissions and for letting me engage in a few moments of musical fun that I hope you enjoy as well as the material that was shared....



Barga said...

Thanks lisa
i was wondering though, why there are weeks with o carnivals

Tim Higgins said...

Lisa Renee,

Congratulations on yet another inspired Carnival. Not only were you able to create some interesting images, but your take on my thorough familiarity with confusion was particularly insightful.

Lisa Renee said...

Barga once in a while it happens, in this case I delayed for a week since we were having some discussion as to the carnival and what we'd like to see happen.

Tim, I know confusion well, we do share the same City.


Anonymous said...

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