Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carnival of Ohio Politics #161

From The Boring Made Dull

Can you smell Spring? You could if you had a Schnouuut  like this.

In a semi-spring theme, History Mike brings us the tale of the 'Survival Seed Bank' Garden. Enough seeds to plant you own one acre survival plot!. Of course, if we really do get the full economic meltdown, not only will you likely have to till the entire plot by hand, you'll probably have to defend it as well. And stuff takes a long time to bear fruit. Also, with little or no power available for refrigeration, you might want to consider a home canning system to preserve the food. All of a sudden, survivalism sounds like an awful lot of work. He also takes a look at proposals to mandate drug testing for welfare beneficiaries, as well as the Take Back Toledo campaign to recall Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Bye the bye, 'Finkbeiner' has to be one of the great names in politics.

Bryan of The Virtuous Republic offers some thoughts on John Cleves Symmes and William Henry Harrison. Be sure to click through the photo essay.

Roland Hansen takes on the debate over t he size of Toledo's city council, as well as a heart felt endorsement of Ben Konop for Mayor of Toledo , issued appropriately on April 1 st.

Speaking of Ben Konop, Tim from Just Blowin' smoke leaves cigar burns all over Konop's claim to be a fearless challenger of the status quo. . It's a fiskin' just like Mommy used to make. He's also got an A pril 1 st post on SCHIP – there are certainly fools invovled here, and one expects that they're the taxpayers – and then takes on the fool's errand of trying to reclaim the term liberal as 'someone who believes in liberty of the individual'. Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, the Founders, von Mises & Hayek agree, but my personal suspicion is that it's too far down the NewSpeak hole to ever be recovered. Pity, that.

John Michel Spinelli provides a look at the proposals for passenger rail in Ohio, and finds them somewhat behind the times.

The Ohio Republic notes that the s ecessionist movement is still asleep at the wheel, as well as Marcy Kaptur's comments on Bailoutistan.

Tom Blumer of Bizzyblog chips in on foodstamps for practically everyone. There's a similarity here to Just Blowin' Smoke's observation about subsidizing health insurance for families of 4 with $70,000 in income noted above.

Jill Miller Zimon isn't very happy about the ODOT budget, and t he tradeoff of higher trucking fees offset by increased speed limits. She also reveals that a “Friends of Jill Miller Zimon for Pepper Pike City Council” group has been formed. I'll go out on a limb here and predict that if Jill is elected to cith council, Pepper Pike will never have another dull city council meeting. Best wishes to Jill. She also provides a map of 'operation airball', linking up all of the players? Front men? Bystanders? Who knows a this point? In the current Cuyahoga County corruption investigations. You can't tell the players without a program. Click on the map to enlarge.

Valdis Krebs of The Network Thinker has more detail on the FBI's ' Operation Air Ball' map. Worth pondering in this day and age of web 2.0.

Ben Keeler of Keeler's Political Report is strangely apathetic about the NY-20 house race. Funny; so where the voters; its a statistical tie.

Rob Barga at Whalerty has thoughts on Ohio State's conversion from quarters to semesters. But will it interfere with getting the next falls freshmen into spring practice? That's the big question. Kadim, also posting at Whalerty, has an extended post on rejiggering redistricting.


Jill said...

Thanks for doing the deed this week, TMBD and have a good holiday weekend.

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changing to semesters: awful

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